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(101) A Sudden Terror

RATING:  bayonetbayonet2 bayonets

Guest star Brandon De Wilde

Written by Edward J. Lakso
Directed by Michael Caffey
First aired 29-Mar-1966
Episode 29 of Season 4

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On his first night mission, a young G.I. is up to his neck in trouble. After an attack on a German fuel dump, Private Wilder (Brandon DeWilde) becomes trapped in quicksand, and a wounded Hanley's attempts to rescue him fail. When a burned and dying German decides to take Wilder out with him, he shoots the G.I.'s only support out from under him. A well-timed barrage in the closing act is the vehicle for Wilder's rescue.


Brandon DeWilde stars in "A Sudden Terror." This intelligent script by Edward J. Lakso is just a bit thin for an hour. Still, it offers strong performances by Jason and DeWilde, and a fair directing job from rookie Michael Caffey in his first time behind the camera for Combat!

Mike Caffey started with the show as first assistant director. His brother was Richard Caffey, who became producer of Combat! in the middle of fourth season. Their father, Frank Caffey, was head of production at Paramount for many years.


  • When the demolition man dies, he tumbles into a puddle several yards away from Hanley. In the next shot, the body is next to Hanley.
  • When Hanley is wounded, he falls down with his carbine in his hands, but in his reaction shot he has no carbine. When he rolls over, the carbine is again in his hands.
  • Jan Malmsjo, who plays the burnt German, is featured in the fifth season episode "The Chapel at Able-Five. "
  • Quicksand in Normandy?


Earl Parker, who doubled Vic and was one of the show's two stunt coordinators, plays Cooper. This episode is the only time Earl Parker is listed in the credits in his five years with the series. Earl says about his acting. "I'd rather do what we would call 'gags,' and not get involved in this serious one-foot-in-front-of-the-lens stuff. That's spooky. I'd rather be doing stunts."


Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley
Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders [does not appear]

Guest Star
Brandon De Wilde as Wilder

Hank Brandt as Martin
David Moss as Fire Director
Earl Parker as Cooper
Mark Russi as Radioman |
Paul Busch as German Officer
Jan Malmsjo as Bruener

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