The Twilight Zone: Vol. 20

The Thirty-Fathom Grave
A mysterious clanging sound is heard within a submerged submarine twenty years after it was sunk by the Japanese during World War II. Is it a  sheared periscope, or the ghosts of the drowned crewmen? Chief Bell (Mike Kellin) reveals a guilty secret that has tormented him ever since that horrible event. This fourth-season episode is one-hour long (so often isn't seen in syndication). The cast includes many faces familiar to Combat! TV fans, including Simon Oakland, Bill Bixby, and Mike Kellin in a stand-out part. Also has David Shiener, John Considine, and Conlan Carter. The episode was written by Rod Serling.

Combat! connections in this Twilight Zone episode:

wpe107.jpg (124690 bytes)Also on this DVD:

  • "Elegy," a first-season episode. Three astronauts from Earth land on an Earthlike asteroid where all the people seem frozen in time except for a mysterious caretaker, played by Cecil Kellaway).
  • "A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain," from season five. An aging man (Patrick O'Neal) desperate to keep up with his much younger wife (Ruta Lee), tries a highly experimental youth serum. To his wife's delight, he is restored to vigorous young manhood, but the worm soon turns when the serum continues its work...
  • "Inside The Twilight Zone," includes information on Rod Serling, a history of the series, reviews of each episode, cast information and a season-by-season commentary Animated Menus

Encoding: Region 1 (US and Canada only)
Format: Black & White
Studio: Image Entertainment
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