William Bryant as McCall

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Blond with rugged good looks, this PFC McCall joined the squad in the fifth season. He is battle-hardened and has a sharp tongue. Though he is open and sociable, nothing is known about his personal life or habits. (William Bryant, the actor who played McCall, also appeared in the episodes "Cat and Mouse", "The Long Walk", and "The Leader.")

Born 1924, Detroit, Michigan
Died June 26, 2001, Woodland Hills, California

William Bryant was a staple on TV action shows and Westerns since the early 1950s.



Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)  .... Male Republican (segment "Blacks Without Soul")
Prison for Children (1987) (TV)
Education of Allison Tate, The (1986) .... Chauffer
Hell Squad (1985) .... Nightclub Owner
Mountain Family Robinson (1979) .... Forest Ranger
Billion Dollar Threat, The (1979) (TV) .... Harry Grebe
Legend of the Golden Gun, The (1979) (TV) .... William Ford
Child Stealer, The (1979) (TV) .... Dan Miller
Corvette Summer (1978) .... Plain Clothes Police Lecturer
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (1978) (TV) .... Fireleader
Other Side of the Mountain Part II, The (1978) .... Bill Kinmont
Steel Cowboy (1978) (TV) .... Jennings
Gray Lady Down (1978)
Flight of the Grey Wolf (1976) (TV) .... Mr. Hanson
Two Minute Warning (1976) .... Lt. Calloway
Mayday at 40,000 Feet! (1976) (TV) .... Kent
Gable and Lombard (1976) .... Colonel
Macahans, The (1976) (TV) .... Major at Shiloh
Dolemite (1975)
Other Side of the Mountain, The (1975) .... Bill Kinmont
Walking Tall Part II (1975) .... F.B.I. Man
Death Scream (1975) (TV) .... Harry Whitmore
Last Survivors, The (1975) (TV) .... Capt. Harris
Hanged Man, The (1974) (TV) .... Dr. Lawrence Nye
Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem (1974) (TV) .... Fields
McQ (1974) .... Sergeant Stan Boyle
Deadly Trackers, The (1973) .... Deputy Bill
Stranger, The (1973) (TV) .... Trucker
Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star (1973) (TV) .... Sergeant Jeffries Pickup on 101 (1972) (uncredited)
Killer by Night (1972) (TV)  .... Frank Roland
Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler, The (1971) .... Craig Harmon
Women in Chains (1971) (TV) .... Doctor
Black Noon (1971) (TV) .... Jacob
Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971) (TV) .... Doctor
Wild Rovers (1971) .... Hereford, R Bar Hand
City Beneath the Sea (1971) (TV) .... Captain Lunderson
Macho Callahan (1970) .... Dealer
Powderkeg (1970) (TV) .... Major Bull Buckner
Chisum (1970) .... Jeff
Animals, The (1970) .... Sheriff Martin Lord
Heaven with a Gun (1969) .... Bart Patterson, Cattleman
Hondo and the Apaches (1967) (TV) .... Colonel Crook
Karate Killers, The (1967) .... Technician
Broken Sabre (1966)
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? (1966) .... Minow
Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966) .... Bartender
Great Race, The (1965) .... Baron's guard
How to Murder Your Wife (1965)
Good Neighbor Sam (1964) .... Hausner
Experiment in Terror (1962) .... Chuck
Operation Petticoat (1959) (uncredited) .... Crewman
Missouri Traveler, The (1958) (as Bill Bryant) .... Henry Craig
Escape from San Quentin (1957) .... Richie
Bullet for Joey, A (1955) (as Bill Bryant) .... Jack Allen from L.A.
King Dinosaur (1955) (as Bill Bryant) .... Dr. Richard Gordon
Battle of Rogue River, The (1954) .... Corporal

TV mini-series:

"Once an Eagle" (1976) (mini) TV Series
"Captains and the Kings" (1976) (mini) TV Series

TV (regular cast):

"Switch" TV Series .... Lt. Shilton (1976-1978)
"General Hospital" TV Series .... Lamont Corbin #2 (1978)
"Hondo" (1967) TV Series .... Col. Crook
"Branded" (1965) TV Series .... President Ulysses S. Grant
"Combat!" TV Series .... McCall (1966-67)
"The Web" (1957) TV Series .... Host/Narrator

TV guest appearances

"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" "Stephen" in episode: "Missing Heir, The" ) 1/13/1956

"Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok"

  • in episode: "Mountain Men, The"
  • in episode: "Sundown Valley"
  • in episode: "Clem's Reformation"

"Alias Smith and Jones" in episode: "Jailbreak at Junction City"

"Banacek" "Frank Burns" in episode: "Million the Hard Way, A"

"Batman: The Animated Series" playing "Sheriff" in episode: "Showdown"

"Battlestar Galactica" "Fire Leader" in episode: "Fire In Space"

"The Blue Angels"

  • "Robinson" in episode: "Diamond Goes To War, The"
  • "Charlie Robinson" in episode: "Sierra Survival"

"Bonanza" (1959)

  • "Governor" in episode: "Riot"
  • "Company of Forgotten Men"


  • "Assassins, The: Part Two"
  • "Assassins, The: Part One"
  • "Call to Glory: Part Three"
  • "Call to Glory: Part Two"
  • "Call to Glory: Part One"
  • "Destiny Which Made Us Brothers, A"
  • "Mission, The: Part 3"
  • "Mission, The: Part 2"
  • "Mission, The: Part 1"

