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WWII American Bayonets and Knives

Bayonets could be affixed to the M1 Garand rifle during WWII. Although on the TV series Combat!, you see Lt. Hanley with a M1 Carbine modified to take a bayonet, this was not common until the Korean war. The character of Saunders rarely carries a knife in the show (since his weapon is a Thompson sub-machine gun which cannot take a bayonet), which often requires his character to borrow a bayonet from the other soldiers.

Pictured right: US WWII Bayonet M1 Garand Rifle Knife, replica available from

Recommended reading:

Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World: From the Stone Age Till 1900
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Profusely illustrated, full-scale reference by a leading authority on edged weapons provides a clearly written historical analysis of the entire range of weapons used in hand-to-hand combat — from prehistoric flint knives and bronze daggers of 1000 B.C. to eared daggers of the mid-16th century and 19th-century British and American naval dirks. An excellent resource for collectors as well as students of weaponry and warfare. 108 pictures.

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