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A Christian Wedding Song: "If I Have Not Love"
(1st Corinthians 13)

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Based on the love chapter of Corinthians 1, the original song "If I Have Not Love" is music appropriate for weddings and other celebrations of God's love. It is freely available here in sheet music form as a solo and a duet (the duet can also be used by a two-part choir). You can download the sheet music below at no charge, but donations to my church are appreciated.

Click here to hear accompaniment.
(This is computer generated, so sounds "tinny," but you can follow using the words below for an idea of how the solo would sound - the "vocal" part is taken by the reed instrument in this Midi version, which starts after a two-bar introduction).

Lyrics to If I Have Not Love
by Jo Davidsmeyer
adapted from John's 1st letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13

I could speak in tongues of men and angels,
But if I have not love,
Then my voice is a clash of brass and clanging bells,
Just tongue-tied stammering.

I could predict the future, all truth possess,
But if I have not love,
Then my knowledge means little, my words mean less,

And my truth means not a thing.

I could give all I have to others.
I could give my body to be burned.
Without love all my sacrifice means nothing,
My gift is spurned.

Love is patient, and love is kind.
Love does not waver and it doesn't stray.
Love's not proud, love does not insist
On having it's own way.

Love is strong, it protects and it defends.
It turns from wrong, and rejoices in the right.
Love endures all things, love forgives all things.
Love is hope, and love is light.

Love never fails.
As for prophecies, they will all pass away.
Tongues will cease. And all knowledge will fade.
My worldly sight is dim.
True vision comes from Him.

When perfection comes to reign
All that's imperfect disappears.
But three things forever will remain:
Faith, hope, and love.
And the greatest of these is love.
God's greatest gift is love.

Copyright Jo Davidsmeyer. All rights reserved.

STEP 1: Download Song

Solo for mezzo-soprano or baritone (range low-A to high-E)
Duet for mezzo-soprano and alto, or mezzo-soprano and baritone (Voice I from low-B to high-E, Voice II from low-A  to B)
DOWNLOAD SOLO & DUET in A with concert piano accompaniment

DOWNLOAD SOLO in A with simplified EZ-play piano accompaniment

If you wish the music in anything other than key of A, please email me. Space limitations prevent me from providing all versions on this site. The song is available also in: Key of C solo for soprano or tenor (range from C to high-G), or duet for soprano/tenor or Sop.I&II, and Key of G solo for alto (range low-G to high-D), or duet for alto/baritone.

STEP 2: Pay for the Music by Making a Donation

You are free to look at the complete music, in order to evaluate it for your needs. Feel free to print it out to see if the song is right for you. This is an honor-system arrangement. If you use the music or plan on keeping the music in your collection, please make a free-will offering to Church of the Nativity in one of two ways:

ON-LINE: to pay online by credit card via PayPal, click on DONATE box at the right -- all donations received for the music in 2001 and 2002 have been pledged by the composer to the Church of the Nativity building fund. Will email a receipt for tax purposes on request. 

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STEP 3: Leave Feedback... Please let me know what you think of the music, and if you perform it, how it was received at your celebration. I have never been married, but God has blessed me so much by allowing my music to be part of weddings, anniversaries, and worship services across this country. Please email me at "combatTV" at Thank you!

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