"Bret Maverick" playing "John Davis" in episode: "Dateline: Sweetwater"

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" in episode: "Hand of the Goral, The"

"Charlie's Angels" playing "Lamont Burns" in episode: "Hula Angels"

"CHiPs" playing "Gossett" in episode: "Country Action"


  • "Maynard" in episode: "The Leader"
  • "Major O'Connors" in episode: "Cat and Mouse"
  • "Sgt. Larkin" in episode: "The Long Walk"

"Dusty's Trail" (episode # 1.14) 12/11/1973


  • in episode: "Steel Inferno, The"
  • "Captain 16"(as William Bryant) in episode: "Limelight"
  • in episode: "Hypochondri-Cap"
  • in episode: "Isolation"
  • "Captain" in episode: "Loose Ends"
  • "Captain, Engine 45" in episode: "Captain Hook"
  • "Captain, Engine 14" in episode: "The Girl on the Balance Beam"
  • "Captain #95" in episode: "Surprise"
  • "Captain #69" in episode: "Communication Gaffe"
  • "Captain--Engine 52" in episode: "Zero"
  • "Captain Engine 85" in episode: "Snakebite"
  • "Captain #110" in episode: "Seance"
  • "Sgt Ed Pierce" in episode: "Kids"
  • in episode: "Publicity Hound"

"Empire" in episode "End of an Image"

"Father Murphy" in episode: "Happiness Is..."

"Frontier" in episode: "Ballad of Pretty Polly, The"

"Frontier Doctor" in episode: "Double Boomerang"

"Garrison's Gorillas" "Maj. Johns" in episode: "War and Crime"


  • "Sheriff" in episode: "Iron Man, The"
  • "Bennett" in episode: "Alias Festus Haggin"
  • "Sheriff Cooter" in episode: "Chato"
  • "Kesler" in episode: "Quaker Girl"
  • "Joe" in episode: "False Front"
  • "First Cowboy" in episode: "Constable, The"

"It Takes a Thief" "Pilot, Major Banks" in episode: "Great Chess Gambit, The"

"Hotel de Paree" in episode "Man Who Believed in Love, The"

"How the West Was Won" "Colonel Worth" in episode: "Enemy, The"

"The Jeffersons"

  • "Bill Wilson" in episode: "Jefferson's Go to Hawaii, The (Part 2)"
  • "Bill Wilson" in episode: "Jefferson's Go to Hawaii, The (Part 3)"


  • "Zee" (episode # 2.2)
  • "Black McGloins, The" (episode # 1.15)
  • "Last Train for Charlie Poe, The" (episode # 1.9)
  • "Jelly" (episode # 1.8)


  • in episode: "Ladies Day"
  • in episode: "Star Trail, The"
  • in episode: "Double Eagles"

"The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" in episode: "The Gambler") 10/18/1955

"Lou Grant" playing "Robinson" in episode: "Witness"

"Magnum, P.I." in episode: "Legacy of Garwood Huddle, The"

"Maverick" "Chase" in episode: "Prey of the Cat"

"Matt Houston" playing "Powers"

"Mission: Impossible" "Nicholson" in episode: "Mastermind"

"The Monroes" "Court Martial" (episode # 1.11)

"Murder, She Wrote" playing "Gadge" in episode: "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pt. 1"

"Outlaws" "Jack Roos" in episode: "Rape of Red Sky, The"

"Rat Patrol" "Maj. Reece" in episode: "Wild Goose Raid, The"

"Rawhide" "The Race" (episode # 7.1)

"The Rebel"

  • "Ballad of Danny Brown, The"
  • "Vindication"
  • "Waiting, The"
  • "Johnny Yuma at Appomattox"
  • "You Steal My Eyes"
  • "Glory"
  • "Wallace, Yuma's foreman" in episode: "Dark Secret"

"The Rifleman"

  • "Private Colley" in episode: "Assailants, The"
  • "Karl Hollis" in episode: "Gunfire"
  • "Jerry" in episode: "Shivaree"
  • "Sandy Dixon" in episode: "Apprentice Sheriff, The"

"The Rockford Files" "Paul Flanders" in episode: "Girl in the Bay City Boys' Club, The"

"The Rookies" "Three Hours to Kill"

"Scarecrow and Mrs. King" playing "General Patterson" in episode: "Relative Situation, A"

"Simon & Simon"

  • "Stanley Morfogen" in episode: "Simon Says 'Good-Bye'"
  • "Jonathan Beaumont" in episode: "Opposites Attack"
  • "Marshall J. Underwood" in episode: "Reunion at Alcatraz"
  • "Lt. Don Burrows / Crowder" in episode: "Betty Grable Flies Again" 
  • "Mom's Date" in episode: "The Least Dangerous Game"

"Temple Houston" "Cy Morgan" in episode: "Sam's Boy"

"Twelve O'Clock High" "Maj. Greentree" in episode: "Hot Shot, The"

"Two Faces West" in episode: "Trespasser, The"

"The Virginian" "Man of Violence" (episode # 2.14)

"Voyagers!" in episode: "Old Hickory and the Pirate"

"Wagon Train" "Captain Jeterman" in episode: "Robert Harrison Clarke Story, The"

"The Wild, Wild West" "Duncan" in episode: "Night of the Plague, The"



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