The following is a letter from Dick Peabody (Littlejohn) that appeared in OnSat's "In the Mailbag" section in the November 14-20, 1994 issue. OnSat is a weekly TV Guide-style magazine for satellite TV viewers.


In the September 5-11 issue of OnSat, a reader (Valerie Mason, Bemidji, MN) asked questions about the TV series "Combat!" one of which was "... Do you know what happened to the actors?"

You told her about Vic Morrow's sad death but professed no knowledge of the rest of us. To fill you in, I played "Littlejohn" on the show and am in frequent communication with several members of the cast.

Rick Jason ("Lt. Hanley") lives in Moorpark, California, with his wife, Cindy. Besides being active in voice-overs and radio commercials, Rick has a successful business [...]; a place serious wine connoisseurs can store their prized Cabernets and Burgundies at the optimum temperature and humidity.

Jack Hogan ("Kirby") starred in the TV series "Sierra" and made guest appearances on countless TV shows after "Combat!" ended. He has lived in Hawaii for the past ten years where he was the casting director for "Magnum P.I." and had a recurring role as the judge in "Jake And The Fat Man." [...]

Pierre Jalbert ("Caje") was a film editor before and after Combat! and has appeared in several TV shows and a few movies as an actor.

Conlan Carter ("Doc") traded thespianism for a commercial pilot's license. The last we heard, he was flying businessmen to meetings in their chartered jets.

After Combat! I co-starred in 20 or so TV episodes, the best known of which were "Support Your Local Sheriff" with James Garner and "The Good Guys And The Bad Guys" with Robert Mitchum, playing Mitchum's deputy.

In the early 1980s I hosted a live radio interview show from the Universal Studios commissary on KFI Radio (NBC) in Los Angeles. I've also done a lot of voice-overs, radio commercials, and movie trailers.

After completing an episode of "Air Wolf" in 1985, back surgery left me with phlebitis which makes walking difficult and painful. [...]

It's flattering to be remembered from a show we did 30 years ago.

-- Richard Peabody


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