Black History Books on a Budget
These slim paperbacks from Dover Publications are perfect for school prizes, teacher aids, stocking stuffers, and continuing education projects for Black History.

Books: $2.00 list price

The Story of the Amistad For young readers, gripping tale of the epic 1839 voyage of the schooner Amistad and her cargo of Africans bound for slavery in the New World. The Africans revolt, seize the ship, and start for home, but instead of reaching Africa they wind up in New England. Are they rebellious slaves and mutineers or honest men and women who sought to regain their freedom? That is the question former president John Quincy Adams seeks to answer when he defends them before the Supreme Court
Tales of Conjure and the Color Line Ten short stories by Charles Waddeell Chesnutt, a pioneer of African-American fiction.
Books: $2.50 list price
When I Was a Slave More than 2,000 interviews with former slaves, who, in blunt, simple language, provide often-startling first-person accounts of their lives in bondage.
Boxed Set
Great African-American Writers