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The COMBAT! mailing list is a forum for discussing the television show
COMBAT!, which aired on ABC from 1962 to 1967 and starred Vic Morrow
and Rick Jason.

This FAQ (list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers) serves as
an introduction to the COMBAT! mailing list and as a resource of
information for COMBAT! fans.  It isn't really meant as an
introduction to the TV show itself.  A detailed discussion of
characters, episode guides, etc. is beyond the scope of this document.

Even if you've never seen the TV show, you're still welcome to join
the mailing list.  Your first stop in the FAQ should probably be
section 1.2 "Where Can I watch COMBAT!", so you can find out how to
catch up with the rest of us!!

The list administrator is Nancy Durgin, aka "White Rook"
(  Just to give you a flavor of what the list is like,
her motto is: "We're not crazy, just obsessed!"

Copyright Notice
The Combat! Mailing List FAQ is Copyright (c) 1995 by Nancy A. Durgin.
It may be duplicated and distributed to other computer networks and
BBSs UNMODIFIED, with all authorship and copyright information intact.
The sale of this document or use of this document in a for-profit
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Many people have contributed to this document, including (but not
limited to) mailing list members: Nancy Durgin ("White Rook"), Jo
Davidsmeyer ("King Two"), Loraine Wingham ("Maple Leaf"), Bill Jensen
("King Six"), Raelyn Harris ("Rae"), Rob Lingelbach ("King's Bishop"),
Jean N ("Squad"), Susan Petersen ("Sooz"), Bill Barnas
("Red Rook"), and Don ("White Knight") Symonds.


        0.0 Administrivia
            0.1 How to subscribe
            0.2 How to unsubscribe
            0.3 How to post to the COMBAT! mailing list
            0.4 Technical Issues
            0.5 combat-announce mailing list
        1.0 Introduction
            1.1 What's it all about?
            1.2 Where can I watch COMBAT!
        2.0 Combatiana
            2.1 Call Signs
            2.2 Glossary of List Terminology
            2.3 What are the actors doing today?
            2.4 Music
        3.0 Sources of Information
            3.1 Episode Guides
            3.2 Books & Magazines
            3.3 Newsletters
            3.4 Electronic Sources
        4.0 Contemporary COMBAT! Stuff
            4.1 -- removed --
            4.2 -- removed --
            4.3 Fiction
        5.0 COMBAT! Memorabilia and Collectibles
            5.1 Photos
            5.2 Trading Cards
            5.3 Board Game
            5.4 Books
            5.5 Scripts

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 What's it all about?

COMBAT! was the longest running World War II drama on television,
lasting for 5 seasons from 1962 to 1967.  The series follows the
adventures of a squad of US infantry soldiers -- lead by Lt. Hanley
and Sgt. Saunders -- as they fight their way across France after D-Day.
ABC aired 152 episodes -- 25 in color and the rest in black-and-white

>From the Nostalgia Television Guide of May/June 1994:

  "The series used actual World War II battle footage and told stories
  that ranged from straight combat adventure to heartfelt human interest.
  It is clearly one of television's best and most applauded war dramas.
  COMBAT! made its debut on ABC in September of 1962 and was immediately
  hailed as a classic. The series ran for five years and moved into the
  top 10 rated television shows during its third season."

1.2 Where can I watch COMBAT!

Unfortunately, 1-hour B&W dramas don't seem to do very well in
syndication, so COMBAT! seems to be a bit scarce on local broadcast
stations.  However, it has reportedly been in continuous syndication
since the show's cancellation in 1967, so a dedicated fan should be
able to find it.

Canadian fans will find COMBAT! particularly difficult to locate.
There have been no sightings for at least five years.  For Canadian
fans, the best bet is probably via satellite, on Encore's ACTION
channel (see below).

1.2.1 Nostalgia

Nostalgia Television Network is a cable network that aired COMBAT!
every weekday for several years.  Unfortunately, as of September,
1995, Nostalgia has stopped airing COMBAT!

1.2.2 Other Stations

According to WorldVision Enterprises, "Combat!" is currently licensed to
only four stations in the U.S.:

WFVT-TV, Charlotte, North Carlina
KDOC-TV, Anaheim, California
KTVK-TV, Phoenix, Arizona

It also airs (or was airing recently) on a Spanish-language station
near Los Angeles, as "Combate!".

Please report any syndicated COMBAT!  sightings to the list.

