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[The Brothers]
[The Chapel at Able Five]
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[The Furlough]
[The Gantlet]
[The Masquers]
[A Little Jazz]
[Nightmare on the Red Ball Run]
[The Partisan]

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Combat! reviews by Jo Davidsmeyer • Episodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets 

(148) The Masquers

RATING: 2-1/2 bayonets

Written by William R. Yates
Directed by Georg Fenady

First aired 14-Feb-1967
Episode 5 of Season 5


No one can tell friend from foe as Germans infiltrate dressed as Allied soldiers. Kirby, separated from the squad, interrogates Driskoll, an American G.I. who thinks Kirby is a German. Both are captured by British non-com Tommy Behan, who thinks one or both of them are Germans. Confusion mounts when Behan captures American Corporal Marty Roberts, who speaks fluent German and has just escaped from American M.P.s


"Who's out there?" is the central theme of this story of suspicion. But beware any episode that starts with the dialogue, "It's quiet. Too quiet."

Jack Hogan does a credible job in this solo outing that was originally written for Vic Morrow. That explains why the cute, cuddliness of the fifth-season Kirby is missing in this episode. Kirby is as hard-as-nails as Saunders.

In his second guest appearance, Nick Adams stars as a conniving sneak who may be a German infiltrator, but claims to be an American deserter. The story by William R. Yates is fairly clever, but occasionally predictable. Many of the characters are written to be expendable. Gavin McLeod gets in a few nice scenes before his expendable time-clock goes off. But the pacing is flawed and no believable tension is drawn.


Filmed at Franklin Canyon

Infiltrator claims to be from A company, weapons platoon.

Kirby abandons his B.A.R. when captured. By next week, he has it back.

Kirby says he is from Baker Company, not King Company.

At end, Kirby says good-bye to Marty. When did they get on a first-name basis?

Kirby's head wound moves around his forehead.

British character is listed in credits as a Corporal but is wearing Sergeant's stripes.


Director Georg Fenady says, when asked about favorite episodes, "It's hard to not have a little place in my heart for that first one. But I did one with Nick Adams . . . And the thing was, 'Who was the German?' And it really came off very well. I was very pleased. Nick Adams was unbelievable, he'd do Jimmy Cagney impressions for us."


Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley [does not appear]
Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders [does not appear]

Guest Star
Nick Adams as Corporal Marty Roberts

Jack Hogan as Kirby

Roger Perry as Carl Driskoll
Gavin MacLeod as British Corporal Tommy Behan
Maurice Marsac as Paul
Earl Parker as Squad Leader
Paul Busch as German Sergeant
John Nealson as 1st G.I.
Don Knight as British Soldier
Skip Battyn as G.I. Soldier

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