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WWII American Tanks and Armor

These pages discuss WWII weapons used in the ABC-TV series Combat!  This information is meant as a primer for fans wanting to identify the weapons used in the series. 


The standard tank of the US during World War II was the M-4 Sherman (medium) tank with a 75 mm gun, though this tank is never used in Combat! (Sherman tank pictured above.) Another American tank of WWII is the M24 Chaffee.

Post-war M-48 and M-41 American tanks were used in the Combat! TV series to represent both American and German tanks. These tanks had a 90 mm weapon and often a .50 calibre machine gun on the turret ("The Medal"). The "tank" used in the episode "Ambush" is either a SPG (self-propelled-gun) or a tank-destroyer.

WWII American tank and squad of the TV series COMBAT!
Above: the cast of Combat! in the episode "Hills Are for Heroes"

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