1.2.3 Direct Satellite Broadcast (DSS)

DirecTV is one of the subscription services available on the DBS
system (a new 18" direct broadcast satellite system available from RCA
and Sony).  COMBAT! is currently showing twice a day M-F, on Encore 5
(channel 275), the action/adventure channel which is available as part
of the Encore Multiplex package.  The episodes are shown back-to-back,
without commercials, starting at about 5:30pm EDT.

1.2.4 Commercial Videos

Several COMBAT! episodes are available commercially from WorldVision,
with six tapes in all:.

   Bridge at Chalons (Lee Marvin)
   Heritage (Charles Bronson)
   Masquerade (James Coburn)
   Vendetta (Telly Savalas)
   Doughboy (Eddie Albert)
   S.I.W (John Cassavetes)

WorldVision seems to have chosen these particular episodes for the
name-recognition value of their guest stars, whose pictures are
prominently displayed on the tape jackets. The episodes on these tapes
are the same prints that WorldVision distributes in syndication.  As
far as we've been able to determine, these are uncut but time-
compressed by about 5%. They run approximately 47 minutes instead of
the expected 50.  Some (if not all) of these tapes are recorded in LP,
so the quality isn't particularly good.

These tapes are usually priced around $10-$15.  But really there's not
much reason to buy them, unless you have no other source of episodes,
or you're somebody who has to collect everything with the word COMBAT!
on it.

NOTE: Recent reports indicate that these videos are currently
difficult to locate in stores.  They may no longer be in production,
but check the bargain  bin, or ask your local store about ordering them.

1.2.4 Other Sources for Videos

If you can't watch COMBAT! directly, then your best bet for getting
some episodes on tape is to find another fan who is willing to help
you out.  Several members of the mailing list have made dubs for other
members, generally for just the costs of tapes and postage.

If you can't find somebody willing to make tapes for you at reasonable
prices, several companies sell dubs of old TV shows for prices ranging
from $15-$25 for a 2-hour tape.  These companies tend to advertise in
video magazines, or in magazines such as "The TV Collector".  The
higher price paid here is no particular indicator of a better quality
tape, since these companies are generally using the same sources as
the fans are using, at least for their COMBAT! episodes.

1.2.5 COMBAT! on film

ABC originally distributed COMBAT! to its affiliates on 16mm film,
with the commercials inserted by the network.  Film of some of these
episodes still exists, and has been converted to video and made its
way out to the collectors.  These episodes are interesting for several
   1) They are definitely uncut, and are running at the original
      speed (not the 95% time-compressed version seen in syndication).
   2) They often contain previews ("trailers") for next week's episode.
   3) They contain original commercials from the 1960s, which can be
      quite interesting and entertaining in their own right.

16mm conversions are currently known to exist for the following four
episodes: "Rear Echelon Commandos", "The Sergeant and the General",
"No Time for Pity", and "Weep No More".

We are always on the look-out for other episodes from film.  Possible
sources are film collector publications such as "Big Reel."

1.2.6 COMBAT! on Laserdisc

COMBAT! is available in Japan in 4 boxed laserdisc sets.

Vol #1 -- 10 episodes, B&W on 5 discs.  472 minutes.  $230.
Vol #2-4 -- 8 episodes each, color on 4 discs, 390 minutes.  $185 each.

They are in English, either subtitled in Japanese, or with bi-lingual
channels.  One source for mailordering these disks is: MC Doyle

At this time, we have no first-hand knowledge of these disks, so order
at your own risk.

2.0 Combatiana
2.1 Call Signs

In a tradition started in the early days of the mailing list, by
founding members Nancy "White Rook" Durgin, Jo "King Two" Davidsmeyer
and Lance "White Bishop" Sanders (also known as "The Lurker"), members
of the mailing list are encouraged to identify themselves by "call
signs" or handles.  The call signs can be something that was used on
the show, or simply something appropriate to the particular list
member.  For instance, one of our Canadian members (Loraine Wingham)
goes by "Maple Leaf", and another member who lived near Washington DC
used the handle "Whitewater".

As a matter of courtesy, new list members are asked to confirm that
their proposed call sign is not already in use, before attempting to
adopt it.  First come, first served!

