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DVD - Best of Saunders

Screen legend Vic Morrow ignites the screen as Sgt. Chip Saunders in four of the most action-packed episodes from TV's most popular war series! An American soldier in World War II, Saunders encounters harrowing obstacles and unforgettable characters, including guest star appearances from some of Hollywood's brightest talents. Episodes include "Survival," "The Little Carousel," "A Gift of Hope," and "Anatomy of a Patrol."


Bonanza Episode: The Avenger, written by Combat! creator Robert Pirosh. Stars Vic Morrow as a young man on a quest to find all the men who were involved in lynching his father. He helps Joe and Hoss rescue Ben and Adam from being unjustly hanged. 
Marty Black says: I picked up the Bonanza episode entitled "The Avenger," for $12.94 postpaid. The theme song is a funky (early?) version of the one we all remember. It's in color and Vic has the starring role.  He does a good job, playing a fast-shooting cool dude, who knows right from wrong.  [...] His hair is just a little long, and silvery blond/brown.   The Hubba-Hubba Brigade will want to check this one out, because Vic wears a tight shirt and trousers, and he is slim and trim.  Speaks with a slight drawl. And although he rides into town with his back erect, once he steps down, he goes right into the "Saunders Saunter."   A PPT to a young maiden saves the day for Ben and Adam, who are about to hang for a murder they didn't commit.

The Rifleman, Vol.2 (1958) Includes  “The Angry Gun” guest star Vic Morrow as  arrogant Johnny Cotton. 
Quick fan review by Nancy Lionstorm: Johnny claims to be a better rifleman than Lucas McCain is, before proceeding to rob Lucas. But is Johnny really the better man? Watch this 1958 episode to decide for yourself. My opinion: Vic makes Lucas McCain look like a wooden, cigar store Indian as he steals scene after scene. An absolute must for every Vic Chick and Morrow Man!
Boxed set available: Four tapes with 16 episodes featuring Vic Morrow, Dennis Hopper,  Leif Erickson, Michael Landon, Cesare Danova, Martin Landau, James Coburn, Robert Culp, Sammy Davis Jr, and more.
Or buy just the Vic Morrow Rifleman episode:
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COMBAT! Episode: Mail Call - One of the best Combat! episodes, "Mail Call" shows Saunders dealing with a personal crisis from home that comes to him in a letter. (Learn more...)

Death Valley Days: A Matter of Honor Episode starring Vic Morrow.   (Learn more...)

Roots TV Miniseries
Quick fan review by Nancy Durgin: Vic plays the Slave Master who "tames" Kunta Kinte. He appears in only 1 segment. He's a nasty dude, but he carries it off quite well.

Captains and the Kings (1976 TV miniseries) Vic has a small supporting role in this epic rags-to-riches tale of a poor Irish immigrant who gains wealth and power in 19th-century America. 9-part series in a 5-tape boxed set.
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The Seekers Part 3 of the Kent Family Chronicles (1979).
Nancy Durgin's comment: This was a miniseries/movie about pioneers heading west. Vic plays a scumbag they meet along the way. He meets an untimely death.
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Vic Morrow's Film Roles on DVD and Blu-Ray:

Blackboard Jungle
Vic's breakthrough role, as young punk Artie West. A must-see! This is the film that first catapulted Vic Morrow to national attention.
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Curse of the Black Widow (1977)
Directed by Dan Curtis, the man who brought you "Dark Shadows" and "Kolchak" -- great terror film. Was written by Robert Blees, long-time producer of Combat! Vic Morrow has small supporting role as a heavy. Recommended!
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Bad News Bears
Nancy Durgin's comment: Vic Morrow got a bit of acclaim for his role here as the coach of the opposing little league team, but unfortunately it didn't seem to have any positive effect on his stumbling movie career. Definitely worth checking out.

Video coverKing Creole starring Elvis Presley with Vic Morrow in supporting role.Quick fan review by Nancy Durgin: Vic and Elvis. Vic is the young punk who gives Elvis a hard time, much to his (fatal) regret. A fairly big role for him. Catch it.

Twilight Zone: The Movie 
Jo's comment: Vic Morrow's final film. He and two child actors died during the filming when a helicopter crashed-landed on them. An avoidable tragedy on the set of a mediocre film. What a tragic waste. We miss you Vic!

Cimarron (DVD)1960


Men in War (1957)
Quck fan comment by Nancy Durgin: Oh, check this one out. It's about a platoon of infantry soldiers in the Korean War. Vic plays this really spacy soldier. Sounds similar to Combat!, but not at all like it!

The Glass House (1972) with Clu Gulager, Alan Alda, written by Truman Capote — Another one worth checking out. Alan Alda is a regular nice-guy who ends up in prison, andVic plays the prison inmate who is running things. One of Vic's nastiest roles, and he does quite well with it.

It's a Dog's Life,
with Vic Morrow as the voice of the dog Wildfire! One of his most unique roles.(1955) Learn more...

Humanoids From the Deep (Blu-Ray)
Jo's comment: Only for the true fan.

Tribute to a Bad Man
Nancy Durgin's comment: This is a western, mainly about James Cagney, of course. Vic Morrow has a fairly minor role as a boy whose father is James Cagney's enemy. Some good scenes with Vic as the kid who stands up to James Cagney. Worth watching.

Bronx Warriors
Jo's comment: Dubbed into English, so you don't even get Vic's voice! You have to be a true fan to make it through this drek.

A Man Called Sledge 1970 Directed by Vic Morrow   (VHS)
Nancy Durgin's comment: This movie was one of Vic's pet projects, and its failure was one of the major disappointments of his later career. Vic has a small cameo appearance, but it's very difficult to catch. The movie stars James Garner in the title role, and it's from the point-of-view of a band of outlaws. Former Combat! guest stars Dennis Weaver and Claude Akins both have major roles.

God's Little Acre - (1958) with Jack Lord — Jack Lord andVic Morrow as hillbilly brothers. Vic is the dumb one. Pretty dumb movie, too.
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Wanted Babysitter (1975)
A naive young girl is forcefully kidnapped while babysitting the son of a wealthy movie producer. Her and the boy are held hostage by an ex-stuntman and a vengeful movie star.   Vic plays the kidnapper. Made overseas, most in the film are dubbed.
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Funeral for an Assassin - (1975)
Set in apartheid South Africa, Vic Morrow stars as a professional assasin seeking revenge on those responsible for his past prison sentence. By disguising himself as a black man, he plots his revenge.
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