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The default settings IE6 ships with can limit your use of this and other sites.

Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) users may get error messages when they try to make purchases or access some Forums and Chatrooms on many sites on the Internet -- worse, you may not even see some options that users of other browsers see. One way to fix this problem is to change the settings for cookies within IE 6. Cookies are pieces of information that a Web site puts on your hard drive so that it can better serve users. 

Rest assured that your privacy is secure with us and our online merchants!

To do this in IE 6, from the Tools menu, select Internet options. Click on the Privacy tab. Then click on the Advanced button. You should see the following:

If these settings appear, you will need to change them to prevent potential  errors:

1. Check the Override automatic cookie handling box.

2. Click on the Accept radio buttons for First-party cookies and Third-party Cookies.

3. Check the Always allow session cookies box. After making these changes, the Advanced Privacy Settings should appear as follows:

4. Click OK.

After you click OK, you will see the following screen:

Click OK again and make your purchase as you normally would.

 Thank you! Return to