Woundings: Caje

Bullet Wounds:

  • Left shin just below knee cap [Bridge at Chalons]
  • Left shoulder [The Partisan]
  • Left upper arm [The Brothers]
  • Right knee, outside [Anniversary]
  • Upper left thigh, outside - machine gun bullet [The First Day]
  • Right lower leg, outside, just below knee [The Old Men]
  • Right shoulder, machine gun [Battle of the Roses]
  • Righ arm [Birthday Cake]
  • Right thigh, outside [A Little Jazz]
  • Midsection [What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? Part II]

Knife Wounds:

  • Bayonet wound in lower left arm [Jonah]
  • In gut [The Leader]


  • Injury on left cheek - possibly crop welt [Long Way Home - Part 2]
  • Punched [The Mockingbird]


  • [Anniversary]
  • Limping, left foot appears to be injured at top of "Silver Service"
  • Twisted left ankle in fall [Jonah]
  • Twisted right ankle [Conflict]
  • Scratched (bit?) on hand by woman in "Weep No More"
  • Compound fracture, lower left leg [The Hostages]

Passes out:

  • "Long Way Home - Part 2"
  • The Mockingbird, after being slugged by spy