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Charles Bronson in WWII - US Army

We have conflicting stories about the war record of Charles Bronson in World War II.

One source says "Charles Bronson's publicity information used to state that he flew as a bomber gunner in WWII. Actually, he drove a delivery truck in Kingman, Arizona, for the 760th Mess Squadron."

Pete Weiler, visitor to this site says: "According to the 39th Bombardment Group's history (39th BG was a B-29 stationed on Guam in 1945 (the Pacific Theater) Charles Buchinski (real name of Charles Bronson), served as a nose gunner. There is also 61st Sqd Roster dated Sept 1945 which lists Cpl Charles Buchinski as a member of the unit."

Without any question, he starred in several classic WWII films, "The Great Escape," "The Dirty Dozen," and "The Battle of the Bulge."
(Bronson appeared in the Combat! episode "Heritage.")
(Photo from Kingman Army Air Field 1944 Yearbook provided to site by Rob Chilcoat)

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