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Season Four Episodes (1965-66)
(one-line descriptors written by Nancy Durgin)

In the 1965/66 season, Combat! aired at 7:30 on Tuesday nights, opposite CBS's "Rawhide" and NBC's "My Mother the Car" and "Please Don't Eat the Daisies." Combat! was among eight military shows, both comedies and dramas, airing on the major networks.

Season 4 Overview

  • The Linesman Oct-05-1965 (W:Edward J. Lakso, Gene Levitt D:Tom Gries)
    Guests:Jack Lord, Horst Ebersberg, Peter Duryea, Gerd Rein, Peter Hellman,...
    Saunders helps a radio man with an attitude lay wire in enemy territory
  • Main Event Sep-14-1965 (W:William Fay D:Tom Gries)
    Guests:Jack Carter, Ben Cooper, Vic Weber, Hans Difflipp, Todd Lasswell
    A contender (boxer) and his trainer join the squad
  • Hear No Evil Oct-26-1965 (W:Tim and John Considine D:Sutton Roley)
    Guests:Peter Haskell, Gene Otis Shane, Tom Pace, Chris Anders,...
    Saunders is struck deaf by an explosion, and is helped by a dog
  • 9 Place Vendee Nov-11-1965 (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:Alan Crosland Jr.)
    Guests:Lee Patterson, Patrick Michenaud, William Leslie, Paul Busch,...
    Hanley infiltrates German-held town to rescue intelligence officer
  • A Sudden Terror Mar-29-1966 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Michael Caffey)
    Guests:Brandon DeWilde, Earl Parker, Jan Malmsjo, Paul Busch, Earl Parker,...
    Hanley tries to free young soldier trapped in quicksand
  • Evasion Oct-19-1965 (W:Esther and Bob Mitchell D:John Peyser)
    Guests:Lloyd Bochner, John Lodge, Jacques Aubuchon, and a cast of thousands
    Hanley escapes from POW camp dressed as Albanian officer
  • Finest Hour Dec-21-1965 (W:Don Tait D:Sutton Roley)
    Guests:Luise Rainer, Ramon Navarro, Lou Robb, Kurt Krueger, James Dobson,...
    Wounded Hanley and men take shelter in chateau and are aided by countess
  • Breakout Dec-14-1965 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:John Peyser)
    Guests: Fernando Lamas, Ross Strulin, Mark Tobin, Peter Hellman
    Frenchman is angry after Saunders destroys his tractors
  • The Farmer Oct-12-1965 (W:Andy White D:John Peyser)
    Guests:Dennis Weaver, Felix Locher, Dina Harmsen, Belle Mitchell,...
    A GI who is a farmer endangers the squad by trying to rescue a cow
  • The Raider Dec-28-1965 (W:Kay Lenard, Jess Carneol D:John Peyser)
    Guests: Martin Brooks, Leonard Nimoy, George Backman, Raymond McGrath
    Hanley is captured by German SS unit that targets officers
  • Crossfire Nov-02-1965 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland Jr.)
    Guests: Don Gordon, Ron Foster, Rand Brooks, Burt Douglas, Paul Busch,...
    An overeager soldier Saunders met on D-Day endangers the squad
  • Soldier of Fortune Nov-23-1965 (W:George F. Slavin D:Sutton Roley)
    Guests: Burt Brinckerhoff, Wesley Lau, William Campbell, John Gentri,...
    Soldier who is pinned down by rubble refuses to disclose information
  • The First Day 09-21-1965 (W:Esther and Bob Mitchell, D:Georg J. Fenady)
    Guests:Buck Taylor, Kevin Coughlin, Dee Pollock, Bob Bheller, John Nealson,...
    Four green men join the squad, but how many will survive?
  • S.I.W. Sep-28-1965 (W:Shirl Hendryx D:John Peyser)
    Guests:John Cassavetes, William Stevens, Paul Sheriff, Mike Krempels
    Squad suspects a soldier's leg wound is self-inflicted
  • Luck with Rainbows Dec-07-1965 (W:Wells Root, Ron Bishop D:Alan Crosland Jr)
    Guests:Michael Evans, Bill Glover, Roy Dean, Peter Hellman, Paul Busch,...
    Hanley and Kirby join with British officer on sabotage mission
  • The Flying Machine Feb-22-1966 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland Jr)
    Guests:Keenan Wynn, Horst Ebersberg, Peter Coe, Ross Elliott, Peter Brocco,...
    Hanley flies in a rickety observation plane which crash lands