Call signs are not required, of course.  A list of unassigned call
signs that were used on the show is available from Bill "King Six"

2.2 Glossary of List Terminology

Some special terminology and in-jokes have evolved on the COMBAT!
mailing list.  The following is an explanation of the most common

beamer -- an episode that features a character being trapped under a
beam or other heavy object.  Examples include "Any Second Now" and
"The Good Samaritan".  COMBAT! had five "beamer" episodes.
Combatiana - trivia, terminology, and collectables associated with
COMBAT!  (Term coined by Rob "King's Bishop" Lingelbach in April, 1994).
dancing Greeks - a reference to the episode "Vendetta," where Hanley
becomes the unwilling guest of a horde of happy, dancing soldiers
of limited brain capacity.  As used on the list, to wish a visitation
of dancing Greeks on someone, is not to wish them well.
ditzy nuns - a reference to the episode "Infant of Prague," where
a group of too-cute nuns interfere with Hanley's repeated attempts to
rescue them.  Not to be meant as a slam of nuns in general.
enviroment[sic] - reference to the general atmosphere on the COMBAT!
mailing list, especially when things start getting a bit crazy.  Below
is the official record of the origin of this term (for proper usage on
the list, the misspelling is required).

(From list administrator, Nancy Durgin:)
Here are the only two messages ever received from a particular new
"recruit".  I have edited his real email address to protect the innocent:

|>From Tue Sep  6 09:33:27 1994
|>Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 08:42:15 -0400 (EDT)
|>Subject: THIS IS A TEST

Naturally, I took this as a request to be added to the mailing list.
So I added him.... ;-)

3 Days later:

|>From Fri Sep  9 07:10:17 1994
|>Date: Fri, 9 Sep 1994 10:07:53 -0400 (EDT)
|>Subject: PLEASE STOP !
|>When I logged on the other day it was just a test. Is it  possible to
|>stop all these messages, please. I am using a work computer. I used to
|>like combat, but I don't want be in this enviroment.
|>Thank You !

So, that's the background behind the origins of "enviroment[sic]".
Proper usage of the term on the list should be evident from context...
expendables - COMBAT!'s version of the STAR TREK Red Shirts.  These
are the guys we've never seen before who show up at the beginning of
the episode and are usually dead before the end of the first act.  The
term was used in actual COMBAT! scripts to refer to the minor
characters who appeared (and died) in the episode.
JJL - Jennifer Jason Leigh (actress), Vic Morrow's estranged daughter
from his marriage with Barbara Turner.
LJ - Littlejohn, for lazy typists.
MFE/WHN - "My Favorite Extra"/"What's His Name".  This refers to one
of the recurring extras on the show.  Despite appearing in over 50
episodes, and having numerous speaking roles, he never seems
to be credited.  MFE is a dark-haired guy with a kind of button nose
(he reminds some people of a grown-up Ike Eisenmann).  He plays the
tank driver in "Hills Are For Heroes" and the medic in "Nightmare on
the Red Ball Run" (he's incorrectly credited in that episode as "Mike
Masters").  A favorite pasttime of many list members is to
freeze-frame videos, watching for MFE sightings.
Paul Busch - Everybody's favorite German.  This actor appeared as a
German in many episodes (at least 27 of them, but there are probably
more).  Several other actors frequently showed up playing Germans, but
Paul is a favorite.  Some of Paul Busch's most memorable roles are as
Gitty's father in "Gitty", and as the German prisoner in "The Old Men".
Pinky Ring - Ever since one of our founding list members noticed that
Hanley was wearing a pinky ring in "The Leader", the subject of pinky
rings has been a popular one on the mailing list.
PPT - Patented Pep Talk.  This is the term for those great speeches
Saunders delivers in innumerable episodes -- usually to straighten out
a misguided soldier, but occasionally a civilian would be the lucky
recipient.  Also, other characters did occasionally give a PPT, but
Saunders holds the patent.  Term coined by Jo "King Two" Davidsmeyer
and acronym coined by Nancy "White Rook" Durgin, both in August 1994.
Preppy Boy - List members frequently refer to Hanley by this affectionate
nickname. The phrase was first coined by Nancy Durgin (aka "White Rook")
in February 1994.
RHIP - Rank Has Its Privileges.  This is why Saunders always get
shot, while Hanley gets to be in those great episodes with the Dancing
Greeks and the Ditzy Nuns (c.v.).
Robert Redford -- usually referred to in the context of "The Lost
Robert Redford Episode".  This refers to an error in Robert Altman's
biography which lists Robert Redford as having appeared on COMBAT!

