COMBAT -- Episode Guide
[ Last Revised: 17-March-1995 ]

Regular Cast Members
Sgt. Chip Saunders      Vic Morrow
Lt. Gil Hanley          Rick Jason
Doc Walton (1)          Steven Rogers
Paul "Caje" LeMay       Pierre Jalbert
William G. Kirby        Jack Hogan
Littlejohn              Dick Peabody
Billy Nelson (1-2)      Tom Lowell
Braddock (1)            Shecky Greene
Doc (2-5)               Conlan Carter
McCall (5)              William Bryant (also appears in other roles)

Recurring Minor Characters
Kelly                   Joby Baker
Albert Baker            Dennis Robertson (also appears in other roles)
Crown                   Arnold Merritt (also appears in other roles)
Temple                  John Considine
Brockmeyer              Fletcher Fist (also appears in other roles)
The Guy Who Hangs
  Around With The Squad Tom Skerritt
The German Guy          Paul Busch
The Other German Guy    Tom Pace
One More German Guy     Hans Difflipp
Captain Jampel          John Hudson, Robert Fortier (amongst others?)

Season One (1962-63)
 1. 10-02-62 Forgotten Front (W:L.Swanson, J.Coopersmith D:R.Altman)
    (Albert Paulsen, Tom Skerritt(?))
    Saunders and Caje must decide fate of German deserter

 2. 10-09-62 Rear Echelon Commandos (W:G.Levitt, R.Tregaskis D:R.Altman)
    (Stephen Coit, Arnold Merritt, John Considine)
    Squad gets 3 replacements -- a cook, a dancer, and a radio announcer

 3. 10-16-62 Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd  (W:R.H.Andrews D:B.Kennedy)
    (Jeffrey Hunter, Joby Baker, Martin Brandt, Rex Holman, Tony Mordente)
    Squad encounters a tank driver who is a failed priest

 4. 10-23-62 Any Second Now (W:Gene Levitt D:Robert Altman)
    (Alex Davion, Donald May, Ellen Willard, Emile Genest, Jacques Roux)
    Hanley is caught under rubble in church -- with unexploded bomb

 5. 10-30-62 Far from the Brave (W:Burt Kennedy D:Burt Kennedy)
    (Joe Mantell, Fletcher Fist, Dennis Robertson)
    Grady Long (BAR man) is killed, and Saunders assigns job to new man

 6. 11-13-62 Missing in Action (W:Henerson, Marshall, B.Lay Jr D:B.Paul)
    (Howard Duff, Louis Mercier, Marira Machado, Paul Busch(U),...)
    Squad rescues downed pilot who has been helped by French girl

 7. 11-20-62 Escape to Nowhere (W:Malvin Wald D: Robert Altman)
    (Albert Paulsen, Joyce Vanderveen, Sasha Hardin, Roger Til,...)
    Hanley is captured, and becomes involved in plot to kill Hitler

 8. 11-27-62 The Celebrity (W:Tom Sellers, Art Wallace D:Burt Kennedy)
    (Tab Hunter, Joby Baker, Tony Mordente, Dennis Robertson, Virginia Stefan)
    Baseball hero joins the squad, but almost (?) gets Billy killed

 9. 12-04-62 Cat and Mouse (W:Robert Altman D:Robert Altman)
    (Albert Salmi, Hans Difflipp, William Bryant, Ted Knight,...)
    Exhausted Saunders guides another squad into area where his squad died

10. 12-11-62 I Swear by Apollo (W:Gene Levitt D:Robert Altman)
    (Gunnar Hellstrom, John Considine, Maya Van Horn, Arnold Merritt,...)
    Squad takes refuge in a nunnery with wounded French informer

11. 12-18-62 A Day in June (W:Robert Pirosh D:Boris Sagal)
    (Max Dommar, Lisa Montell, Dean Stanton, Frankie Ray, Tom Skerritt(U))
    Flashback to D-Day, when Braddock won company pool

12. 12-25-62 The Prisoner (W:Robert Kaufman, James Henerson D:Robert Altman)
    (Keenan Wynn, Tom Skerritt, Adam Williams, Walter Koenig,...)
    Braddock is taken prisoner, and mistaken for a Colonel

13. 01-01-63 Reunion (W:Art Wallace D:Paul Stanley)
    (Chris Robinson, Emile Genest, Will Kuluva, Angela Clarke, H.Rowland,...)
    Saunders helps soldier reunite with his French father -- a collaborator

14. 01-08-63 The Medal (W:Richard Maibaum D:Paul Stanley)
    (Frank Gorshin, Joe Campanella, Ed Knight, Dennis Robertson, F.Fist,...)
    Soldier takes credit for destroying tank, when his dead friend did it

