Billy Nelson

billy8.jpg (13768 bytes)The All-American, corn-fed boy, Billy Nelson, is the squad’s youngest member. He has a charming, boyish grin, and is rather gullible. So it’s good he has Littlejohn to look out for him. If going by the book, this private is not a good soldier, always getting things wrong and mis-handling his equipment. But in the field, he’s a man you can count on to watch your back.

Name: William Nelson
Rank: private
Home Town: ??(possibly St. Louis [The Celebrity])

  • Mother living [The Celebrity and High Named Today]
  • Father dead [The Celebrity]
  • Father living [Bridgehead]
  • A kid brother [The Celebrity]

Serial Number: 4375436 [Eyes of the Hunter]
Military Record:

  • Volunteered for army [The Celebrity]
  • Landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day alongside Littlejohn [Celebrity, Next In Command] neither was in Saunders' squad at the time


  • Best friends with Littlejohn
  • Early in the campaign, the squad always used his helmet to make coffee [Far From The Brave, Next In Command]

Data from episodes:

  • His friend, Charlie Price, was wounded during beach landing [The Celebrity]
  • Father died six months prior to D-Day [The Celebrity]
  • Father alive and considering buying land [Bridgehead]
  • In his delirium he dreams of dancing with a girl named Evelyn, possibly his hometown sweatheart [Glow Against the Sky]
  • Likes Glen Miller [Glow Against the Sky]

billy11b.jpg (15598 bytes)

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