Walt Davis, expendable extraordinaire!

    Walt Davis played expendables in many (72 and counting) Combat! episodes. He usually appeared as a German soldier, occasionally as an American, and mostly uncreditted.
    The following is a list of non-stunt doubling appearances by this unsung hero of Combat!

    Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd - Season: 1 Episode: 3

    MFE/WHN (German) is guard at top of stairs guarding townspeople and later is shot (soldier on left) when Saunders and Hanley burst into room.

    Missing in Action - Season: 1 Episode: 6

    MFE/WHN (American) is a flyer in briefing room sitting with back to wall on the right.

    Escape to Nowhere - Season: 1 Episode: 7

    MFE/WHN (German) is standing behind the desk in the hallway when the general (Albert Paulson) passes through to use a phone in another room.

    The Celebrity - Season: 1 Episode: 8

    MFE/WHN (German) one of the group of three who attack the truck. He's the one in the middle wearing a cap, partially obscured by a bush and log.

    A Day in June - Season: 1 Episode: 11

    MFE/WHN (American) is standing to Hanley's right (screen left) after Saunders subdues Beecham in barracks.

    The Chateau - Season: 1 Episode: 19

    MFE/WHN (German) is officer riding in car with Major and is also seen inside the chateau numerous times.

    Off Limits - Season: 1 Episode: 20

    MFE/WHN (American) is seated next to Kirby in the truck in the beginning of the episode.

    Survival - Season: 1 Episode: 23

    MFE/WHN (German) is in opening sequence. He throws a grenade into a building and is shot & killed by Billy.

    No Hallelujahs for Glory - Season: 1 Episode: 24

    MFE/WHN (German) is second of 3 in a patrol outside the town (they stop a pick up a wine bottle) that Saunders,Caje, and Kirby come across during a recon of the town. He may also be the dead German that Billy is standing over when some of the squad go back to the town.

    Battle of the Roses - Season: 1 Episode: 26

    MFE/WHN (German) is in opening sequence he tries to get into tank and is shot & killed by Hanley. Then, somehow making a miraculous recovery, when the Germans are re-entering the town he is seen carrying a machine gun over a wall.

    Bridgehead - Season: 2 Episode: 2

    MFE/WHN (German) is in the house, top left window, on the right of the machine gun.

    Masquerade - Season: 2 Episode: 3

    MFE/WHN (German) is the first German we see with a Schmisser who is attacking the town.

    The Long Way Home - Season: 2 Episode: 4-5

    MFE/WHN (German) is the taller guard who comes in with Steiner (to the left) when Steiner first visits the barn. After Steiner says "Bury him deep.." there's a shot of Saunders, then Steiner and MFE/WHN is right behind Steiner. MFE/WHN opens the gate and stays outside while 2 other guards enter the compound and Saunders notices the water is off. MFE/WHN walks back and forth past the gate at the beginning of the last night.

    Doughboy - Season: 2 Episode: 7

    MFE/WHN (German) is second on patrol. He is later killed by the well.

    Glow Against the Sky - Season: 2 Episode: 8

    MFE/WHN (German) is the first guard seen walking the streets after night falls.

    Ambush - Season: 2 Episode: 12

    MFE/WHN (German), closer to officer, is sent by officer to spot for artillery, has binoculars and is knifed by Kirby.

    Gideon's Army - Season: 2 Episode: 16

    MFE/WHN (German) is in the shellhole right below Richard Jaeckel, after the fire-fight he is on his back in the shellhole, and he's the one that Littlejohn props up in the upper window and we get a good shot of his face.

    Eyes of the Hunter - Season:2 Episode: 19

    MFE/WHN (German) is manning the machine gun until Caje knifes him.

    The Hostages - Season: 2 Episode: 20

    MFE/WHN (American) is lineman who stays up on telephone pole.

    What Are The Bugles Blowin' For? (Part 1) Season: 2 Episode: 25

    MFE/WHN (British) is a rifleman on the viewers right of the machine gun, between the trains, when the Germans first attack in force.

    Rescue - Season: 2 Episode: 29

    MFE/WHN (German) is the fake sleeper in American uniform in farmhouse whom Paul Busch "wakes up" and gives a cigarette to.

    Command - Season: 2 Episode: 30

    MFE/WHN (German) is firing the machine gun and is later killed by a Saunders grenade.

    The Infant of Prague - Season: 2 Episode: 31

    MFE/WHN (German) is one of three men searching the town while Hanley keeps Mother Superior quiet.

    Point of View - Season:3 Episode: 3

    MFE/WHN (American) is "Newton", machine-gunner who is killed.

    Operation Flytrap - Season: 3 Episode: 7

    MFE/WHN (German) is officer in car with German colonel.

    The Little Carousel - Season: 3 Episode: 8

    MFE/WHN (German) is firing the Schmeisser just before Littlejohn lobs the grenades.

    Fly Away Home - Season:3 Episode: 9

    MFE/WHN (German) is feeding ammo to the machine gun in the ambush at the river.

    A Gift of Hope - Season: 3 Episode: 11

    MFE/WHN (German) is the second of three Germans killed (he had a Schmeisser) during the ambush of Saunders and Avery.