15. 01-15-63 Just for the Record (W:William Bast D:Laslo Benedek)
    (Micheline Presle, Alf Kjellin, Norman Bowler, James Forrest,...)
    Saunders is captured, and helped to escape by reluctant French woman

16. 01-22-63 The Volunteer (W:Gene Levitt D:Robert Altman)
    (Serge Prieur, Ted Knight, Kurt Lewin, Ed Gilbert, Veronique,...)
    Young French boy tags along after squad and saves Hanley's life

17. 01-29-63 The Squad (W:Harry Brown D:Herman Hoffman)
    (Jonathan Bolt, James Callahan, Claude Johnson, John Mayo,...)
    Southerner joins squad on patrol, captures Germans while barefoot

18. 02-05-63 Next in Command (W:Burt Kennedy D:Burt Kennedy)
    (Ben Cooper, Fletcher Fist, Bill Harlow, Dennis Robertson)
    An anti-social corporal joins squad, and Saunders doesn't trust him

19. 02-12-63 The Chateau (W:J & G W. George, J.Hughes D: Laslo Benadek)
    (Dan O'Herlihy, Ben Wright, John Milford, Joan Hackett, Paul Thierry,...)
    Doc and his patients take refuge in chateau that is occupied by Germans

20. 02-19-63 Off Limits (W:George F. Slavin D:Robert Altman)
    (Jeremy Slate, William Windom, Peggy Ann Garner, Mark Ryan, Arnold Merritt)
    Soldier reunites with his bride -- a nurse who has been unfaithful

21. 02-26-63 No Time for Pity (W:Steven Ritch D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Denise Alexander, Gunnar Hellstrom, Michael Davis, Paul Busch,...)
    Hanley & men must take town where Germans hold children hostage

22. 03-05-63 Night Patrol (W:Frank Jesse, Quentin Sparr D:Burt Kennedy)
    (Skip Homeier, Bill Harlow, Hans Gudegast)
    Saunders & squad encounter mysterious Lt. who is living in cave

23. 03-12-63 Survival (W:John D.F. Black D:Robert Altman)
    (Joby Baker, John Siegfried, Donald May, Mike Murphy, Matty Jordan)
    Squad is captured, then escapes, but Saunders is wounded and alone

24. 03-19-63 No Hallelujahs for Glory (W:L.Davis, M.R.Lewis D:Paul Stanley)
    (Elizabeth Allen, Maurice Marsac, Ted Roter, Angela Clarke,...)
    Squad encounters ambitious female reporter who learns a lesson about war

25. 03-26-63 The Quiet Warrior (W:Luther Davis, Gene Levitt D:Justin Addiss)
    (J.D. Cannon, Leno Franchen, Rolfe Sedan, Brendan Dillon,...)
    Hanley parachutes into France to bring out important French scientist

26. 04-02-63 Battle of the Roses (W:Rik Vollaerts D:Sutton Roley)
    (Antoinette Bower, Penny Santon, Fletcher Fist, Bill Harlow)
    Saunders encounters strange French girl and her nurse

27. 04-09-63 Hill 256 (W:David Moessinger D:James Komack)
    (Robert Culp, Curt Conway, Conlan Carter, Liam Sullivan, W.Zuckert,...)
    Kirby faces court martial after running from machine gun

28. 04-16-63 The Sniper (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Ted Post)
    (Jordan Grant, Gail Kobe, Hans Gudegast, Fletcher Fist, Michel Petit,...)
    Squad takes town, but German sniper begins picking them off one by one

29. 04-23-63 One More for the Road (W:K.Lenard, J.Carneol D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Fletcher Fist, Don Edmonds, Monroe Twins)
    Saunders and squad find orphaned baby and bring it along

30. 04-30-63 The Walking Wounded (W:Burt Kennedy D: Burt Kennedy)
    (Gary Merrill, Geraldine Brooks, Stephen Joyce, Berkeley Harris,...)
    A wounded Saunders encounters a surgeon who has lost his nerve

31. 05-07-63 High Named Today (W:David Z. Goodman D:Paul Stanley)
    (Dean Stockwell, Lew Brown, John Apone, Steven Gaynor, Burt Burger)
    A GI who seems foolhardy is brave because he thinks he's doomed to die

32. 05-14-63 No Trumpets, No Drums (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Richard Doner)
    (Andrea Darvi, Ted Roter, Billy Beck, Jean Del Val, Nicky Blair)
    Caje feels guilty after accidentally killing a French girl's father

Season Two (1963-64)
 1. 09-17-63 Bridge at Chalons (W:Bob and Esther Mitchell D:Ted Post)
    (Lee Marvin, Lee Krieger, Rance Howard, Kurt Landon, Mathias Ultz,...)
    Saunders & squad help crusty Sgt. Turk blow up bridge

