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Season 3 COMBAT! episodes:
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[More than a Soldier]
[The Long Wait]
[The Tree of Moray]
[Cry in the Ruins]
[The Hell Machine]
[Billy the Kid]
[Beneath the Ashes]

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Combat! reviews by Jo Davidsmeyer * Episodes rated from 0 to 4 bayonets 

(094) Billy the Kid

bayo1.gif (815 bytes) bayo1.gif (815 bytes) bayo1.gif (815 bytes)
3 bayonets

Teleplay by
Esther and Bob Mitchell

Story by
Bivings F. Wallace

by Bernard McEveety

First aired 06-Apr-1965
Episode 29 of Season 3


Lieutenant William Benton, the son of celebrated General Bull Benton, leads a mission to locate of a big artillery piece that is cutting up the American lines. He is accompanied by a surly sergeant. The inexperienced lieutenant's seemingly irrational behavior worries the squad. When battalion pulls back, stranding the squad on the ridge, his Sergeant tries to abandon the mission. "Billy the Kid" finally shares his plan with the squad, destroys the gun, and returns a hero with a now converted, faithful sergeant at his side.


bayo1.gif (815 bytes) bayo1.gif (815 bytes) bayo1.gif (815 bytes) REVIEW:

Andrew Prine is splendid as an artillery lieutenant out to prove himself in "Billy the Kid." Saunders is saddled with this untried officer, unsure whether this son of a famous general knows what he's doing. Spurning the advice of Saunders, "Billy The Kid" makes some odd decisions in the field as he leads the squad on a dangerous mission to destroy a massive German gun.

As usual, Saunders is on an expedition with a sergeant-with-an-attitude. Saunders deals with him by delivering a patented pep talk, non-comm variant. All ends well in this clever script that ties the loose ends neatly together without seeming contrived.

Rick Jason's stunt double, Walt Davis, stands in for Andrew Prine in the scene where Billy the Kid is blinded.


Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley
Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders

Guest Star
Andrew Prine as Lt. Benton

Jack Hogan as Kirby
Conlan Carter as Doc
Pierre Jalbert as Caje
Dick Peabody as Littlejohn

Mike Masters as Burns
Ron Mills as Garn
Norbert Siegfried as German Leader
Ed Deemer as German #1
Jim de Closs as American Sentry
John Milford as Sgt. Stone

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More about Andrew Prine
(who played Combat's Billy the Kid):

Andrew Prine continues to act today, appearing most recently in the 2002 film "Sweet Home Alabama." One of his most memorable roles was playing Helen Keller's older brother, James Keller, in the 1962 classic film The Miracle Worker. He also appeared in the 2002 TV remake of the film.

devils-brigade-dvd.jpg (8102 bytes)Andrew Prine also appeared in the classic WWII film The Devil's Brigade (1968) starring William Holden. He played Private Theodore Ransom in this great action/adventure filmed based on the real-life Black Devil Brigade.
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True Story of the 1st Special Service Force in WWII
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