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Hats off for the Summer Special -- $3.00 off hats!

Saunders & Hanley

Full color. Hanley and Saunders in front.
"Combat!" in red letters on back.

"Combat!" in red letters

T-shirts also have black-and-white photo of some cast members by tank (from "Hills Are for Heroes").

MousepadFitted T-shirt (Made in the USA)
Cast Photo

Cast photo with COMBAT! in red letters. Available as a large poster,on a variety of t-shirts, and more merchandise.

Tile Coaster Mug
Lieutenant Hanley
t-shirts and merchandise

Color photo of Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley, with name, rank, and serial number.

Poster of Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders

Sergeant Saunders
t-shirts and merchandise

Color photo of Vic Morrow as Saunders on a field radio. Available as a poster, t-shirt, wall clock, tile coaster, large poster, and more!