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Captions December 12 - 03:11 am

Add your own humorous caption to a Combat! photo.

About the Actors May 03 - 01:25 pm

Questions, comments, anecdotes, and discussions about the actors of Combat!.

General Discussion April 15 - 05:52 pm

Episodes May 10 - 11:52 am

Discussion and fan reviews of individual episodes.

Book and Movie Reviews April 08 - 04:55 pm

Share your views on military books and films with your fellow fans.

VCR Alerts May 03 - 01:23 pm

Post upcoming TV listings when fans can see the Combat! actors in other roles. Or list TV films and events that would be of interest to fans of the show.

Fan Fiction March 02 - 09:58 am

COMBAT! Reunions April 07 - 03:33 am

General discussions and questions about the upcoming Recon 2002 and about previous cast reunions: Comboat '96, Recon '98, Recon 2000.

Jo's Soapbox August 23 - 01:04 am

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