Woundings: Hanley


  • Cold-cocked with rifle butt on right side of jaw [Rescue]

Bullet Wounds:

  • Left upper arm, Luger [Entombed]
  • Left shoulder [A Sudden Terro]
  • Left shoulder [Finest Hour], the bullet is cut out
  • Left shoulder, on the back [A Distant Drum], bullet passes through
  • Left shoulder, rifleshot [Rescue]
  • Left wrist/hand, rifleshot [Pillbox]
  • Left thigh, outside, pistol shot [The Convict]
  • Right arm, just below shoulder [Anniversary]


  • Knocked unconscious in church during airraid [Any Second Now]
  • Shrapnel passes through upper left arm [The Volunteer]
  • Bumps head falling down hill [The Volunteer]
  • Possible concussion, or just shell-shock [Rescue]
  • Concussion [Excapte to Nowhere]
  • Possible left leg broken [Any Second Now]


  • Sprained wrist [A Walk with an Eagle]

Passes out:

  • "Rescue" twice: at opening and after being beaten in Act 3
  • "Escape to Nowhere" begins episode unconscious
  • "A Distant Drum" begins episode unconscious
  • "The Volunteer" three times (in woods, on cart, in bedroom)
  • "Escape to Nowhere" passes out when trapped under beam