The following terms are in common use on the internet, but may be
unfamiliar to some new users:

aka - acronym for "also known as"
BTW - acronym for "by the way"
emoticons -- these are the funny looking punctuation blobs that you
will often see scattered through the messages posted on the list.  For
example:  ;-)  or :-)    Turn your head sideways when reading, and you
will see that these are actually smiling faces.  Emoticons are used to
indicate something about the emotional state or intent of the writer.
The most common use is to put in a :-) after a statement to indicate
that it is meant with humorous intent.
IMO - acronym for "in my opinion". Also the variations IMHO ("in my
humble opinion") and IMNSHO ("in my not so humble opinion")
lurker - reference to a list member who signs up on the list but
rarely (or never) posts.  Lurkers are always welcome on the COMBAT!
mailing list, but we encourage everybody to speak up and introduce
themselves.  As a matter of policy, the list administrator will not
reveal the email address of lurkers.
ROFL - acronym for "rolling on floor laughing"

2.3 What are the actors doing today?

  *** A Letter from Littlejohn ***

  Following is a letter from Dick Peabody (Littlejohn), which appeared in
  the "In the Mailbag" section of the November 14-20, 1994 issue of "OnSat,"
  which is a weekly TV Guide style magazine for satellite TV viewers. It was
  copied verbatim from the letter in the magazine by Bill Barnas (Red Rook).
  It provides a good update on what some of the cast is doing today.


  In the September 5-11 issue of OnSat, a reader (Valerie Mason, Bemidji,
  MN) asked questions about the TV series "Combat!" one of which was "...
  Do you know what happened to the actors?"

  You told her about Vic Morrow's sad death but professed no knowledge of the
  rest of us. To fill you in, I played "Littlejohn" on the show and am in
  frequent communication with several members of the cast.

  Rick Jason ("Lt. Hanley") lives in Moorpark, California, with his wife,
  Cindy. Besides being active in voice-overs and radio commercials, Rick has
  a successful business that provides storage for serious wine
  connoisseurs to store their prized Cabernets and Burgundies at the
  optimum temperature and humidity.

  Jack Hogan ("Kirby") starred in the TV series "Sierra" and made guest
  appearances on countless TV shows after "Combat!" ended. He has lived in
  Hawaii for the past ten years where he was the casting director for
  "Magnum P.I." and had a recurring role as the judge in "Jake And The Fat
  Man." Recently, he returned to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, his home town.

  Pierre Jalbert ("Cage") was a film editor before and after Combat! and has
  appeared in several TV shows and a few movies as an actor.

  Conlan Carter ("Doc") traded thespianism for a commercial pilot's license.
  The last we heard, he was flying businessmen to meetings in their
  chartered jets.

  After Combat! I co-starred in 20 or so TV episodes, the best known of which
  were "Support Your Local Sheriff" with James Garner and "The Good Guys
  And The Bad Guys" with Robert Mitchum, playing Mitchum's deputy.

  In the early 1980's I hosted a live radio interview show from the Universal
  Studios commissary on KFI Radio (NBC) in Los Angeles. I've also done a lot
  of voice-overs, radio commercials, and movie trailers.

  After completing an episode of "Air Wolf" in 1985, back surgery left me
  with phlebitis which makes walking difficult and painful.

  Four years ago, my wife Tina and I moved to Placerville in the Sierra
  foothills where I write a weekly column for the Mountain Democrat,
  California's oldest newspaper.

  It's flattering to be remembered from a show we did 30 years ago.

  - Richard Peabody,
         Camino, CA

  >>> Thanks for updating our inquiring readers, "Littlejohn." It was great
  hearing from you and finding out what has happened to some of the cast
  members of "Combat." Valerie Mason will be pleased.  -Ed.

2.3 Music

Did you know that the COMBAT! theme music had words?  These were
gleaned from the piano music for the theme, which Jo Davidsmeyer
located at a flea market.

  "Combat" by Leonard Adelson

  Proudly we bear the name of the Infantry,
  Knowing we share the fame of the Army Infantry,
  Where-ever liberty's battle must be won,
  The Infantry has gone and so it shall go on.
  Where there's a job to be done is where we'll be,
  For we are the fighting men of the Infantry.

  Follow me, left, right,
  Follow me, left, right,
  We'll go marching to hell and back if it has to be.
  Follow me, left, right,
  Follow me, left, right,
  We're the ever ready men of the Infantry.

An impressive digital version of the COMBAT! theme (without the words)
can be found on the CD _Television's Greatest Hits: 65 TV Themes from
the 50s and 60s_ released by TVT Records in 1986 (TVT 1101 CD).
Price: $21.95 Cdn.

