Woundings: Littlejohn

Bullet Wounds:

  • Left shoulder [Bridge at Chalons]
  • Left shoulder [A Little Jazz]
  • Lower left leg, outside [The Bankroll]
  • Right side, just above waist, shot by Messerschmidt [Gulliver]
  • Right shoulder [Beneath the Ashes]
  • Right shoulder [Luck With Rainbows]
  • Right shoulder [The Ringer]
  • Right shoulder [One at a Time]
  • Right shoulder [The Farmer]
  • Right arm, upper [Anatomy of a Patrol]
  • Right thigh [Bridgehead]
  • Right thigh [Odyssey]
  • Right leg just above the knee [Vendetta]


  • Injury to left side when heavy artillery piece falls on him, possibly a broken rib [The Gun]
  • Twisted ankle [Ambush]
  • "Heritage" - face bandaged at top of episode