    The Long Walk - Season: 3 Episode: 13

    MFE/WHN (German) is trooper who takes coffee thermos from gunner in half-track. Later, he is the one on the right of the three Germans on the bridge.

    Birthday Cake - Season: 3 Episode: 15

    MFE/WHN (German) is second in line of patrol that walks by while squad lays low early in the episode. Later when Littlejohn goes back to the bridge to retrieve his cake, after LJ looks up MFE/WHN is second in line. MFE/WHN *may* also be the last German killed in firefight in orchard.

    Losers Cry Deal - Season: 3 Episode: 18

    MFE/WHN (American with close-up) motions for another soldier with a rifle equipped with a rifle grenade to advance in the opening fire-fight sequence. The soldier with the rifle grenade is killed while advancing, and MFE/WHN and another soldier run to him and retrieve the rifle/grenade launcher which Kirby subsequently shoots at the German occupied building.

    More Than a Soldier - Season: 3 Episode: 19

    MFE/WHN (German) is one of two Germans who attack Saunders and Tommy Sands after they get out of the cave.

    The Steeple - Season: 3 Episode: 21

    MFE/WHN (German) is in middle of screen, in front of picture when German troops look up at comrade reeling in paratrooper from church.

    Dateline - Season: 3 Episode: 23

    MFE/WHN (American) is Dan Duryea's car driver at end of episode.

    The Tree of Moray - Season: 3 Episode: 26

    MFE/WHN (German) is second in line in the patrol in the woods chasing after Etienne.

    Billy the Kid - Season: 3 Episode: 29

    MFE/WHN (German) is right behind squad leader who uses radio after discovering Saunders booby-trapped American radio

    Heritage - Season: 3 Episode: 30

    MFE/WHN (German) is one of two Germans manning a machine gun. He is the one on the right feeding the ammo.

    Odyssey - Season:3 Episode: 31

    MFE/WHN (American) is *briefly* seen at end of episode. He's using a BAR in firefight with the Germans (traitor!!). This one is a probable.

    Main Event - Season: 4 Episode: 1

    MFE/WHN (German) is lying under a large fallen tree, waiting to ambush the squad. A short time later he rushes up and throws a grenade with no effect.

    SIW - Season: 4 Episode: 3

    MFE/WHN (German) is the last German who fires, running from town while Kirby and Littlejohn shoot

    The Farmer - Season: 4 Episode: 5

    MFE/WHN (American) is "Davis", Lieutenant Hanley's jeep driver.

    Evasion - Season: 4 Episode: 6

    MFE/WHN (German) is the second guard who escorts the prisoner away in the train station.

    Crossfire - Season: 4 Episode: 8

    MFE/WHN (German) is on right of machine gun. Later he points to the guest star and is killed by a grenade (with the other Germans).

    Nine Place Vendee - Season: 4 Episode: 9

    MFE/WHN (German) brings crate through doorway, closes truck gate, hands rifles to men in truck, patrols town, and is knifed by Hanley.

    Soldier of Fortune - Season: 4 Episode: 11

    MFE/WHN (Dead German). After the staff car arrives and the Germans find the telephone office empty, the first dead body they spot is MFE/WHN.

    The Raider - Season: 4 Episode: 16

    MFE/WHN (German) is guard that Saunders knifes.

    The Good Samaritan - Season: 4 Episode: 18

    MFE/WHN (German) is in the German patrol laying wire, he's on the right holding the wire roll and later Saunders slugs him with his Thompson.

    Retribution - Season: 4 Episode: 19

    MFE/WHN (American) is stopped by Sgt. Saunders just outside a doorway as he searches for Albert Paulsen (SS officer) in G.I. uniform. MFE/WHN (German) is knifed by Caje (90% sure).

    Counterplay - Season: 4 Episode: 20

    MFE/WHN (German) is guard who knocks out Frenchman at beginning of episode. Later he is using the radio while tracking the squad. Interesting note: Walter Davis actually gets credit as "German #1".

    Ask Me No Questions - Season: 4 Episode: 22

    MFE/WHN (German) is driver of car when last American prisoner is brought to P.O.W. camp

    The Flying Machine - Season: 4 Episode: 24

    MFE/WHN (German) is one of the soldiers who is ordered to help the old farmer gather stones from the wall

    Hills Are For Heroes - Season: 4 Episode: 26

    MFE/WHN (American) is driving the American tank.

    Gitty - Season: 4 Episode: 27

    MFE/WHN (German) Crouched behind barrels next to canal during firefight. He's killed by Saunders and falls into the canal. Spotted by: White Knight (Don Symonds)

    One At A Time - Season:4 Episode: 28

    MFE/WHN (American) is Kerrigan who get's shot on patrol and lives.

    The Leader - Season: 4 Episode: 31

    MFE(German) - This is a *REAL* tough one. It's brief and at a distance, and it's a dark scene at night,but a positive ID. The German patrol is shown in a low camera shot from behind and between a German (officers?) legs. At first MFE is behind the left leg and can't be seen. The leg moves and/or the camera angle changes slightly... and there he is. Spotted by:White Knight's wife!

