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WWII Weapons Used in Combat!
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Browning Automatic Rifle ("B.A.R.")

The BAR (M1918) is a heavy weapon that requires specialized training. Probably one per squad. The ammo is heavy, and requires an additional man to act as ammunition carrier (though the directors of Combat! often forgot about this in later episodes). The BAR is often praised as one of the best weapons ever used by the US Army.

kirby.jpg (10717 bytes)The weapon is featured prominently in the episode "Far From the Brave." Kirby carries a BAR through much of season one and all through the rest of the seasons. The BAR uses the same ammunition as the M-1 Garand.  (Pictured at left is Jack Hogan as Kirby with his B.A.R. with bi-pod attachment)

The Browning Automatic Rifle is .30 caliber, gas operated, and air-cooled. It may be fired from the shoulder or from the hip. It is 47 inches long, weight 15.5 pounds, and can fire 450 shots per minute. Besides being used from the shoulder or the hips, it may be mounted on a bipod. This weapon can be adjusted to fire semi-automatically, which is much slower than automatic firing, but more accurate, and does not heat the weapon as will automatic firing. When used automatically, the Browning M 1918 is fired in short bursts.

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Side View of Browning Automatic Rifle
Side View of Browning Automatic Rifle

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