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Healers in World War II:
Oral Histories of Medical Corps Personnel
by Pat Sewell

0786409339.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg (36438 bytes)Book Description: Dr. Logan W. Hovis parachuted onto Corregidor with the 503rd Regimental Combat Team. Dr. Jeremiah Henry Holleman served with the 89th Division all the way into Germany, liberating a concentration camp. Nurse Mary A. Breeding, five feet tall, 100 pounds, served with the 174th General Hospital in France. Dr. Vincent Stephen Conti was awarded a Bronze Star for fighting typhus in Naples, Italy.

These accounts and 31 others covering the heroics of 44 individuals working in the Medical Corps are gathered here by editor Patricia W. Sewell. Firsthand accounts are given by doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, front-line medics, Navy corpsmen, medical personnel who served on air evacuation teams and hospital ships, and others who functioned in many different capacities. Autobiographies, interviews, letters and cassette tapes helped compose most of these narratives.

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Table of Contents for
Healers in WWII: Oral Histories of Medical Corps Personnel

  1. A Medic Tells His Story
    Les Habegger
  2. Recollections of an Infantry Battalion Doctor
    Frank R. Ellis, M.D.
  3. Dr. Kurt Lekisch
    Sol Schwartz
  4. "How Long You Been Here, Boy?"
    Alan King, M.D.
  5. The Neapolitan Typhus Epidemic
    Vincent Stephen Conti, M.D.
  6. One Hundred Pounds and Five Feet Tall
    Mary A. Breeding
  7. Beanie, Ernie, and More
    James marion Kirtley, M.D.
  8. From Med School to France
    Shelly M. Strain, M.D.
  9. Nearsighted and Flatfooted
    Stanley A. Kornblum, M.D.
  10. A World War II Remembrance of Luis Castillo
    Al Castillo
  11. Picking Up the Dead
    Grady Forsyth
  12. The Miracle Day
    Desmond T. Doss
  13. Stateside
    George S. Barnes, M.D.
  14. From the States to Down Under
    Samuel E. Warshauer, M.D.
  15. Into Enemy Fire
    Arthur V. O'Connell
  16. ASTRP and an "Opportunity"
    Daniel Seftel, M.D.
  17. A Physician Scientist in the Army
    Richard J. Bing, M.D.
  18. Corregidor
    Logan W. Hovis, M.D.
  19. Medical Supply
    Glen A. Fookes
  20. An Unbroken Chain
    Jeremiah Henry Holleman, M.D.
  21. Minefield
    Gregory S. Kirchner
  22. "Young and Foolish as We Were"
    Daniel E. DiIaconi, M.D.
  23. Ambulance Driver in the Italian Campaign
    Des Ball
  24. "I Was Doing Something Good"
    Daniel Goolsbee
  25. "You Did What You Had to Do"
    Julia Parrish Sadler
  26. The BalkanNurses
    Judith A. Bellafair and Diane Burke Fessler
  27. POW of the Germans
    Richard John Feltham, M.D.
  28. The CBI Theater
    Thomas J. McKenna, M.D.
  29. H.M.N.Z.H.S. Maunganui
    Herbert Matthew Robson and Grace Robson
  30. The U.. Army Nurse Corps
    Lee Threlkeld Jansak
  31. Physical Therapy in the South Pacific
    Forrest Walker
  32. British Red Cross Nurse
    Mona Stanton
  33. Treating the Wounded in the Battle of the Bulge
    Henry M. Hills, Jr., M.D.
  34. Memories of Naval Medicine in World War II
    Norton L. Francis, M.D.
  35. More on the War
    Various Authors

Hardcover: 288 pages ;
Dimensions (in inches): 0.62 x 9.03 x 6.00
Publisher: McFarland & Company;

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