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Season Three Episodes (1964-65)
(one-line descriptors written by Nancy Durgin)

By season three, Combat! had settled into a routine of excellence, with some exceptions. The parade of new producers had ended with Gene Levitt firmly holding the producer reins. The cast list stabilized and the actors stood firmly together in their demand for quality scripts. Vic Morrow directed more episodes, earning high praise from his fellow actors for his work behind the camera.

Rick Jason was getting less time in front of the camera, but was still enjoying his contractually agreed upon equal pay and billing. He also enjoyed his various hunting seasons, since he had Levitt arrange his shooting schedule around his other shooting activities. "If I'm just in the beginning of an episode, or in the end," Rick Jason says, "it was hunting season. I spent the whole five years doing that. People always ask, how come I wasn't in more shows? I went hunting and fishing. People don't understand that. If I was in the show, I got paid, if I wasn't in the show, I got paid. So what do I care?"

Season 3 Overview

  • Silver Service : Kirby hooks up with a loud-mouthed truck driver who collects silverware
    Guests:Mickey Rooney, Claudine Longet, Ramon Navarro, King Moody,...
  • The Long Walk : Tricky German infiltrator can't fool Saunders
    Guests: Roddy McDowall, Peter Brocco, William Bryant, Maurice Marsac,...
  • Mountain Man : Reluctant hermit helps Saunders mark trail across mountain
    Guests: Theodore Bikel, Henry Brandon, Peter Beregema, Rob Beattie
  • The Duel : Saunders and a truck driver take on a Tiger tank
    Guests: Bobby Rydell, Hans Difflipp, Tram Tyson, Tom Pace, Phil Altman,...
  • Vendetta : Hanley runs into fanatical officer and his Dancing Greeks
    Guests: Telly Savalas, Peter Deuel, Ron Stokes, Athan Karras,...
  • Operation Fly Trap : Tech sergeant objects when Saunders decides to capture German Colonel
    Guests: Gary Lockwood, Leonard Bell, Frank Marth
  • The Impostor : Hanley on recon mission, one of his contacts is a German infiltrator
    Guests: James Dobson, Skip Homeier, Warren Stevens, Alan Baxter,...
  • Losers Cry Deal : Obnoxious soldier from another squad resents Saunders and Caje
    Guests: Mike Kellin, Dee Pollock, Tom Skerritt, Fletcher Fist, John Bedford,...
  • Point of View : Machine gun sergeant wants Saunders court-martialed
    Guests: Paul Burke, H.M. Wynant, Seymour Cassel, Horst Ebersberg,...
  • Dateline : Saunders and squad rescue cowardly newspaper reporter who was captured
    Guests: Dan Duryea, Doug Henderson, Henry Beckman, Frank Kooman
  • Brother, Brother : The brother of Kirby's hometown friend expects special treatment
    Guests: Frankie Avalon, Hans D. Heyde, Charles A. Bastin
  • The Hard Way Back : Sal Mineo as a soldier who abandons Saunders, who is trapped under beam
    Guests: Sal Mineo, Ed Gilbert, Robert Howard, Erick Forst, Marvin Brandt,...
  • The Little Carousel : Saunders and squad encounter young student nurse who wants to help
    Guests: Sylviane Margolle, Warren Vanders, David Jourmeax, Paul Daniel
  • Fly Away Home : Saunders and squad babysit some pigeons on recon mission
    Guests: Neville Brand, Ron Stokes, Stephen Joyce
  • A Rare Vintage : Caje and Saunders rescue wounded Hanley, who is held captive in a winery
    Guests: Lyle Bettger, Buck Holland, Corey Allen, Marcel Hillaire,...
  • The Enemy : Hanley forces German officer to disarm booby traps
    Guests: Robert Duvall, Anna Lee, Robert deSchene, Jonathan Kidd,...
  • A Gift of Hope : Saunders encounters old friend who was MIA, and now has lost his nerve
    Guests: Rip Torn, Robert Yuro, Anthony Eisley, Jack Coogan Jr.,...
  • A Walk with an Eagle : Squad rescues downed pilot with no respect for ground warfare
    Guests: Lee Philips, William Cort, Pat Colby
  • Birthday Cake : Littlejohn receives a birthday cake that gets him in trouble
    Guests: Phillip Pine, Jean Del Val
  • The Cassock : James Whitmore as a German masquerading as a priest
    Guests: James Whitmore, Glenn Stensel, Mart Hulswit, Ross Sturlin
  • The Town that Went Away : Townspeople try to protect town and winery from evacuation
    Guests: Jay Novello, Gerald Michenaud, Susan Silo, Billy Beck,...
  • The Convict : French resistance contact turns out to be escaped convict
    Guests: Gilbert Roland, Clive Clark, Robert Carricart, Chris Anders,...
  • The Steeple : Squad tries to rescue paratrooper from steeple in occupied town
    Guests: David Sheiner, Robert Cornthwaite, Jean Del Val, Pat Michenaud,...
  • More than a Soldier : Saunders is trapped in a cave with a reluctant soldier and a German
    Guests: Tommy Sands, Ron Soble
  • The Long Wait : Saunders and a truck with wounded men are pinned down by a machine gun
    Guests: Terry Carter, Ed Tierney, Fletcher Fist, David Adams, William Splawn
  • The Tree of Moray : Hanley recues French traitor with valuable information
    Guests: Robert Loggia, Robert Ellenstein, Tom Pace, Mike Krempels,...
  • Cry in the Ruins : Hanley and Germans call truce to rescue baby of deranged woman
    Guests: William Smithers, Glenn Cannon, Lisa Pera, John Crawford,...
  • Heritage : Demolitions expert doesn't want to destroy statues found in cave
    Guests: Charles Bronson, Kort Falkenberg, Michael Stroka, Robert Fortier
  • The Hell Machine : Saunders and a claustrophonic driver capture German tank
    Guests: Frank Gorshin, Than Wyenn, Lou Robb, James Arthur, Gene Benton,...
  • Billy the Kid : Artillery lieutenant who is son of famous general has to prove himself
    Guests: Andrew Prine, Mike Masters, Ron Mills, Tom Mills, Norbert Sigfried,...
  • Beneath the Ashes : Hanley delays in delivering news that a soldier's wife is dying
    Guests: Chad Everett, Robert Fortier, Greg Mullavey, Noam Pitlik,...
  • Odyssey : Saunders fakes shell-shock after waking up in a German uniform
    Guests: Bert Freed, Sasha Hardin, Ivan Triesault, Tino Pollack,...

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One-line Descriptions Copyright 1993, 1994 by Nancy Durgin. All Rights Reserved
Compiled from various sources including THE TV COLLECTOR and EPI-LOG magazines (and the episodes themselves!).

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