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reviews by Jo Davidsmeyer
  * Episodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets

chateau_joanhackett.jpg (11249 bytes)(009) The Chateau

Rating:*1 bayonet

Guest Star Joan Hackett

Teleplay by Judith & George W. George and Jonathan Hughes
Story by Judith & George W. George
Directed by Laslo Benedek
Produced by Robert Blees
First aired 12-Feb-1963 (Episode 19 of Season 1)


Unable to locate the evacuation hospital, Doc takes his three wounded charges into a French chateau just behind the battle lines. The owner of the chateau, Count de Contran, wants no part of the wounded soldiers and orders them to leave. But they are captured by the Germans, who take over the chateau as a command post. While making himself at home, the German major helps himself to all the treasures of the chateau, including the Count’s beautiful daughter.


In "The Chateau," the co-stars of the series are allowed to shine, while the two stars are nowhere to be seen. This story features Steven Rogers (Doc) struggling to save the lives of three wounded men put in charge: Braddock (Shecky Greene), who has been sidelined with an injury to his shooting arm, a never-before-seen Lt. Masters (John Milford), and Corporal Cording, played by Frank Sutton. Sutton

"The Chateau" is the only episode that allowed Steven Rogers to flex his acting muscles in a leading role. Unfortunatley, Rogers is not up to the task. His peformance of Doc, though soulful and caring, lacks emotional depth. This is tolerable in a supporting role, but when his acting skills are required to carry the episode, it becomes an insurmountable problem. His challenge of conscience about stealing the German Luger is flat and his sensitivity comes across as weakness in a role that demands strength of character and will.

Guest star Joan Hackett fares better in this episode as the unwilling object of Major Richter’s (Dan O’Herlihy’s) lust. When placed in her moral quandry, she easily conveys to the audience the choices she faces and the difficulty of the decisions she makes. In short time, she is believably transformed from a mousey, scared child dependant on her father, to the strong-willed mistress of the Chateau who sacrifices her life and her heritage for the lives of the Americans and to keep her dignity and honor intact.

Frank Sutton puts in a competent, but brief, performance as Cpl. Cording. Sutton is perhaps best remembered from another military series: he played Sgt. Vince Carter for six seasons on "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."


  • This is the first Combat! episode where neither of the two stars appear.

  • Why isn’t Lt. Hanley the wounded officer in this episode?


Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley (does not appear)
Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders (does not appear)

Joan Hackett as Gabrielle

Shecky Greene as Braddock
Frank Sutton as Corporal Cording
Steven Rogers as Doc
John Milford as Lt. Masters
Ben Wright as Count de Contran
Don Edmonds as Jackson
Ed Tierney as Friedrich

Guest Star Dan O'Herlihy as Major Richter

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