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During the original run of Combat!, TV Guide magazine carried several articles about Combat! and its stars.

  • Sept. 6 - 13, 1962 - Combat! preview (Fall preview issue)
  • Sept. 15 - 21, 1962 - "This Means War" (Combat! vs. "The Gallant Men")

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  • June 1 - 7, 1963 - "A River Flows in Hollywood" (filming "One More For the Road") [TV Guide cover]
  • June 15 - 21, 1963 - "The Private War on Lot 2" (cover story)  
    [See complete article]
  • Aug. 3 - 9, 1963 - "Stop the War, it's Chow Time (feeding the crew)

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  • Feb. 1 - 7, 1964 - "How to Wage War Safely" (special effects)
  • [TV Guide cover]May 9 - 15, 1964 - "The Not So Secret Life of Rick Jason" (cover story)
  • April 18 - 24, 1964 - COMBAT! review by Cleveland Amory
  • Oct. 10 - 16, 1964 - "That's Snow Business" ("Silver Service" ep.)
    [See complete article]
  • Oct. 2 - 8, 1965 - "The Sergeant's Private War" (Vic Morrow profile)
  • Apr. 15 - 21, 1967 - "With Time on Their Hands" (Rick Jason and Pierre Jalbert indulge in a little Frisbee action)

Star Cine Vaillance

Star Cine Vaillance is a French cinema magazines. Three issues featured Combat! Each issue has the complete story of a Combat! episode told in black-and-white pictures with little balloon-bubbles for dialog, like in comic books. About 300 photos in each story. The magazine also features a continuous story (in French), crossword puzzle, and descriptions of upcoming movies. The magazines have beautiful full-cover covers with original art of the episode. Back cover is a full-color artwork of a star in some action movie.

  • Issue 49 features the episode "Any Second Now," which they call "Danger de Mort." On the cover, the "stars" are listed as Rick Jason and Dick Morrow [yes, "Dick" is how it reads].  Issue date was 17 Aout 1963, 48 pages of pictures from the episode (including lots of the scene where Hanley tries to pick up the nurse and utilizes that great 200-watt smile). Six pictures per page.
  • Issue 52 features the episode "Just For The Record," which they call "Heros Sans Gloire." In this issue they got Vic Morrow's name right on the cover. Issue date is 28 Septembre 1963. It also has a full-color cover. but this isn't original art, it's just a montage of black-and-white photos that are hand-colored. Montage includes photo of Micheline Presle looking out a window at German Soldiers arresting a French civilian, with Alf Kjellin's photo dominating the scene. Alas, no Morrow on the cover. 49 pages of black-and-white photos with dialog balloons. Strangely, throughout the narrative they have the Presle character calling Morrow "Saunders," but in the episode she never referred to him as anything but "Sergeant."
  • Issue featuring the episode "Missing In Action."


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