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The belief that it isn’t what you know but who you know that counts, doesn’t always hold true. There are rare exceptions and one of them is Pierre Jalbert, who played Caje, the Cajun GI from Louisiana, in Combat!

For years, Jalbert wanted to be an actor. For years, he worked at MGM as a film editor, meeting directors and producers. For more years, he became close friend of stars and motion picture celebrities. This latter phase was while he was a popular ski instructor at Sun Valley, Idaho, and Aspen, Colorado.

Asked why his friends hadn’t opened doors to acting for him, Jalbert confesses: “I found it impossible to say to these people, ‘Look, you’re an influential figure in Hollywood and I want to be an actor. Can you help me?’ Maybe I'm crazy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask that of friends. It seemed an imposition.”

Pierre was born the son of a newspaperman in Quebec City, Canada on January 9, and christened Joseph Jacques Pierre-Paul Jalbert. There, he attended Ouellet College, from which he was graduated, and Laval University.

He was the top seated ski racer in Canada and was hoping for a berth on the Canadian Olympic team when disaster struck. He contracted rheumatic fever and his doctor informed him that he would never ski again.

By the following fall, he made an astonishing recovery from an illness that customarily leaves its victims semi-invalids. His doctor gave him the go-ahead to resume skiing.

Pierre immediately began training for the National Championships, in which a top performance would place him on the Olympic team. He not only sparkled in the competition, but also emerged as Canadian National Champ and team captain. Unfortunately, he never competed, because he broke his leg in a training mishap two days before the Olympics started.

After the Olympics, he remained in Europe, sightseeing and later living in Paris where he studied art and art appreciation at the Sorbonne. A year later, he returned to Canada and resumed his job as editor and associate producer with the Canadian National Film Board, a federal production agency, and later with an independent film production company in Montreal for two years. His desire was always to come to Hollywood, but he felt was not yet ready.

While captain of the Canadian ski team, he competed in ski races at Sun Valley and Aspen and climaxed his Stateside trips with a visit to Hollywood. Later that year, he returned to Paris, where he worked as assistant producer for a French film company and as partner in a Parisian import-export firm.

He spent much of his spare time with film star Norma Shearer and her husband, Marti Arrougé, old skiing acquaintances also living in Paris. They suggested he turn professional and accompany them for the ski season to Sun Valley, Idaho. Pierre agreed and became an instructor at Sun Valley.

His acting ambition still in mind, in the spring he went to Hollywood, where he has lived since. At Universal, he was hired as an assistant editor. A lull in production resulted in his being laid off. After another hiatus, he landed an editor’s assignment at MGM.

An agent friend submitted his name for the pilot of Combat!, was auditioned, and got the role of Caje. The part lasted six years.

He married Joy Lee, former actress and ballerina, in January of 1961, and the couple have remained happily married. Pierre spends his spare time refinishing furniture, remodeling houses, and writing. When time and weather allow, he keeps up his skiing.


Goodbye Cruel World
43: The Richard Petty Story
Ski Bum
Ski Lift to Death
Airport '79

Television (recurring roles):
Combat! — series co-star 6 years

Television (guest):
Mission: Impossible
Night Gallery
The Virginian
Santa Barbara

MGM — staff film editor and dialogue editor on features, including Blackboard Jungle, Bad Day at Black Rock, Ben Hur, Mutiny on the Bounty, An American in Paris, Tea and Sympathy, Something of Value

1961-1990: Paramount — editor and dialogue editor on features, including Concorde, Bloodline, Grease, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Mikey & Nikey, The Godfather, Washington Behind Closed Doors, Shogun

Vital Statistics:

Born: Quebec City, Canada Jan. 9, 1925
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

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