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[Season 2 (1963 - 1964)]
[Bridge at Chalons]
[The Long Way Home]
[A Distant Drum]
[Infant of Prague]
[The Wounded Don't Cry]
[The Little Jewel]
[Glow Against the Sky]
[The Party]
[Anatomy of a Patrol]
[What Are the Bugles...]
[Thunder from the Hill]
[The Pillbox]
[Gideon's Army]
[General and the Sergeant]
[The Hostages]
[A Silent Cry]
[Eyes of the Hunter]
[Mail Call]
[The Hunter]
[Weep No More]
[The Short Day of Pvt Putnam]
[The Glory Among Men]

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reviews by Jo DavidsmeyerEpisodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets

Richard Basehart as Captain Steiner

The Long Way Home
Part 1 (037)
Part 2 (038)


3 bayonets

Written by Edward J. Lakso
Directed by Ted Post
Part 1: Aired 08-Oct-1963
Part 2: Aired 15-Oct-1963
Produced by Gene Levitt

SYNOPSIS: (part 1) Caught in an ambush, Saunders and his men surrender. In a temporary compound, they are brutally interrogated by S.S. Cpt. Steiner. Sharing their prison camp, is Sgt. Ackers and three other American prisoners. Steiner's been working them over. Saunders devises a plot to sneak Billy out of camp. Steiner vows a terrible punishment, borne by the timid grocer-turned-soldier, Gates. In a second failed escape attempt, one of Saunders' men is killed and Saunders is beaten.

SYNOPSIS: (part 2) A wounded Billy reveals the squad's predicament to Lt. Hanley, who can offer no help. With Caje under a death sentence for attacking a German guard, Saunders must act quickly to devise a new escape plan. As a diversion, the soldiers start tunneling, but the real plan involves a faulty circuit, water, and a wire fence. In the end, the grocery clerk slays the "Superman," saving Saunders and the squad.

REVIEW: A strong script by Edward J. Lakso shows the squad tested to the limits as they face death and torture at the hands of S.S. Captain Steiner, played by Richard Basehart. Always a superb actor, Basehart is excellent in playing this icy villain so sure of his own superiority. In a battle of wits with Saunders, he wins the first rounds.

Richard Basehardt and Vic Morrow"The Long Way Home" is a squad episode, letting all the cast shine. As each is called to face Steiner, they show both fear and bravery, often simultaneously. Carter, Peabody, and Jalbert make the most of these moments. Hogan is excellent during his "panic attack" as he is dragged screaming to the interrogation -- craftily managing to turn on the faucet in the struggle. Morrow underplays the emotions, still conveying that Saunders is torn apart at each cry from his men.

Guest star Simon Oakland plays Akers, a man whose spirit has been broken by Steiner, until Saunders shows him the light. And Woodrow Parfray plays the frightened grocery clerk with a gentle touch, making him a convincing hero.

The show ends with a quiet moment between friends, as Saunders and Hanley avoid the celebration, and instead drink to those who were lost.


  • Where were all the German guards when the squad escaped?
  • The opening of part two re-uses the elevated shots from the closing of "Bridge of Chalons" with Caje, Littlejohn, and Kirby walking towards Saunders. Of course, none of these actors can be in the scene, since they're all still prisoners.
  • Odd the Germans allowed prisoners to keep cigarettes and lighters; when they were searched, everything of value would normally have been confiscated.

ABOUT FILMING THE EPISODE: Jack Hogan recalls, "Ted Post [the director] would sit there as you 're doing the scene, reading the newspaper in his director chair. One time someone came up and told him that there was a plane in the shot and Ted shouted, 'Hold the plane!' as if we had any control over LAX."

Tom Lowell: "We filmed some of it, including the shower scene, up at Franklin Canyon. I shot Manchurian Candidate there, too. For the second part, I had to come back and sit around, watching everybody shoot the rest, because I was finished."


Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders
Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley

Guest star Richard Basehart as Capt. Steiner

Jack Hogan as Kirby
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Tom Lowell as Nelson
Dick Peabody as Littlejohn
Conlan Carter as Doc

co-starring Simon Oakland as Sgt. Tom Akers

Woodrow Parfrey as Pvt. Gates
Sasha Hardin as Lt. Brummel
Glenn Cannon as Rankin
Arthur Batanides as Nader
Jim Sikking as Lyles
Michael McDonald as Wilson
Arnold Merritt as Pfc. Cole
Walter Linden as German Compound Guard - day
Norbert Meisel as German Compound Guard - night
Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Guard - day
Robert Fortier as Captain Jampel (listed in part 2 only)

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