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On Location:
MGM's Euccy Road:

The French Village and "Euccy Road" was part of the MGM backlot, since demolished, but part of Euccy Road still remains (read more).

From the mailbag:
Subject: Eucalyptus Row
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002
Any idea where "Eucalyptus Row" is located. I've noticed it mentioned on your web site and have seen it on "Combat" numerouse times.
Thanks, Roman Kamienski

Dear Roman:
Euccy Road (or Eucalyptus Road) was part of the MGM back lot. Despite the long dirt road being lined with Eucalyptus trees (a semi-tropical plant), Combat! producers frequently used the road as a Normandy location. One of the road's first appearances on Combat! was in the episode "Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd." In the opening sequence, the squad marches down Euccy road and later encounter Sgt. Dane's tank. The road is used throughout Hollywood films in '20s up through the '80s (Ingrid Bergman drove down the road in "Notorious"). MGM sold their backlots in the 1980s. The lots are now housing for the greater Los Angeles area.
   —  King Two (aka Jo Davidsmeyer), out.

....additional information added by "Green Recruit"
Eucy Road was part of MGM's backlot # 3 and part of one side of the row of trees is still standing today. The other side was bulldozed for condos. There is a concrete flood channel next to the remaining trees. Parts of the wide open area are still there and many neighbors climb through the fence and walk their dogs.

If you are in the LA area, you can visit this spot. There is not much to see, but the trees are very obvious. It is located straight across the street from West Los Angeles College. The school was built in 1968, a year after Combat! concluded. This open spot (the place where the college is located) can be seen in some of the episodes.

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