Woundings: Saunders

Bullet Wounds:

  • Right thigh (inner thigh?) [Rear Echelon Commandos]
  • Left abdomen [Reunion]
  • Left foot, in the heel [Duel]
  • Left leg, outside, just above knee [The Walking Wounded]
  • Left leg, outsde, just above knee [Main Event]
  • Left leg, outside, just above knee [Masquerade]
  • Left leg, outside, just above knee [Barrage]
  • Left leg, inside, just above knee [Conflict]
  • Left leg, just above knee [The Celebrity]
  • Left shoulder, flesh wound [Encounter]
  • Left shoulder [More Than A Soldier]
  • Left heel [The Duel]
  • Right temple, rifle shot [The Leader]
  • Right abdomen, machine gun [The Gantlet]
  • Right leg, just above the knee [Ollie Joe]
  • Right thigh, just above the knee [The Letter]
  • Right thigh, upper [The Letter]
  • Right thigh, high, outside [The Hostages]
  • [The Little Carousel]


  • Blow to the left temple from rifle butt [The Gantlet]
  • Cut: crop welt over left eye [The Long Way Home - Part 1]
  • Crop welt on left cheek [The Long Way Home - Part 1]
  • Possible injury to ribs on left side from beating
  • [The Long Way Home - Part 1]
  • Blow to left temple with club [The Long Way Home - Part 2]
  • Broken lip and cut on left cheek [Mountain Man]
  • Blow to head [The Convict]
  • Slapped around [Barrage]


  • Hand and shin [Chapel at Able-Five]
  • Both hands [Survival]


  • knocked unconcscious by exploding bomb [The Walking Wounded]
  • Concussion from land mine, causes blindness [Chapel at Able-Five]
  • Blow off his feet and knocked out by barrage [Far From the Brave]
  • knocked unconscious from grenade and fall down hill [The Partisan]
  • Neck wound, left side, from grenade [The Partisan]


  • Right hand, cut by flying debris [One More For The Road]
  • Bruises and contusions causing unconsciousness from
  • motorcycle wreck [The Gantlet]
  • Rope burns on both palms [The Gun]
  • Left eye gouged by Steiner [The Long Way Home - Part 2]
  • Pinched nerves in both legs from being trapped under beam [The Hard Way Back]
  • Caught on barbed wire -- cuts to both hands and left cheek [The Medal]
  • Debris blasted in cheek, eyes from near rifle shot [The Sniper]

Passes out:

  • "The Gantlet" [Three times: blow to head, gunshot, wreck]
  • "Rear-Echelon Commandos", passes out on Crown's shoulder,
  • fatigued by bullet wound
  • "The Walking Wounded" [Twice - once from bullet wound, once from bomb]
  • "Conflict" passes out between acts 3 and 4.
  • "The Partisan" [Twice]
  • "The Long Way Home - Part 1" passes out at end of episode from beating
  • "The Long Way Home - Part 2" overpowered in hand-to-hand combat
  • "Masquerade" - passes out from earlier wounding
  • "Chapel At Able-Five" [Twice: beginning from land-mine, end from grenade]
  • "The Convict" [blow to head]
  • "Survival" passes out 4 times from pain
  • "Far From The Brave" from concussion of barrage blast
  • "Barrage"