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Sal Mineo: His Life, Murder, and Mystery
This is the most detailed written biography available on Sal Mineo. Written by a long-time companion of Sal's. Personally, I was disappointed in this book. I thought it was poorly researched and lacking in any insight, plus had many errors. But, it's the best that's out there and many Mineo fans find it much more enlightening than I did.
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Sal Mineo: His Life, Murder, and Mystery

Who Killed Sal Mineo by Susan Braudy
Paperback, 320 pages.
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Sal Mineo Audio CDs (Yes, he sings on these!):

  • Epic Recordings - Sal Mineo
    Complete collection of the songs Sal Mineo recorded for the Epic label, including his chart smash, "Start movin" (#5 on Billboard's hot 100 singles chart in 1957). Digitally remastered from the original mono recordings into lush, full stereo.
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    1. Star Movin' (In My Direction)
    2. Love Affair
    3. Lasting Love
    4. You Shouldn't Do That
    5. Dino
    6. The Words that I Whisper
    7. Too Young
    8. Party Time
    9. Secret Doorway
    10. Deep Devotion
    11. Now and For Always
    12. Blue-eyed Baby
    13. My Bride
    14. Down by the Riverside
    15. Oh Marie
    16. Tattoo
    17. Baby Face
    18. Not Tomorrow but Tonight
    19. Little Pigeon
    20.Seven Steps to Love
    21 Cuttin' In
    22. A Couple of Crazy Kids
    23. Souvenirs of Summertime
    24. Make Believe Baby
    25. Young as We Are
    26. Part of a Fool
    27. I'll never Be Myself Again
  • Secret Doorway (Ultimate Collection)Sal Mineo CD
    Description of album says: "Long lost recording from the late actor who set the precedent for Freddie Prinze and River Phoenix." Well, I can't agree with the "precedent" statement, but a nice collection of songs.
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  • Several compilation CDs have Sal Mineo songs included, but all these only have songs that are already in the above CD. These compilation CDs are:
    • Teen Dreams (has "Seven Steps to Love")
    • Hard to Find 45's on CD, Vol. 4: The Late 50's (has"Start Movin'")
    • Nick at Nite Patio Pool Party (has "Party Time")

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