 2. 09-24-63 Bridgehead (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Nick Adams, Noam Pitlik, Fred Harris, Richard Jury, Paul Busch)
    New guy causes trouble as squad suffers heavy casualties taking bridge

 3. 10-01-63 Masquerade (W:Anthony Wilson D:John Peyser)
    (James Coburn, Rocky Marciano, Dan Stafford, George Keymas,...)
    German infiltrators try to get to Battalion HQ -- but can't fool Saunders

 4. 10-08-63 The Long Way Home, Part 1 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Ted Post)
 5. 10-15-63 The Long Way Home, Part 2
    (Richard Basehart, Simon Oakland, Jim Sikking, Sasha Hardin,
    Arnold Merritt, Glenn Cannon, Arthur Batanides, Michael McDonald,...)
    Saunders and the men are captured by a sadistic SS Colonel who
    wants information

 6. 10-22-63 The Wounded Don't Cry (W:James Landis D:James Komack)
    (Karl Boehm, Leonard Nimoy, Oscar Beregi, Peter Hellman,...)
    Saunders is skeptical of a captured German medic who wants to get plasma

 7. 10-29-63 Doughboy (W:B.C.Shoenfeld, Gene Levitt D: Tom Gries)
    (Eddie Albert, Paul Busch, Alida Valli, Mike McDonald, Hans Gudegast,...)
    Saunders is "captured" by a confused WWI veteran

 8. 11-05-63 Glow Against the Sky (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:Sutton Roley)
    (Kurt Krueger, Bill Sargent, Warren Spahn, Kurt Landen, Bobby Hyatt,...)
    Billy is wounded, and the squad is trapped in a German-occupied town

 9. 11-12-63 The Little Jewel (W:Shirl Hendryx D: John Peyser)
    (Michel Petit, Ed Tierney, Paul Busch, Mindas Misuilis, Dieter Jacobi)
    Young French boy tags along, but squad fears he has betrayed them

10. 11-19-63 A Distant Drum (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:John Peyser)
    (Denise Darcel, Holly McIntire, Sasha Hardin, Charles de Vries,...)
    A wounded Hanley is helped by a French girl and her mother

11. 11-26-63 Anatomy of a Patrol (W:Bob & Esther Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    (James Caan, Jeff Davis, William Smith, William Sargent, Mark DeVries,...)
    The squad races the Germans to reach downed observation plane

12. 12-03-63 Ambush (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Sutton Roley)
    (Marisa Pavan, Charles Macaulay, Michael Pataki, Kort Falkenburg,...)
    Woman whose father was unjustly killed knows location of enemy gun

13. 12-10-63 Barrage (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Sutton Roley)
    (Alf Kjellin, John Crawford, Frank Kellmond, Tom Pace, Mathias Ultz,...)
    Saunders is wounded while searching for enemy gun, is aided by deserter

14. 12-17-63 Thunder from the Hill (W:Edward J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    (Peter Whitney, Robert Carricart, John Heris, Ben Wright,...)
    Hanley meets up with resistance fighter who wants to raid ammo dump

15. 12-24-63 The Party (W:Edward J. Lakso D: John Peyser)
    (Danielle DeMetz, Danielle Aubrey, Biff Elliot, Andrea Darvi,...)
    Caje, Kirby, and Billy plan a party with some French girls

16. 12-31-63 Gideon's Army (W:Charles B. Smith D:John Peyser)
    (Milton Selzer, Richard Jaeckel, Albert Szabo, Peter Hellman,...)
    Squad finds concentration camp full of Polish prisoners

17. 01-07-64 The Pillbox (W:Don Tait, Ken Pettus D:Vic Morrow)
    (Warren Oates, Albert Paulsen, Paul Busch, Joseph Turkel,...)
    Hanley and wounded man are trapped in bunker with Germans

18. 01-14-64 The General and the Sergeant (W:Gustave Fields D:Bernard McEveety)
    (John Dehner, Denise Alexander, Renaud Villedieu, Mathias Ultz,...)
    Saunders deals with proud old French general

19. 01-21-64 Eyes of the Hunter (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Ed Nelson, Hans Difflipp, William Smith, Joe Sirola, Erik Holland,...)
    Saunders doesn't trust survivor of a patrol, who is now guiding him

20. 01-28-64 The Hostages (W:Richard Adams D:Ted Post)
    (Mark Richman, Lew Gallo, Hans Gudegast, Dick Patterson, Lew Gallo,...)
    Doc is forced to help Germans who have taken Saunders and Caje hostage

