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(065) Silver Service


2 bayonets


First aired 13-Oct-1964 (Episode 5 of Season 3)

Guest stars Mickey Rooney, Claudine Longet, Ramon Novarro 


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Pierre Jalbert put his Olympic skiing skills to use in Combat! episodeSYNOPSIS: Sent to the rear to recover from injuries, Kirby and Caje encounter Harry White (Mickey Rooney), a dice-cheating schemer who has been fighting the war from bar stools. During a German breakthrough, Kirby survives a barrage in the French village, fortuitously finds a B.A.R., and wanders into the home of Claudine Longet and her grandfather. To evade the Germans, all must flee through the snow, dragging the ailing grandfather and Harry's mysterious package. (Combat's homage to the Battle of the Bulge)
Story by Edward J. Bonner
Directed by Sutton Roley


In "The Silver Service," Kirby shows his leadership ability. When faced with someone more irresponsible than himself, Kirby becomes the model of responsibility.

Former matinee idol Ramon Novarro (Ben Hur in the 1927 silent film) plays the befuddled grandfather. He later appears as the befuddled Count in the episode " Finest Hour ."

Pierre says about director Sutton Roley, "He was trying to direct Mickey Rooney to play the dice. Can you imagine that? Mickey Rooney, the greatest talent that Hollywood produced. And Mickey got, excuse the expression I have to use, Mickey got so 'pissed' that he walked off the set. He said 'I'm going to kill that son of a bitch.' I walked out and walked Mickey around the stage to cool him off so I could bring him back in and finish the scene."


Claudine Longet, Mickey Rooney, Pierre Jalbert Spectacular night-time pyrotechnics in the French village. These explosions interrupt Kirby's nightmare, which consists of recycled footage from previous episodes.

Exterior sequences filmed at Squaw Valley (read about filming).

This episode is the series' attempt to cover the Battle of the Bulge.


Mickey Rooney and Pierre JalbertJack Hogan at the Combat! reunion said: "They sent a second unit to Squaw valley, and the rest of us, Mickey and Claudine and myself, we worked in plastic snow. And that stuff gets in your eyes and you think you're going to croak. [...] Mickey Rooney was funny in his own way. Mickey was a compulsive talker and joke teller. Sometimes you'd do a scene and they would say cut and everybody would go to learn their next lines. But Mickey, the second they'd say cut, would grab your sleeve and keep on talking to you. And you couldn't get away to go to the john or get a drink of water because Mickey was talking."


Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley (does not appear)
Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders (does not appear)

Guest star
Mickey Rooney as Harry White

Jack Hogan as Kirby
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Norm Alden Private Buford (usually billed as Norman Alden)

Joe di Reda as Malloy
King Moody as Jouvet
Pat Patterson as Sergeant Hacker

Special Guest Star
Ramon Novarro as Charles Gireaux
Claudine Longet as Claudette

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