    The Gun - Season: 5 Episode: 1

    MFE/WHN (German) uses binoculars in gun crew in beginning.

    Ollie Joe - Season: 5 Episode: 3

    MFE/WHN (German) is standing on bridge asking man below when he'll be done

    The Brothers - Season: 5 Episode: 4

    MFE/WHN (German) is the machine gunner who Kirby clobbers in the half track near the end of the episode.

    The Chapel at Able-Five - Season: 5 Episode: 5

    MFE/WHN (German) is second from left of 5 Germans in ditch when wounded German in bunker yells out. He is killed by Kirby when rushing the bunker.

    The Letter - Season: 5 Episode: 7

    MFE/WHN (German) is on phone when shot by Saunders.

    Decision - Season: 5 Episode: 9

    MFE/WHN (German) is an officer in the car.

    Conflict - Season: 5 Episode: 11

    MFE/WHN (German) is the machine-gunner in the scene where the trip wire is tripped, sending a light flare up.

    The Bankroll - Season: 5 Episode: 13

    MFE/WHN (German) is the last German that Kirby shoots in the doorway. (90% sure.)

    Entombed - Season: 5 Episode: 16

    MFE/WHN (German) is guard who questions phony Germans.

    Anniversary - Season: 5 Episode: 18

    MFE/WHN (German) is standing right next to the German officer at the beginning of the episode.

    Encounter - Season: 5 Episode: 19

    MFE/WHN (German) is the first one to come down the hill to ambush Saunders & James Daly and is later shot by Saunders in the bright sunlight scene. (You can't tell it's him there, but you saw him leave his original position to try to flank the Americans)

    The Gantlet - Season: 5 Episode: 20

    MFE/WHN (German) is driving truck with goggles on when he stops by Saunders and is at the end of the episode helping Saunders to a new position and is later shot twice.

    The Masquers - Season: 5 Episode: 21

    MFE/WHN (German) is dressed as an American on the left in the machine gun nest in the early ambush.

    A Little Jazz - Season: 5 Episode: 22

    MFE/WHN (German) is the one who shoots the second American (at the front of the truck) and is the last German killed (by Saunders).

    Nightmare on the Red Ball Run - Season: 5 Episode: 23

    MFE/WHN (American) is the medic at the beginning and end of the episode.

    The Partisan - Season: 5 Episode: 25

    MFE/WHN (German) looks down the hill for the wounded Saunders.

    Biographical Information

    Other Appearances:

    Walt Davis was also spotted by the founding member of the "Combat!" list (White Rook) in an episode of "The Mod Squad". Of course he was uncredited. He played an undercover cop who was shot in the opening scene, and lingered on long enough to have an additional stretcher scene in the hospital.

    Walt Davis plays a Policeman (done that before) in a "Kolchak: Night Stalker" November 29, 1974 episode.

    Haende Hinauf (David J. Hoock) discovered the following credits in the "The Complete Mission Impossible Dossier" by Patrick J. White, printed by Avon Books in 1991. (ISBN 0380758776):

    • Walt Davis is listed in episode #33 of the series from the 2nd season, titled "The Widow". He is listed as an unbilled character named Beatty. The featured guest star in this episode is William Windom.

    • Walt Davis is listed in episode #107 titled "My Friend, My Enemy" from 10/25/70 for Walter Davis as Attendant. What is truly noteworthy here is that there was a photo included from this episode showing the star (Leonard Nimoy) next to the featured guest star (Mark Richman), and looking like an attendant in the background is Walt Davis!

    David J. Hoock discovered (and White Rook verified) the following credits in "The Star trek concordance" by Bjo Trimble:

    • Season 1, Episode 13, "Balance Of Terror" Romulan Crewman: Walter Davis

      White Rook's comments: He's one of the Romulans standing around the central console throughout the episode (no lines, and only a couple shots of his face where he's identifiable). He's the one on the front, left. He's got his back to the camera most of the time.

    • Season 1, Episode 25, "Errand Of Mercy" Klingon Soldier: Walt Davis

      White Rook's comments: Bingo on this one. Spock runs into him in the street (literally), and MFK (My Favorite Klingon) calls him names and shoves him. Kirk wants to "beat his brains in", but Spock stops him. Walt is one of the few Klingons (besides John Colicos) with a speaking role, and he is listed in the credits. I didn't spot him in any of the other scenes, though there were plenty of Klingons in the background.

    Additional credits were gleaned from a search of the Movie Database at ( for "Walt Davis"


    1. Hija Rebelde, La (1982) {as unknown, made in Spain and/or Germany}
    2. Mir reicht's - ich steig aus (1982) {as unknown, made in Germany}
    3. Crash (1978) (TV) aka Crash of Flight 401 (1978) (TV) {as unknown}
    4. Shaggy D.A., The (1976) [T.V. Cameraman]
    5. Cheyenne Social Club, The (1970) [{as a member of}The Bannister Gang]

    Credit for this compilation belongs to Bill Jensen and Don Symonds, (and several other list members).



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