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Around the World in 80 days


An all-star television mini-series bringing to life Jules Verne's classic adventure tale of an anything-goes race around the world. Stars Pierce Brosnan as Phileas Fogg. he is in Part II. 

Comments by Vicky Keonin (Scout):
Rick is some rich guy who is having a party on his yacht.  He has less than 5 minutes of screen time. It just shows him in a reception line greeting the Pierce Brosnan character, and then a little later he has a few more lines. You could wear out the fast-forward button on this one! He does flash his smile, but I almost missed it as he has side-burns in this that have a life of their own!
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Two policemen (one gay, one ultra-macho straight) team up to solve murders in the city's gay community; as part of this undercover operation they must set up house as a couple. Very un-PC. Stars Ryan O'Neal and John Hurt. Rick Jason appears in a serious role near the very end of the film.


COMBAT! Episode: The Flying Machine - Hanley is paired with a cantankerous pilot (Keenan Wynn) for a dangerous aerial survey mission that goes awry. Episode features only Hanley and no other squad regulars.

Eagles Attack at Dawn

An Israeli film about a trained Israeli military team attempting to rescue military hostages.
Comments by Vicky Keonin (Scout): It's a strange movie, and they dubbed in a different voice for Rick Jason. I must admit, I just fast-forwarded to all of his scenes.  It's a video worth having if only for the last scene of a shirtless Rick Jason. 

Illegally Yours

Comments by Vicky Keonin (Scout): Illegally Yours is a screw-ball comedy and Rick Jason plays a farcical character.  He has several scenes, and it's fun to see him do comedy.
Comments by Jo: a painfully un-funny farce starring Rob Lowe and filmed in Saint Augustine, Florida. As a Floridian, I loved watching the location filming and enjoyed Rick Jason as a pumped-up crazy cop. Unfortunately, there's far more of Lowe than of Jason.
Bree says:
"I snagged a copy of Illegaly Yours, a light-weight comedy from '88 with a good premise, good intentions, ok script but some sloppy direction. Oh, and Rick -- in a moustache and a cop's uniform. It took me until his third scene before I even realized it was him. And I loved the mother's explanation to the central character's question of why choose *him* to have around -- (to paraphrase) "well, he's tall." Yes... he's tall and still in pretty good shape (you can tell since he's in his undershirt at one point). And, yes, there's a lovely shot or two of him doing his not-to-be-forgotten loping wiggle-bum walk"

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