21. 02-04-64 Mail Call (W:Arnold Belgard D:Bernard McEveety)
    (James Best, Ed Deemer, Ray Fulmer, Fred Harris, Mike Masters)
    After receiving bad news about his brother, Saunders deals with malingerer

22. 02-11-64 Counter-Punch (Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:John Peyser)
    (Steve Gravers, Malachi Throne, George Savalas, Eugene Bordellos,...)
    Caje & Saunders join up with motley crew of stragglers

23. 02-18-64 A Silent Cry (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Richard Anderson, Robert Crawford Jr., Ed Deemer, Jacques Roux,...)
    Saunders & squad escort arrogant radio expert to aid partisans

24. 02-25-64 The Hunter (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Sutton Roley)
    (Alfred Ryder, Ed Tierney)
    German captures wounded Kirby, and hunts down Saunders

25. 03-03-64 What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? Part 1 (W:Edward J. Lakso
26. 03-10-64 What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? Part 2  D:John Peyser)
    (Ronald Howard, James Forest, John Alderson, Phillippe Chappelle,
    James Wixted, John Orchard, Richard Peel, Eric Micklewood,...)
    Saunders and squad deal with proud British officer who refuses to
    retreat from untenable position

27. 03-17-64 Weep No More (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Ted Post)
    (Anajette Comer, John Shay, Ted Knight, Charles DeVries, Rudy Dolan,...)
    Hanley aids mute French girl who may have valuable information

28. 03-24-64 The Short Day of Private Putnam (W:E&B Mitchell D:B.McEveety)
    (Beau Bridges, Paul Busch, Robert Sampson, Lilyan Chauvin,...)
    An underage soldier saves the squad with his botany skills

29. 03-31-64 Rescue (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Ted Post)
    (Edward Binns, Guy Stockwell, Paul Busch, Tom Pace, Ed Deemer,...)
    Hanley is helped by German infiltrators who want information

30. 04-07-64 Command (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Joe Campanella, William Arvin, Dennis Robertson, Louis Mercier,...)
    Saunders worries about an aloof Lt. who takes over for wounded Hanley

31. 04-14-64 Infant of Prague (W:Rik Vollaerts D:John Peyser)
    (Jeanette Nolan, Jeanne Rainer, Pamela Branch, Leigh Chapman,...)
    A group of idiotic nuns refuses to let Hanley rescue them

32. 04-21-64 The Glory Among Men (W:Tom Seller D:Vic Morrow)
    (Eddie Ryder, Peter Helm, Bernard Cates, Fletcher Fist, Paul Busch,...)
    Squad tries to rescue disliked man, who is wounded and pinned down

Season Three (1964-65)
 1. 09-15-64 Mountain Man (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Sutton Roley)
    (Theodore Bikel, Henry Brandon, Peter Beregema, Rob Beattie)
    Reluctant hermit helps Saunders mark trail across mountain

 2. 09-22-64 Vendetta (W:Ron Bishop, Wells Root D:John Peyser)
    (Telly Savalas, Peter Deuel, Ron Stokes, Athan Karras,...)
    Hanley runs into fanatical officer and his Dancing Greeks

 3. 09-29-64 Point of View (W:David Moessinger D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Paul Burke, H.M. Wynant, Seymour Cassel, Horst Ebersberg,...)
    Machine gun sergeant wants Saunders court-martialed

 4. 10-06-64 The Duel (W:Edward J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    (Bobby Rydell, Hans Difflipp, Tram Tyson, Tom Pace, Phil Altman,...)
    Saunders and a truck driver take on a Tiger tank

 5. 10-13-64 Silver Service (W:K.Lenard, J.Carneol, E.J.Bonner D:S.Roley)
    (Mickey Rooney, Claudine Longet, Ramon Navarro, King Moody,...)
    Kirby hooks up with a loud-mouthed truck driver who collects silverware

 6. 10-20-64 The Hard Way Back (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Sal Mineo, Ed Gilbert, Robert Howard, Erick Forst, Marvin Brandt,...)
    Sal Mineo as a soldier who abandons Saunders, who is trapped under beam

 7. 10-27-64 Operation Fly Trap (W:Don Tait D:John Peyser)
    (Gary Lockwood, Leonard Bell, Frank Marth)
    Tech sergeant objects when Saunders decides to capture German Colonel

 8. 11-10-64 The Little Carousel (W:Gene Levitt D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Sylviane Margolle, Warren Vanders, David Jourmeax, Paul Daniel)
    Saunders and squad encounter young student nurse who wants to help

 9. 11-17-64 Fly Away Home (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Neville Brand, Ron Stokes, Stephen Joyce)
    Saunders and squad babysit some pigeons on recon mission

