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Several episodes of Combat! were filmed at the Korbel winery. These images of the cast at Korbel were provided to this site by the Korbel historian whom I met on a trip to Korbel winery that I took with fellow Combat! fans Nancy Durgin and Carolyn Elliott in August of 2002.

We enjoyed a pleasant drive down from San Jose through wine country. It's a great trip for any Combat! fan interested in visiting these filming locations. Be aware though, that the land has changed so much since the 1960s that you will find it very difficult to recognize any of the locations. Even within the winery, the hill featured prominently in the episode "The Gun" isn't there anymore! The winery leveled the hill to better improve grape production. Also, the river featured in "The Losers" is now half as wide as in the 1960s -- no, the water hasn't receded, the property owners narrowed the river. Only one bank is recognizable from the episode. You can still recognize the river from "Birthday Cake," which you can view easily from the road above. Korbel has a nice cafe for lunch and vineyard tours are available. The steps leading to the office look the same today as when the cast posed for these pictures (Carolyn, Nancy, and I have pictures of ourselves on these steps!)

The Heck brothers, who ran the winery, were always happy to host the cast and crew. The cast enjoyed their trips to Korbel, especially since the Heck brothers provided them with wine and started their mornings with Mimosas, which explains many of the expressions in these photos.

One benefit that Korbel received from hosting the episodes on their property was free demolition. The Heck Brothers required that the production would remove at least one Redwood stump for each episode. So, when next you view an episode filmed at Korbel and see one of the spectcular explosions, you'll know that those flying splinters are not European Oak, but California Redwood.

More information about Korbel location filming.

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Left to right: Pierre Jalbert, Ben Heck, Paul Heck,
Adolf Heck, Jack Hogan, Dick Peabody (in rear), and Vic Morrow.

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