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docsmile.jpg (16087 bytes)Doc
played by
Conlan Carter

in seasons 2 through 5


The squad's second medic is a man of action who does not always meekly accept his non-combatant role ("Bridgehead", "The Hostages"). He speaks with a southern drawl and claims in one episode to be from Arkansas. Five-foot, eleven inches tall, this PFC has light brown hair and blue eyes. Before being drafted, he was a clerk in a grocery store. He wanted to be trained as an army cook so he would have a good trade after the war, but the army made him a medic. He drinks, has been seen to smoke only once in the show, and doesn't gamble. He has an easy-going southern charm and good foxhole-side manner. But don't take this good-natured man lightly; when he, Saunders, and Caje are captured by Germans, it's his cunning, daring, and fists that save them (episode "The Hostages"). By fifth season, Doc seems to have become a confidante of Saunders.

About his character on Combat!, Conlan Carter says, "He never had a name. It was just always 'Doc.' It was always assumed that he was from the mid-West, but that was because of the way I talked." Conlan researched medics for his role. "I figured out how to bandage a little bit and things like that. I just practiced so it wouldn't look like I was a total nerd. Mostly, you didn't see me doin' it, anyway. And the only people I ever was able to save were the squad. But anybody that carried the radio, you knew he was going to get killed. That was a given. I never could save those guys. [...] On the balance, they didn't do a lot with the stuff that I did. Mostly I just stood around, I'd say, 'Sarge. I don't think he's gonna make it, Sarge.' And, of course, the look. You don't say anything, just shake your head. Everybody knows what you mean."

doc15.jpg (21091 bytes)Character's biographical information:
never stated in the show
Rank: PFC
Home Town:
Arkansas [The Hostages], might not be a valid reference, since Doc was lying about everything at the time he said this

Family: unknown

Military Record:
Drafted [Cry For Help]

wine, cognac (doesn't smoke or gamble)

Data from episodes:

  • Grocery Clerk before the war [Cry For Help and The First Day]
  • Drafted. Army was short of cooks and medics; he wanted to be a cook to learn a trade for after the war. So they made him a medic. [Cry For Help]
  • never been to Nashville [The Long Walk]
  • never had any southern cooking [The Long Walk]
  • good at hand-to-hand combat [The Hostages]

Conlan Carter biography
Conlan Carter TV and Film Credits
Conlan Carter's Emmy nomination
About Doc #2
Doc:Conlan Carter episodes
Woundings: Doc (Conlan Carter)

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