10. 11-24-64 The Impostor (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:Sutton Roley)
    (James Dobson, Skip Homeier, Warren Stevens, Alan Baxter,...)
    Hanley on recon mission -- one of his contacts is a German infiltrator

11. 12-01-64 A Gift of Hope (W:Anthony Wilson D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Rip Torn, Robert Yuro, Anthony Eisley, Jack Coogan Jr.,...)
    Saunders encounters old friend who was MIA, and now has lost his nerve

12. 12-08-64 A Rare Vintage (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Sutton Roley)
    (Lyle Bettger, Buck Holland, Corey Allen, Marcel Hillaire,...)
    Caje and Saunders rescue wounded Hanley, who is held captive in a winery

13. 12-15-64 The Long Walk (W:Peter Barry D:Alan Crosland Jr.)
    (Roddy McDowall, Peter Brocco, William Bryant, Maurice Marsac,...)
    Tricky German infiltrator can't fool Saunders...

14. 12-22-64 The Town That Went Away (W:George F. Slavin D:Sutton Roley)
    (Jay Novello, Gerald Michenaud, Susan Silo, Billy Beck,...)
    Townspeople try to protect town & winery from evacuation

15. 12-29-64 Birthday Cake (W:Ed Adamson D:John Peyser)
    (Phillip Pine, Jean Del Val)
    Littlejohn receives a birthday cake that gets him in trouble

16. 01-05-65 The Enemy (W:Steve Fisher, Edward J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    (Robert Duvall, Anna Lee, Robert deSchene, Jonathan Kidd,...)
    Hanley forces German officer to disarm booby traps

17. 01-12-65 The Cassock (W:James L. Wixted, E&B Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    (James Whitmore, Glenn Stensel, Mart Hulswit, Ross Sturlin)
    James Whitmore as a German masquerading as a priest

18. 01-19-65 Losers Cry Deal (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Vic Morrow)
    (Mike Kellin, Dee Pollock, Tom Skerritt, Fletcher Fist, John Bedford,...)
    Obnoxious soldier from another squad resents Saunders & Caje

19. 01-26-65 More than a Soldier (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Tommy Sands, Ron Sobol)
    Saunders is trapped in a cave with a reluctant soldier & a German

20. 02-02-65 Brother, Brother (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Sutton Roley)
    (Frankie Avalon, Hans D. Heyde, Charles A. Bastin)
    The brother of Kirby's hometown friend expects special treatment

21. 02-09-65 The Steeple (W:Don Tait D:John Peyser)
    (David Sheiner, Robert Cornthwaite, Jean Del Val, Pat Michenaud,...)
    Squad tries to rescue paratrooper from steeple in occupied town

22. 02-16-65 The Convict (W:Kay Lenard, Les Carneol D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Gilbert Roland, Clive Clark, Robert Carricart, Chris Anders,...)
    French resistance contact turns out to be escaped convict

23. 02-23-65 Dateline (W:Richard L. Newhafer D:Sutton Roley)
    (Dan Duryea, Doug Henderson, Henry Beckman, Frank Kooman)
    Saunders & squad rescue cowardly newspaper reporter who was captured

24. 03-02-65 A Walk with an Eagle (W:Rod Peterson D:John Peyser)
    (Lee Philips, William Cort, Pat Colby)
    Squad rescues downed pilot with no respect for ground warfare

25. 03-09-65 The Long Wait (W:Edwrad J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    (Terry Carter, Ed Tierney, Fletcher Fist, David Adams, William Splawn)
    Saunders and a truck with wounded men are pinned down by a machine gun

26. 03-16-65 The Tree of Moray (W:Anthony Spinner, Don Tait D:B.McEveety)
    (Robert Loggia, Robert Ellenstein, Tom Pace, Mike Krempels,...)
    Hanley recues French traitor with valuable information

27. 03-23-65 Cry in the Ruins (W:E.J.Lakso, A.M.Zweiback D:Vic Morrow)
    (William Smithers, Glenn Cannon, Lisa Pera, John Crawford,...)
    Hanley and Germans call truce to rescue baby of deranged woman

28. 03-30-65 The Hell Machine (W:Edward J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    (Frank Gorshin, Than Wyenn, Lou Robb, James Arthur, Gene Benton,...)
    Saunders and a claustrophonic driver capture German tank

29. 04-06-65 Billy the Kid (W:B.S.Wallace, E&B Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Andrew Prine, Mike Masters, Ron Mills, Tom Mills, Norbert Sigfried,...)
    Artillery lieutenant who is son of famous general has to prove himself

30. 04-13-65 Heritage (W:Barry Trivers D:John Peyser)
    (Charles Bronson, Kort Falkenberg, Michael Stroka, Robert Fortier)
    Demolitions expert doesn't want to destroy statues found in cave

