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WWII Weapons Used in Combat!
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This page discusses weapons used in the ABC-TV series Combat! that originally ran in the United States from 1962 through 1967.

French Resistance, Sten Gun
24"x36" Poster
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 "Sten" Gun

British soldiers carry authentic British "Sten" guns (machine pistols with the magazine protruding from the side) in "Luck with Rainbows" and "What are the Bugles Blowin' For?" According to the website The Sten Gun website, "The Sten Gun was not popular among troops, who called it the "Plumber's Nightmare" or "Plumber's Abortion" (in reference to its' ungainly appearance and resembling to a piece of tubing).  In addition to jamming, it was also very prone to accidentally discharging, especially if dropped.  Many Canadians were wounded or even killed by Sten Guns even before being committed to battle."
(Photo right: French resistance fighter with Sten Gun. Poster)

British Rifles

Enfield rifle

The British rifle during the war was the Enfield No.4 Mk.I. The British army used this weapon from 1902 into WWII. This weapon uses a detachable ten-round magazine. Bolt action. Range 547 yards. Caliber .303 inches

The rifles used by the British soldiers in "What are the Bugles Blowin' For?" look to be American Springfield '03 rifles, a bolt-action weapon developed in 1903.

Recommended Reading about Enfield Rifles:

British Enfield Rifles, Vol. 1, SMLE (No.1) Mk I and Mk III 

British Enfield Rifles, Lee-Enfield No. 4 and No. 5 Rifles - Vol II

An incredibly detailed book geared for Enfield collectors. Great history and illustrations. From the description of the book:

[see more]

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The Lee Enfield Number Four Rifles

This detailed look at the Number 4 series of rifles, used by British soldiers from World War II to Korea, is full of photos and illustrations showing full-length views of rifles, closeups of actions, and various parts. The book provides a general history of the series, with chapters on the various marks, plus the Number 4 Mark 1(T) sniper rifle. Sniper instructions and No. 32 telescope sight details also are included in the book. 30 photographs, 18 illustrations. 64 pages long.



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