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About Combat! - Part 3

(season 1)

1stdoc2.jpg (11935 bytes) ABC press kits described "medical aid man Doc Walton" as a gentle, sensitive youngster who is profoundly affected by his battlefield experiences. On the series he is only referred to as "Doc"; the last name Walton is never used. Five-foot, nine inches tall with brown hair and blue-green eyes, Doc is slim, small-boned and fine-featured. This PFC is troubled before D-Day, afraid of what he will see and how he will react, but he serves well under fire. He is seen attending Anglican church services in the pilot. He seems to have no vices: doesn't drink, smoke, gamble, or chase women. His mother is dead. The character is only in the first season. His later absence is never explained on the show.

(seasons 2 through 5)

doc4a.jpg (11985 bytes) The squad's second medic is a man of action who does not always meekly accept his non-combatant role ("Bridgehead", "The Hostages"). He speaks with a southern drawl and claims in one episode to be from Arkansas. (Though this is likely from his accent, this statement was made in a situation where Doc was lying about everything, so personal data from the episode "The Hostages" is suspect.) Five-foot, eleven inches tall, this PFC has light brown hair and blue eyes. Before being drafted, he was a clerk in a grocery store. He wanted to be trained as an army cook so he would have a good trade after the war, but the army made him a medic. He drinks, has been seen to smoke only once in the show, and doesn't gamble. He has an easy-going southern charm and good foxhole-side manner. But don't take this good-natured man lightly; when he, Saunders, and Caje are captured by Germans, it's his cunning, daring, and fists that save them (episode "The Hostages"). By fifth season, Doc seems to have become a confidante of Saunders.


braddock1.jpg (13660 bytes)This stout cabbie from Chicago is the platoon's con-artist and schemer. A class-A goldbrick, he finagles himself the job as platoon runner and eventually driver for a colonel. In battle, he gives as good as he gets. He won the company's D-Day pool but lost the winnings under fire. He landed on Omaha Beach with Saunders' squad. He is calm on Omaha Beach, joking under the machine gun fire from the cliffs. Braddock was drafted into the Army. He wears camouflage pants, but that can't hide the fact that he tips the scales at 200 pounds. He is five-foot, nine-inches tall, has brown hair and blue eyes. This character disappears half-way through first season. No explanation is given.

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