31. 04-20-65 Odyssey (W:Anthony Wilson D:Alan Crosland, Jr.)
    (Bert Freed, Sasha Hardin, Ivan Triesault, Tino Pollack,...)
    Saunders fakes shell-shock after waking up in a German uniform

32. 04-27-65 Beneath the Ashes (W:G.F.Slavin, R.McDonagh D:John Peyser)
    (Chad Everett, Robert Fortier, Greg Mullavey, Noam Pitlik,...)
    Hanley delays in delivering news that a soldier's wife is dying

Season Four (1965-66)
 1. 09-14-65 Main Event (W:William Fay D:Tom Gries)
    (Jack Carter, Ben Cooper, Vic Weber, Hans Difflipp, Todd Lasswell)
    A contender (boxer) and his trainer join the squad

 2. 09-21-65 The First Day (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell, D:Georg J. Fenady)
    (Buck Taylor, Kevin Coughlin, Dee Pollock, Bob Bheller, John Nealson,...)
    Four green men join the squad, but how many will survive?

 3. 09-28-65 S.I.W. (W:Shirl Hendryx D:John Peyser)
    (John Cassavetes, William Stevens, Paul Sheriff, Mike Krempels)
    Squad suspects a soldier's leg wound is self-inflicted

 4. 10-05-65 The Linesman (W:Edward J. Lakso, Gene Levitt D:Tom Gries)
    (Jack Lord, Horst Ebersberg, Peter Duryea, Gerd Rein, Peter Hellman,...)
    Saunders helps a radio man with an attitude lay wire in enemy territory

 5. 10-12-65 The Farmer (W:Andy White D:John Peyser)
    (Dennis Weaver, Felix Locher, Dina Harmsen, Belle Mitchell,...)
    A GI who is a farmer endangers the squad by trying to rescue a cow

 6. 10-19-65 Evasion (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:John Peyser)
    (Lloyd Bochner, John Lodge, Jacques Aubuchon, and a cast of thousands)
    Hanley escapes from POW camp dressed as Albanian officer

 7. 10-26-65 Hear No Evil (W:Tim & John Considine D:Sutton Roley)
    (Peter Haskell, Gene Otis Shane, Tom Pace, Chris Anders,...)
    Saunders is struck deaf by an explosion, and is helped by a dog

 8. 11-02-65 Crossfire (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland, Jr.)
    (Don Gordon, Ron Foster, Rand Brooks, Burt Douglas, Paul Busch,...)
    An overeager soldier Saunders met on D-Day endangers the squad

 9. 11-11-65 9 Place Vendee (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:A.Crosland, Jr.)
    (Lee Patterson, Patrick Michenaud, William Leslie, Paul Busch,...)
    Hanley infiltrates German-held town to rescue intelligence officer

10. 11-16-65 The Old Men (W:Estheer & Bob Mitchell D:Georg J. Fenady)
    (Simon Oakland, Arnold Merritt, Paul Busch, William Phipps,...)
    A bunch of older replacements join the squad

11. 11-23-65 Soldier of Fortune (W:George F. Slavin D:Sutton Roley)
    (Burt Brinckerhoff, Wesley Lau, William Campbell, John Gentri,...)
    Soldier who is pinned down by rubble refuses to disclose information

12. 11-30-65 The Casket (W:Ed Waters, Paul David Moesinger D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Nina Foch, Raymond Cavaleri, Henry Brandt)
    Old woman and boy with casket don't want to loan their truck

13. 12-07-65 Luck with Rainbows (W:Wells Root, Ron Bishop D:Alan Crosland Jr)
    (Michael Evans, Bill Glover, Roy Dean, Peter Hellman, Paul Busch,...)
    Hanley and Kirby join with British officer on sabotage mission

14. 12-14-65 Breakout (W:Edward J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    (Fernando Lamas, Ross Strulin, Mark Tobin, Peter Hellman)
    Frenchman is angry after Saunders destroys his tractors

15. 12-21-65 Finest Hour (W:Don Tait D:Sutton Roley)
    (Luise Rainer, Ramon Navarro, Lou Robb, Kurt Krueger, James Dobson,...)
    Wounded Hanley and men take shelter in chateau and are aided by countess

16. 12-28-65 The Raider (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:John Peyser)
    (Martin Brooks, Leonard Nimoy, George Backman, Raymond McGrath)
    Hanley is captured by German SS unit that targets officers

17. 01-04-66 The Mockingbird (W:Rev. Thomas A. Conway D:John Peyser)
    (Jeremy Slate, John Agar, Jaques Roux, Hans Difflipp, Kurt Landon,...)
    German spy poses as downed GI flyer, and is picked up by Hanley

