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Words to the
[words and music]Combat! Theme Song [words and music]

Words by Leonard Adelson
Music by Leonard Rosenman
copyright 1965 by Ampco Music


Proudly we bear the name of the Infantry,
Knowing we share the fame of the Army Infantry,
Where-ever liberty's battle must be won,
The Infantry has gone and so it shall go on.
Where there's a job to be done is where we'll be,
For we are the fighting men of the Infantry.


Follow me, left, right,
Follow me, left, right,
We'll go marching to hell and back if it has to be.
Follow me, left, right,
Follow me, left, right,
We're the ever ready men of the Infantry.

Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: From the 50's and 60's (DVD)

Includes the COMBAT! theme song

For information about composer Leonard Rosenman,
see The Sound of Combat