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reviews by Jo Davidsmeyer * Episodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets 

(122) Ask Me No Questions

RATING: 2-1/2 bayonets

Ask Me No Questions.jpg (5708 bytes) Written by Edward J. Lakso
Directed by Alan Crosland, Jr.
First aired 08-Feb-1966
Episode 22 of Season 4

Guest Star: Claude Akins

(photo: Claude Akins and Vic Morrow.
Copyright ABC Television)


A German Lieutenant posing as an American Sergeant (Sergeant Mastin) is placed among arriving American prisoners, including Saunders. He learns locations of key American units. As Saunders is transported away, the deception is revealed by a prisoner who served with the real Sergeant Mastin. Saunders engineers his escape and his re-capture to make sure the infiltrator makes no use of the information.


In "Ask Me No Questions," Saunders is again a prisoner. He was captured after (again) losing a superior officer in the field. In the P.O.W. camp, Saunders (again) encounters a German masquerading perfectly as a G.I.

Though the elements in this episode are familiar to Combat! fans, the cliches are packaged nicely. The fun in the episode is waiting for Saunders to catch on that he has been feeding information to a German spy, and then to watch our hero as he tries to set everything right. Morrow's look at the end of act one, when he realizes he has been duped, is pure Saunders — the Saunders you don't want to meet in a dark alley.


· Morrow takes on Claude Akins in a fist-fight and wins? Akins has at least thirty pounds on him and his character is well-fed and rested. My money would be on Akins.

· During the final barrage, the fleeing American POWs battle across a raised wooden bridge. But after they safely cross it, a different bridge (the one form a "Bridge At Chalons") is shown blowing up.

· Claude Akins appears twice in the fifth season: in "Ollie Joe" and "Nightmare on the Red Ball Run."

· Again, a well-timed artillery barrage is the device that resolves this episode.


Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders
Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley [does not appear]

Guest Star
Claude Akins as Mastin

Ed Peck as Pvt. Coker
Carl Reindel as Pvt. Murray
Craig Curtis as Pvt. Beecher
Curt Lowens as Capt. Haus
Charles Maxwell as Corp. Giles
Vic Dana as Pvt. James

Henry Evens as Corp. Rogers
Ted Jordan as Pvt. Brand
Barry Ford as First German Sentry

John Siegfried as 2nd German Sentry
Mark Tobin as 1st German Sentry
Ivan Henry Fairbanks as 2nd German Soldier

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