18. 01-11-66 The Good Samaritan (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Tom Simcox, Hank Brandt, Paul Busch)
    Saunders trapped under pipe, and helped by soldier whose squad was killed

19. 01-18-66 Retribution (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Albert Paulsen, King Moody, Rachel Rosenthal, Frank Koomen)
    A wounded intelligence officer is fiance of Kirby's sister

20. 01-25-66 Counterplay (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland Jr.)
    (Mark Richman, H.M. Wynant, Louis Mercier, Robert Crawford,...)
    German officer poses as French resistance leader, joins with Saunders

21. 02-01-66 Nothing to Lose (W:Richard Wendley D:Georg J. Fenady)
    (Sal Mineo, Tom Skerritt)
    Two new men give Hanley trouble -- one is wanted for murder

22. 02-08-66 Ask Me No Questions (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland, Jr)
    (Claude Akins, Ted Jordan, Ed Peck, Vic Dana, Henry Evans,...)
    Saunders is captured -- realizes his fellow prisoner is a German spy

23. 02-15-66 The Ringer (W:Gene L. Coon, Del Carnes D:Michael Caffey)
    (Mart Hulswit, Peter Colton, Tom Pace, Mike Krempels)
    A straggler joins the squad, hoping to live up to his home-town reputation

24. 02-22-66 The Flying Machine (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland Jr)
    (Keenan Wynn, Horst Ebersberg, Peter Coe, Ross Elliott, Peter Brocco,...)
    Hanley flies in a rickety observation plane which crash lands

25. 03-01-66 Hills Are for Heroes, Part 1 (W:Gene L. Coon D:Vic Morrow)
26. 03-08-66 Hills Are for Heroes, Part 2
    (Paul Carr, Dan Terranova, Anthony Call, Michael Forest, Joey Walsh)
    Saunders is wounded, and Hanley & platoon suffer heavy losses as
    they try to take a hill protected by bunkers

27. 03-15-66 Gitty (W:Judith Barrows D:Georg J. Fenady)
    (Andrea Dare, Richard Bakalyan, Tom Nolan, Paul Busch, John Whims,...)
    Saunders doesn't want to tell young girl that he killed her German father

28. 03-22-66 One at a Time (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Jan Merlin, Larry Kurt, Hagen Smith, Robert Euro, Jerry Ayres,...)
    Vengeful German picks off Saunders' men after they kill his squad

29. 03-29-66 A Sudden Terror (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Michael Caffey)
    (Brandon DeWilde, Earl Parker, Jan Malmsjo, Paul Busch, Earl Parker,...)
    Hanley tries to free young soldier trapped in quicksand

30. 04-05-66 Run, Sheep, Run (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Dwayne Hickman, Walter Maslow, Chris Howard, Frank Marth)
    GI is worried that captured German officer will reveal his cowardice

31. 04-12-66 The Leader (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Georg J. Fenady)
    (William Bryant, Steve Marlowe, Michael Vandever, Tim Felix,...)
    Kirby is left in charge with the radio out and the squad cut off

Season Five (1966-67)
 1. 09-13-66 The Gun (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Michael Caffey)
    (Warren Stevens, Tim Felix, Wayne Rogers)
    Saunders and squad must move German gun that destroyed their tank

 2. 09-20-66 The Losers (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Michael Caffey)
    (Bill Bixby, Harry Landers, John Considine, Mark Russi,...)
    Saunders is forced to enlist aid of 4 soldiers due for court martial

 3. 09-27-66 Ollie Joe (W:Frank Moss D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Robert Walker, Claude Akins, Tom Pace, Warren Vanders, William Bryant,...)
    A young soldier is just a little *too* anxious to please....

 4. 10-04-66 The Brothers (W:Irve Turnick D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Fernando Lamas, Sal Mineo, Kurt Landen, Ted Knight, Paul Busch,...)
    Squad is helped by a member of Maquis and his reluctant brother

 5. 10-11-66 The Chapel at Able-Five (W:Phillip W. Hoffman D:Michael Caffey)
    (Fritz Weaver, Jan Malmsjo, John Hudson, Louis Elias, George Sawaya,...)
    German chaplain gets a blinded Saunders to unwittingly aid a wounded German

 6. 10-18-66 A Child's Game (W:Gilbert Ralston, Sidney Ellis D:B.McEveety)
    (Peter Haskell, Jim Henaghan, Mark DeVries, John Walker, Eric Vaughn,...)
    Saunders & squad try to take farmhouse protected by teenage soldiers

 7. 10-25-66 The Letter (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Georg J. Fenady)
    (Randy Boone, Barry Russo, John Nealson, Peter Hellman, Mark Bailey,...)
    Saunders is upset by news that his kid brother has enlisted