3.0 Sources of Information
3.1 Episode Guides

An essential reference for any COMBAT! fan is a good episode guide.
Several sources are described below.

3.1.1 Online Episode Guide

Nancy Durgin has compiled a short COMBAT! episode guide, which is
available in electornic form.  The purpose of this guide is to
summarize the key information about each of the episodes, rather than
to include detailed episode descriptions or production credits.  The
episode descriptions are meant as "memory joggers", and are strictly
limited to one line per episode.

Below is an example of a typical entry (For the series premiere
episode, "Forgotten Front"):

 1. 10-02-62 Forgotten Front (W:L.Swanson, J.Coopersmith D:R.Altman)
    (Albert Paulsen, Tom Skerritt(?))
    Saunders and Caje must decide fate of German deserter

This episode guide is available by anonymous FTP from the "tardis"

File: /pub/media/tv/collections/tardis/us/drama/Combat.gz
(This is a compressed file -- you need "gzip" to uncompress it.)

If you don't have access to FTP, send email to (Nancy
Durgin) and ask her to send you a copy.

Nancy also has a shorter guide that lists the syndication order of the
episodes.  The evidence seems to indicate that the syndication order
(which is quite different from the original airing order) is closer to
the original production order of the episodes.  This episode guide is
a must if you're trying to tape the episodes from a syndicated
station, and want to catch the ones you're missing.

Both versions of the episode guide are also available at the mailing
list's FTP site:, in /pub/combat.

3.1.2 The TV Collector

"The TV Collector", a magazine dedicated to television nostalgia, has
had several issues with COMBAT! material in them, including a 2-part
episode guide that contains interviews with Rick Jason and Dick
Peabody.  Listed below is the information on the back issues
containing COMBAT!-related material:

VOLUME 2, #2,  August '82: Vic Morrow obit. $2
VOLUME 2, #9,  October '83. COMBAT Guide Part 1 with memories from
               Dick Peabody. $3
VOLUME 2, #10, December '83. COMBAT Guide part 2 with GREAT memories from
               Rick Jason. $3
VOLUME 2, #15, October '84. Rick Jason interview about his early acting
               days and memories of Vic Morrow. $5
VOLUME 2, #7x? (Fall '94?) Vic Morrow reminiscence by Marilyn Bartko.

These may be ordered from:

    P.O. Box 1088
    Easton, MA  02334
    Phone Inquiries:  (508)238-1179 (9am to 11:05pm Eastern)

Massachussets residents add 5% sales tax. Shipping charges (NOTE:
These may be out of date, due to recent postal rate increases) are:

  1 issue - $.55
  2 issues - $1.10
  3 issues - $1.50 1st class (or $1.25 third class)
  4 issues - $2.00 1st class (or $1.45 third class)

(Be sure to mention these are VOLUME 2 issues, or you might get some
non-COMBAT! stuff *gasp*)

3.1.3 EPI-LOG

A COMBAT! episode guide appeared in the December 1991 issue of EPI-LOG,
the TV Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure.  It has 31
pages describing all 152 COMBAT! episodes.  Pages are 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
They aren't complete descriptions -- they don't give away the ending.
Cost for this issue was $6.95 including shipping. To order: Epi-log
Magazine, PO Box 1322, Dunlap, TN 37327.  Overseas postage: Canada add
50 percent to previous rates. All overseas orders must be in US funds
on International money orders, no checks.

3.2 Books & Magazines
3.2.1 General TV resource books "Movies Made For Television"

Marill, Alvin H.  _Movies Made For Televison:  The telefeature and
     mini-series, 1964-1984_.  New York:  New York Zoetrope, 1987.

     ISBN:  0-918-432-804

This book contains information on major TV productions that the
COMBAT! actors appeared in.  It also gives production information
(air date, network etc.), synopsis and a complete cast list.  A detailed
actor index makes finding information very easy.

3.2.2 Books on people involved in COMBAT! Robert Altman biography

McGilligan, Patrick.  _Robert Altman:  Jumping Off the Cliff_.
     Saint Martin's Press, Incorporated, 1991.

     ISBN:  0-312-05505-6

This biography of TV and movie director Robert Altman contains some
information of interest to COMBAT! fans.  Altman was involved with
COMBAT! during its first season, directing 10 episodes and also acting
as producer for a while.  In addition to Chapter 16, which is devoted
to the show, there are tidbits scattered throughout the book regarding
Altman's relationship with the cast and crew of the show (in
particular Vic Morrow, Dick Peabody, and Morrow's estranged wife,
Barbara Turner).

