Patriotic and Military Stocking Stuffers for a Dollar!
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July 4th Gifts and Party Favors - Fourth of July - Independence Day

Patriotic items for a dollar: great for stocking stuffers and 4th of July party favors or teacher prizes for American History study.

Sticker Books

Joe the GI with 28 Stickers
by A.G. Smith
List price $1.50
Glenn the Astronaut: with 4 Sticker Uniforms
by A.G. Smith
List price $1.50

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Historic WWII Stocking Stuffers for $1.00 and $1.50 !

Patriotic Art Tatoos Colorful miniatures of 4 famous placards from WWI & WWII, among them the unforgettable portrait of Uncle Sam declaring "I Want YOU for U.S. Army." List Price $1.50

Also: I Want You Notebook
This U.S. Army recruiting poster, a classic of poster art during WWI & WWII, is reproduced on the cover of this practical little notebook. For nostalgia buffs and poster lovers. 64 pages of blank ruled paper. Size 4-3/16" x 5-3/4".
List Price $1.50

World War II Posters - 16 Art Stickers
by Anna Samuel
     Collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts will delight in these eye-catching reproductions of historic posters designed to boost recruitment, promote the sale of war bonds, and raise morale on the home front.
List Price $1.50
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Military and Soldier Items for $1.00 and $1.50 !

Fun with Soldiers Stencils by Marty Noble
Six sturdy stencils help youngsters create an army of men saluting, standing at attention, holding rifles, and more. Size 4-3/16 inches by 5-5/8 inches.
List Price $1.00
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Jet Fighters Tattoos by John Batchelor
      Noted aviation illustrator John Batchelor has rendered six realistic tattoos of authentic jet fighter planes. Planes include Lockheed F-104 G, flown by U.S. Air Force pilots, and the F-18 Hornet, made famous by the Navy's Blue Angels, plus the F-4 Phantom, F-14 Tomcat, F-15, and F-18.
      Easily applied to arms, legs, and other body parts, these safe-to-use and easy-to-remove designs will thrill aviation buffs of all ages.
      Not just for kids! Wear them anywhere and surprise that special someone with a plane hunt. Brings a whole new meaning to "night maneuvers."
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WWII Coloring Books

The Second World War Airplane Coloring Book
by Richard King
List price $6.95, 44 pages
Has action renderings of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Supermarine Spitfire, Avro Lancaster, Mitsubishi Zero, Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet, and more.

Airplanes of the Second World War
List price $3.95, 48 pages

World War II Allied Fighter Planes Trading Cards
by John Batchelor (Illustrator), Philip Smith
     Twelve accurate, finely detailed cards (3"x 4 1/4") depicting American, British and Russian fighters: Spitfire MK XIVC, MIG-3, Grumman F6F Hellcat, nine more. Full color.
List Price $1.00

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  • Toy WWII Soldiers for $5.99 each  
    from 21st Century Toy Company. Realistic 1:18 scale WWII figures with incredible detailing. Figures are articulated at twelve points and come with equipment and uniform.

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Patriotic Items for under $10.00:

Patriotic American Flag Posters

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