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Robert Pirosh was the creator of Combat! and a World War II veteran.

Combat! was developed by Academy Award-winner Robert Pirosh, who wrote and produced the pilot episode. Before serving in World War II, Pirosh co-wrote many memorable comedies including "A Day at the Races," starring the Marx Brothers, and Danny Kaye's "Up In Arms." During the war, Master Sergeant Pirosh served with the infantry and witnessed the carnage of the Battle of the Bulge. Profoundly affected by these experiences, Pirosh spent much of his later career paying tribute to the frontline infantry soldier. Pirosh won an Academy Award for his original story and screenplay to "Battleground" (1949). Starring Van Johnson, "Battleground" chronicled the siege of Bastogne. Two years later Pirosh was again nominated for best story and screenplay for "Go For Broke," which he also directed. "Go For Broke" is the true story of the American-born Japanese who served heroically as U.S. infantryman in World War II. After successes in the 1950s as writer/director of "Washington Story," "The Girl Rush," "Valley of the Kings," and "Spring Reunion," Pirosh turned again to his war diaries for inspiration. The result was the 1962 feature film "Hell Is for Heroes," starring Steve McQueen, followed later that year by the premiere of Combat! He also wrote several episodes of the television series "Bonanza." logo
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Starring Van Johnson, "Battleground" chronicled the siege of Bastogne. Pirosh won the Academy Award for his original story and screenplay.

Go For Broke!


Written and directed by Pirosh, this is the story of the American-born Japanese (Nisei) who served heroically as U.S. infantryman in WWII in the 442nd Regiment. Pirosh was nominated for an Academy Award for best story and screenplay.

Hell Is for Heroes


Pirosh turned again to his war diaries for inspiration for this WWII drama/comedy starring Steve McQueen. Premiering the same year as Combat!, fans will see many similarities between this and Pirosh's pilot for the series.

Gathering of Eagles

Stars Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor, with Robert Lansing and Richard Anderson. Squadron of B-52s keeping the peace in the Cold War, great footage of the planes taking off and in-flight. Screenplay by Robert Pirosh.

A Day at the Races


Classic comedy abounds as the the Marx Brothers frolics at the horse races. Academy Award Nominations for Best Dance Direction (Dave Gould). Story by Robert Pirosh (based on his book).

I Married a Witch

Stars Frederick March and Veronica Lake. Screenplay by Robert Pirosh. A witch and her sorcerer father who were burned at the stake several centuries ago return to the present to haunt the descendant of the man who condemned them. A delightful comedy from the golden age of Hollywood. Based on an unfinished Thorne Smith novel. Academy Award Nominations: Best Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedic Picture.

Song of the Islands

Stars Betty Grable and Victor Mature (with sidekick Oakie) Mature visits idyllic Pacific island and falls in love with Grable, but romance is hindered by feuding between their fathers. Wonderfully delightful Technicolor musical and skimpy outfits that thrilled the troops overseas!

Up in Arms


Hilarious musical comedy about a nervous hypochondriac who takes a job in a hospital to have immediate medical care and is subsequently drafted by the Army. Great musical routines and lavish performances by the Goldwyn Girls. Three Academy Award Nominations, including Best Song ("Now I Know"). This was the feature film debut for actor Danny Kaye. Remake of the film "Whoopee!" Screenplay by Robert Pirosh.

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