Take what you read in this book with a grain of salt -- there are
several blatant errors regarding COMBAT! -- the author claims that
Altman directed 20 episodes, yet his name only appears in the credits
for 10 of them.  Also, the author claims that Robert Redford appeared
in an episode (hey, if anybody can find these "Lost Episodes", we'd
love to watch them!  ;-) Anyway, when these sorts mistakes are found
in information that is easily verified, one has to wonder how accurate
some of the other information is.

Overall, though, this book is a must-read for COMBAT! fans.

3.2.3 Books on Twilight Zone Disaster

Two books chronicle the "Twilight Zone" disaster that took the life of
Vic Morrow and two child actors. Both books examine the events prior to
the tragedy and end with the manslaughter trial of director John Landis.
Though out of print, these books may possibly still be found at publisher
wholesale outlets. Other sources might be used book stores and flea markets. "Outrageous Conduct"

   Title:     Outrageous Conduct: Art, Ego, and the _Twilight Zone_ Case
   Authors:   Stephen Farber and Marc Green
   Publisher: Arbor House / Morrow
   Copyright: 1988
   ISBN:      0-87795-948-X
   Hardcover, issue price $18.95

_Outrageous Conduct_, written by two film critics, looks not just at the
details of the tragedy, but at how it fits within the Hollywood establish-
ment. According to the fly-leaf, "it exposes the excesses and hubris of the
world's most glamourous and seductive profession." Very accessible, informa-
tive, and entertaining reading. "Special Effects"

   Title:     Special Effects: Disaster at "Twilight Zone":
              The Tragedy and the Trial
   Author:    Ron LaBrecque
   Publisher: Charles Scribner's and Sons
   Copyright: 1988
   ISBN:      0-684-18943-7
   Hardcover, issue price $19.94

Written by crime reporter Ron LaBrecque, _Special Effects_ is the drier
of the "Twilight Zone" accounts. But the book offers much more data and
first-hand interviews. It documents in pitiless detail the inside view of
the filming and the trial, making readers "aware of Hollywood's flawed
value system that conspired to produce this fatal event."

3.2.4 TV Guide

During the series original run, _TV Guide_ magazine carried several
articles on COMBAT! and its stars:

Sept. 6-13, 1962  - COMBAT! preview (Fall preview issue)
Sept. 15-21, 1962 - "This Means War" (COMBAT! vs. THE GALLANT MEN)
June 1-7, 1963    - "A River Flows in Hollywood" (filming "One More
                    For the Road")
June 15-21, 1963  - "The Private War on Lot 2" (cover story)
Aug. 3-9, 1963    - "Stop the War, it's Chow Time (feeding the crew)
Feb. 1-7, 1964    - "How to Wage War Safely" (special effects)
May 9-15, 1964    - "The Not So Secret Life of Rick Jason" (cover story)
April 18-24, 1964 - COMBAT! review by Cleveland Amory
Oct. 10-16, 1964  - "That's Snow Business" ("Silver Service" ep.)
Oct. 2-8, 1965    - "The Sergeant's Private War" (Vic Morrow profile)
Apr. 15-21, 1967  - "With Time on Their Hands" (Rick Jason and Pierre
                    Jalbert indulge in a little Frisbee action)


Check your local library for these as they might carry _TV Guide_
on microfilm.  If they don't have it, they might be able to order
the articles through interlibrary loan.

You can request photocopies of up to 6 articles from the Reader's
Services Dept. at _TV Guide_.  Check the latest edition for
the address (Radnor, PA.).

The above issues are also available from dealers but be prepared to
pay big $$$ for them.  Try the following dealer:

  TV Guide Specialists
  Box 21
  Macomb, IL  61455
  Phone:  (309) 833-1809

  Send a SASE with your requests or, you can phone.  Catalog is $3.

Rogofsky also stocks some back-issues of _TV Guide_ (see section 5.2).

3.3 Newsletters
3.3.1 "The Squad"

"The Squad" is a newsletter for COMBAT! fans that is published on a
semi-regular basis.  The newsletter features updates on the cast,
episodes reviews, collectibles, and anything else COMBAT!-related.

To receive the next 3 issues, send three dollars ($3) to:

    The Squad
    PO Box 942
    Newburgh, NY 12551.

Make checks payable to J. Noack.

To receive a sample issue, please send a self-addressed business
envelope with two first-class postage stamps.

