The irascible William G. Kirby is never at a loss for a quip that captures perfectly his feelings. Following are some of the "Kirby-isms" that are favorites of Combat! fans:

The First Day - Season: 4 Episode: 2

The new recruit says: "I'll be nineteen in August"
Kirby replies, "I'll be 100 in August".
-- Submitted by list member King Six

SOUND hear clip (24 k)

Kirby: "Caje, we better win this war soon ... we're running out of men."

Forgotten Front

Kirby talking about the old German - crushing an apple under his boot heel:

Doc: He's a human being.
Kirby: He's a bug!

--Submitted by list member Wild Card

Rear Echelon Commandos

Kirby comments when he comes back from checking out the town, "Nothing but a bunch of geeses."

--Submitted by list member Red Three

Weep No More

Hanley: If the Krauts start moving in, you know what to do.
Kirby: Yes, sir. Panic.

-- Submitted by list member King Two

Next in Command

"Nothin' I like better than buryin' Germans in the rain."
-- Submitted by list member Wild Card

SOUND hear clip (20 k)

Night Patrol

Kirby: "What time is it?"
Saunders: "Oh seven hundred."
Kirby: "What time is that?"
Saunders (with a priceless look at Kirby): "Seven."

-- Submitted by list member Wild Card

Kirby to Caje (who's soaking his feet in pool of hot mineral water): "You wouldn't catch me doin' that."
Caje: "Sure feels good, Kirby."
Kirby: "Yeah, sure...until a month from now when your toes fall off."
Caje: "You know what your problem is, Kirby? You worry too much. Maybe I've found the fountain of youth."
Kirby: " you'll have young feet."

-- Submitted by list member Wild Card

Battle of the Roses

Kirby: Is that dame still in the garden?
Saunders: Yeah she's still there. Wait a minute, where do you think you're going?
Kirby: I'm ... I'm going to evacuate her!

-- Submitted by list member Queen's Bishop

SOUND Kirby's 'humor' (54 k)

Saunders: Take off, she's not your type.
Kirby: She's a woman!

-- Submitted by list member Queen's Bishop

One More For The Road

Referring to the infant they've just found: "Doc, you'd better take him,'cause the babes is more my style!"
  ---- Submitted by list member Queen's Bishop


"Hey, bring back some comic books next trip, will ya?."

--Submitted by list member Red Three

The Little Jewel

"Another wet day, another wet town."

-- Submitted by list member King Two

"This is absolutely my last war."

-- Submitted by list member King Two
Also a favorite of Queen's Bishop

A Silent Cry

Caje: The coward dies a thousand times, the brave only once.
Kirby: That's about all it takes, ain't it?

-- Submitted by list member King Two
Also a favorite of list member Wild Card

Birthday Cake

Kirby, in a tussle over Littlejohn's birthday cake: "Oh grow up!"

-- Submitted by list member Karen Thorson

The Casket

A badly wounded Kirby is placed in the back of the truck truck that carries a coffin and says: "Sarge, you think of everything."

--Submitted by list member Don Roberts



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