 8. 11-01-66 Headcount (W:James Menzies D:Michael Caffey)
    (Jan Merlin, Ron Soble, William Schallert, Tom Pace, Paul Busch,...)
    Saunders & men take charge of German prisoners who outnumber them

 9. 11-15-66 Decision (W:E&B Micthell, P.Playdon, P.Barry D:Georg Fenady)
    (James Franciscus, Herbert Andress, Louis Elias, William Bryant,...)
    A soldier who had studied to be a doctor doesn't want to kill

10. 11-22-66 The Outsider (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Richard Benedict)
    (Jason Evers, Paul Busch, Steven Marlowe, Biff Elliot, William Bryant,...)
    New man from hill country has trouble fitting in

11. 11-29-66 Conflict (W:Esther & Bob Mitchell D:Georg Fenady)
    (Bill Harlow, Tom Pace, William Bryant, Buddy Pantsari, Gerd Rain,...)
    Caje and Littlejohn's bickering endangers the squad

12. 12-06-66 Gulliver (W:Wincelberg,Shapiro,Playdonm,Frederick D:Vic Morrow)
    (Stefan Arngrim, Paul Busch, William Bramley, Vicki Malkin, S.Hardin,...)
    Littlejohn is wounded and captured by French children

13. 12-13-66 The Bankroll (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Georg Fenady)
    (James Stacy, Buck Taylor, Mike Farrell, William Bryant, Steve Marlowe,...)
    New man who owes Kirby a bundle turns out to be a welcher

14. 12-20-66 Cry for Help (W:Sheldon Stark D:Richard Benedict)
    (Robert Duvall, Jacques Roux, Faith Domergue, Chris Howard,...)
    Doc and captured German medic build rapport

15. 12-27-66 The Furlough (W:Paul Playdon, Bob Frederick D:Bernard McEveety)
    (Carol Lawrence, John Williams, Jon Walmsley, Paul Picerni,...)
    Saunders goes to England and meets woman who runs orphanage

16. 01-03-67 Entombed (W:P.Playdon, B.Frederick, W.Bast D:B.McEveety)
    (Michael Constantine, Mark DeVries, Skip Homeier, Margaret O'Brien,...)
    Hanley & men are trapped in a cave with Germans and French Maquis

17. 01-17-67 Gadjo (W:Phillip W. Hoffman D:Michael Caffey)
    (Ricardo Montalban, William Bryant, David Sheiner, Anthony Bensen,...)
    Gypsy leader wants Saunders' prisoner -- an SS Major

18. 01-24-67 Anniversary (W:William R. Yates, Edward J. Lakso D:M.Caffey)
    (Telly Savalas, Paul Busch, John Van Dreelen, Anne Whitfield,...)
    A deranged Frenchman whose wife & child were killed hassles Hanley

19. 01-31-67 Encounter (W:Frank Moss D:Bernard McEveety)
    (James MacArthur, James Daly, Paul Busch, Richard Eyer, Eddy Partsari)
    War correspondent (Dano) reunites with his engineer officer father

20. 02-07-67 The Gantlet (W:Paul Playdon, Paul Frederick D:Michael Caffey)
    (Tom Skerritt, Tom Pace, Bill Glover, Terence Mitchell)
    Saunders is captured, hunted by dogs, wounded, and drugged

21. 02-14-67 The Masquers (W:William R. Yates D:Georg Fenady)
    (Roger Perry, Nick Adams, Gavin McLeod, Paul Busch, Maurice Marsac)
    Infiltrators are all over, and Kirby is separated from his squad

22. 02-21-67 A Little Jazz (W:James Menzies D:Michael Caffey)
    (Dan Duryea, Dennis Hopper, Noah Beery, Joe Maross, Paul Busch)
    Saunders encounters an armed forces band that's short on common sense

23. 02-28-67 Nightmare on the Red Ball Run (W:Dan E. Weisburd D:M.Caffey)
    (Claude Akins, William Campbell, John Carter, Paul Busch, Mike Masters,...)
    Littlejohn & Kirby volunteer to spell exhausted truck drivers

24. 03-07-67 Jonah (W:Richard Wendly, William Fay D:Georg Fenady)
    (Tom Simcox, Peter Haskell, Peter Duryea)
    Soldier thinks he's a jinx after repeatedly surviving mishaps

25. 03-14-67 The Partisan (W:Ed Waters D:Michael Caffey)
    (Robert Duvall, Claudine Longet, Paul Busch, Hank Brandt)
    MIA soldier masquerading as a Frenchman reluctantly helps Saunders

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Compiled from various sources including THE TV COLLECTOR magazine and
EPI-LOG magazine (and the episodes themselves!).