3.4 Electronic Sources

List member Rob "King's Bishop" Lingelbach hosts the official COMBAT!
web page.  The page is maintained by Rob, Jo "King Two" Davidsmeyer,
and Jill Pochek, with help from other list members.

The address is:

There is also an anonymous FTP site located at:
Log in as user "anonymous" and give your email address as the password.

Then cd to the "pub/combat" directory.  You will find episode guides,
the latest copy of the FAQ, episode reviews, and scanned .GIFs of
the combat trading cards and other photos.

4.0 Contemporary COMBAT! Stuff
4.1 -- removed --
4.2 -- removed --
4.3 Fiction
4.3.1 --removed--

4.3.2 The G-2 Files

THE G-2 FILES is a not-for-profit fan fiction magazine (fanzine)
dedicated to 1960s WWII TV shows, featuring Garrison's Gorillas,
COMBAT!, Twelve O'Clock High, Rat Patrol, Black Sheep Squadron, etc.
Along with the 'Debriefings' section (the stories), other sections
include 'Reveille' (a word from the editors); 'Sound-Off' (Letters of
Comment (LOCs) from the readers); 'Ten-Hut' (ads for other zines);
'Home Front' (recipes from WWII England); 'Briefings' (episode
synopses from the shows); 'Boot Camp' (various info - different most
issues - lately 'Interrogator's Guide'); 'R&R' (WWII/show series
crosswords and word searches); 'FYI' (an occasional feature reviewing
movies and/or books); 'Section 8'(humourous/hard-to- categorize
stories); 'P.S., I Love You' (letters between the characters and the
folks at home); '201 Files' (sketches/bios of the characters in
'military' form); 'Raw Recruit' (a section for stories from the
younger generation and/or new recruits); and last, but not least,
'Retreat' (a final word from the editors).

Ceased publication in 1998. Back issues can be ordered online
from Linda Knights.

NOTE: As of April 1995 there have been 15 volumes of THE G-2 FILES.
The following volumes contain one or more COMBAT! stories: 2, 8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, and 15.

4.3.3 Other Fanzines

Other fanzines that sometimes feature COMBAT! stories include "Special
Circumstances" (WWII stories with 'special' twists) and "The Scorpion
Files" (a "Tour of Duty" zine with crossovers to other shows).  Both
of these are written/edited by Linda Knights.

4.3.4 Online fiction

Several members of the mailing list have written, or are working on,
COMBAT! stories.  Many of these are available from the authors via
email.  Just ask about it on the mailing list. Links also can be
found under the fandom section.

5.0 COMBAT! Memorabilia and Collectibles
5.1 Photos

COMBAT! photos are available from several sources.  The following is
information on a couple of the major ones.

5.1.1 S&P Parker's

S & P Parker's Movie Market
P.O. Box 1868
Laguna Beach, CA  92652

Phone:  (714)376-0326
Fax:    (714)376-0327

B&W - $3.50 ea. (borderless prints)
#8618 -  Formal portrait. Tight closeup of Saunders and Hanley in uniform.
         Hanley lower left, Saunders upper right.
#60196 - Formal portrait. Tight closeup of Saunders and Hanley in uniform.
         Positions reversed from photo #8618
#7532 -  Vic Morrow the director.  Surrounded by three actors in
         uniform (from "Hills Are For Heroes")
#7145 -  Vic Morrow as Saunders.  In full gear.

Color - $5 ea. (borderless prints)
#8528 -  Hanley and Saunders standing (looking at map) with Caje and
         Littlejohn kneeling in front.
#13558 - Vic Morrow leaning against a wall with Thompson pointed

All photos are also available as "Superprints" (16" X 20").  B&W
superprints are $10 + $2 postage while color superprints are $15 +
$2 postage (superprints are sent in tubes).

Mailing costs: $3 per order (any number of photos). Overseas customers
$5 per order. Posters and superprints postage is $2 each (overseas $4 each).

Payment in U.S. funds.  Check, money order, Visa or Mastercard.