  • The Old Men Nov-16-1965 (W:Esther and Bob Mitchell D:Georg J. Fenady)
    Guests:Simon Oakland, Arnold Merritt, Paul Busch, William Phipps,...
    A bunch of older replacements join the squad
  • The Casket Nov-30-1965 (W:Ed Waters, Paul David Moessinger D:Bernard McEveety)
    Guests:Nina Foch, Raymond Cavaleri, Henry Brandt
    Old woman and boy with casket don't want to loan their truck
  • The Good Samaritan Jan-11-1966 (W:Shirl Hendryx D:Bernard McEveety)
    Guests:Tom Simcox, Hank Brandt, Paul Busch
    Saunders trapped under pipe, and helped by soldier whose squad was killed
  • Retribution Jan-18-1966 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Bernard McEveety)
    Guests:Albert Paulsen, King Moody, Rachel Rosenthal, Frank Koomen
    A wounded intelligence officer is fiance of Kirby's sister
  • The Mockingbird Jan-04-1966 (W:Rev. Thomas A. Conway D:John Peyser)
    Guests:Jeremy Slate, John Agar, Jaques Roux, Hans Difflipp, Kurt Landon,...
    German spy poses as downed GI flyer, and is picked up by Hanley
  • Hills Are for Heroes, Part 1 and Part 2
    Guests:Paul Carr, Dan Terranova, Anthony Call, Michael Forest, Joey Walsh
    Hanley and platoon suffer heavy losses as they try to take a hill protected by bunkers
  • Counterplay Jan-25-1966 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland Jr.)
    Guests:Mark Richman, H.M. Wynant, Louis Mercier, Robert Crawford,...
    German officer poses as French resistance leader, joins with Saunders
  • Nothing to Lose Feb-01-1966 (W:Richard Wendley D:Georg J. Fenady)
    Guests:Sal Mineo, Tom Skerritt
    Two new men give Hanley trouble -- one is wanted for murder
  • Ask Me No Questions Feb-08-1966 (W:Edward J. Lakso D:Alan Crosland Jr)
    Guests:Claude Akins, Ted Jordan, Ed Peck, Vic Dana, Henry Evans,...
    Saunders is captured -- realizes his fellow prisoner is a German spy
  • The Ringer Feb-15-1966 (W:Gene L. Coon, Del Carnes D:Michael Caffey)
    Guests:Mart Hulswit, Peter Colton, Tom Pace, Mike Krempels
    A straggler joins the squad, hoping to live up to his home-town reputation
  • One at a Time Mar-22-1966 (W:Esther and Bob Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    Guests:Jan Merlin, Larry Kert, Hagen Smith, Robert Yuro, Jerry Ayres,...
    Vengeful German picks off Saunders' men after they kill his squad
  • Gitty Mar-15-1966 (W:Judith Barrows D:Georg J. Fenady)
    Guests:Andrea Darvi, Richard Bakalyan, Tom Nolan, Paul Busch, John Himes,...
    Saunders doesn't want to tell young girl that he killed her German father
  • Run, Sheep, Run Apr-05-1966 (W:Esther and Bob Mitchell D:Bernard McEveety)
    Guests:Dwayne Hickman, Walter Maslow, Chris Howard, Frank Marth
    GI is worried that captured German officer will reveal his cowardice
  • The Leader Apr-12-1966 (W:Esther and Bob Mitchell D:Georg J. Fenady)
    Guests:William Bryant, Steve Marlowe, Michael Vandever, Tim Felix,...
    Kirby is left in charge with the radio out and the squad cut off

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