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Season 5
COMBAT! episodes:

[The Gun]
[The Losers]
[Ollie Joe]
[The Brothers]
[The Chapel at Able Five]
[A Child's Game]
[The Letter]
[The Outsider]
[The Bankroll]
[Cry for Help]
[The Furlough]
[The Gantlet]
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[A Little Jazz]
[Nightmare on the Red Ball Run]
[The Partisan]

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Combat! reviews by Jo Davidsmeyer • Episodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets 

(151) The Partisan


Robert Duvall and Claudine Longet

RATING: 1 bayonet

Written by Ed Waters
Directed by Michael Caffey

First aired 03-14-67
Episode 25 of Season 5


Saunders goes on patrol to locate German artillery. Ambushed, Saunders is wounded and left behind while Caje is wounded and captured. Saunders finds help in the home of a blind girl who is hiding an American deserter in her cellar. Saunders rescues Caje from the Germans and returns to the French girl's house. The deserter reluctantly helps Saunders bring Caje to the American lines, taking the girl with them. He comes through in the end, helping Saunders capture a German jeep to drive Caje to safety.


"The Partisan" was the last original episode of Combat! to air. Robert Duvall returns for his third Combat! guest role as a downed American navigator hiding from the war in the arms of a blind-but-beautiful French farmgirl until Saunders spoils it with a patented pep talk.

The beginning of the episode was filler to save expenses, since the season was running over budget. The footage is the same used in the opening of "The Losers." Those shots are intercut with footage shot in Franklin Canyon and new footage of Saunders driving the truck.

The script by Ed Waters is disjointed giving us the strange first act that served little purpose and ending with a long journey forced on the French girl and deserter for little reason. The situation is similar to "Missing in Action," except instead of a downed Colonel falling in love with his French rescuer, it's now a downed navigator.


Some remarkable night-time pyrotechnics as Saunders blows up the ammo dump.

Saunders has no canteen or ammo belt while rolling down the hill, though he had them earlier.

Saunders loses his helmet at the top of the hill; it comes crashing down through the brush next to him, nearly hitting the camera.


Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders
Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley

Guest Star
Robert Duvall as Michel

Jack Hogan as Kirby
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Dick Peabody as Littlejohn
Conlan Carter as Doc

Special Guest Star
Claudine Longet as Babette

Paul Busch as German Officer
Hank Brandt as German Soldier

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