5.1.2 Jerry Ohlinger's

Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store Inc.
242 West 14th Street
New York
N.Y.  10011

Phone:  (212)989-0869

8 X 10 B&W

TV-11732  Rick Jason in battle gear, sitting by truck holding rifle,
          looking at you, giving "V" sign
TV-4080   Vic Morrow in combat gear, holding rifle, with cigarette
          in mouth, looking off.
TV-8733   Rick Jason wearing helmet, carrying rifle, walking in
TV-40800  Vic Morrow holding machine gun, pointing by wall, with Marissa
          Pavan by him, looking off
TV-42149  Vic Morrow holding baby with two soldiers around him

8 X 10 Color

TV-30669  Saunders with machine gun, leaning against the wall, looking
TV-30666  Saunders with levelled machine gun looking off
TV-30670  Rick Jason lying on ground by sandbags, pulling pin of
          grenade, looking off
TV-30671  Saunders in fatigue jacket in landing boat, looking off
TV-30667  Saunders, Hanley standing with map with Caje and LJ
          kneeling in front (yellow cast)
TV-30668  Saunders and Hanley in helmets looking at you (red
          background--out of focus)
TV-30672  LJ, Caje, Doc and Kirby against wall, in gear, smiling
          at you (yellow cast--out of focus)
TV-30678  Caje standing with rifle, Saunders and LJ below with
          weapons at ready (yellow cast)

Ohlinger's also has a wide selection of Vic Morrow material.  Send
for a complete list.


B&W - $3.50 ea.
Color - $5.00 ea.

Postage is $4.00 for UPS
           $4.50 if through post office (P.O. Boxes *must* be sent
           through the post office)

Personal checks, IMO's (in U.S. funds) or credits cards are all

5.1.3 Jules Dean

Send $3 for a photo catalog to:

     Jules Dean, Research Department
     4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #206
     North Hollywood, CA 91607

Prices: $7.50 each or $6.95 for six or more
Postage: $4 or $6.50 if 10 or more ordered

Here's are descriptions of what is available (photos are 8"x10"):

    Saunders in uniform looking over sandbags.
    A color photo of Saunders and Hanley ("Red tones not crystal clear")
    Saunders in uniform seated with another solider
    Hanley, mouth open, teeth showing, looking good
    Saunders in uniform, dog tags showing
    Hanley, looking clean and trim in uniform with gun.
    Saunders, hat off looking to the side
    Hanley and Saunders standing side by side
    Saunders, laying on the ground pointing rifle
    Saunders standing on one side of a fence, German commander on the other
    Saunders standing grabbing an American solider
    Saunders in uniform
    Hanley and Saunders. Saunders standing
    Color shot of LJ, Caje, Hanley and Saunders ("Red tones not cyrstal clear")
    The great shot of Caje by himself
    A profile of Saunders
    A rare photo of LJ by himself
    Hanley, Saunders and Braddock coming off landing boat
    The great shot of Hanley, also used as a trading card, in uniform
    Cool shot of Hanley, with stubble, and rifle
    A rare photo of Kirby and BAR
    Color photo of Hanley, grimacing, throwing grenade
    Cool photo of Saunders with cigarette in mouth
    Photo with Kirby, Saunders and Caje
    Photo from Distant Drum, Hanley and the older woman
    Hanley and Saunders on the ground. Saunders has binoculars

5.1.4 -- removed --

5.2 Trading Cards

The Donruss company, known primarily for their baseball cards,
produced two sets of B&W COMBAT! trading cards. Each set contains 66
cards depicting characters and scenes from the television show. Cards
were originally available in wax packs of 5 cards containing a stick
of gum.  The captions on the backs of the cards often have little to
do with the picture on the front, but if you read the cards in order,
then each set of captions is actually telling a complete (if not very
well-written) story.

Series 1: Issued 1963. The story on this set of cards is about the
squad being captured and then escaping from a POW camp.  Throughout
the story, the characters are identified by the actors' names, instead
of the character names (for example, Sgt. Morrow, Lt. Jason, Pvt.
Rogers, etc).  Besides scenes from the show, the cards also depict
formal studio portraits of Morrow and Jason and posed shots of the
squad in uniform. Typical cards include:

    card #2: "Vic Morrow As The Tough Sergeant"
             This card shows Morrow in a scene from "A Day In June." He
             is pictured wearing full battle gear and carrying an M-1
             rifle. A cigarette dangles from his mouth. It's one of the
             few cards showing him without his trademark Thompson and
             and camo helmet.
    card #40:"Run For Cover!"
             Though a Rick Jason photo, the card identifies him as Pvt.
    card #55:"Fire From The Sky"
             Littlejohn is attacked as the squad attempts to cross a bridge.

Series 2: Issued 1964. This set features scenes from episodes shown during
the latter half of the 1963-64 season. The cards also document military
equipment and hardware used in the series (radios, tanks etc.).  The
captions for these cards show none of the naming errors so prevalent
with the first series. This second set had a much shorter print run and is
the mor