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(033) Ambush


2 bayonets 

Written by
Edward J. Lakso

Directed by
Sutton Roley

First aired 24-Dec-1963 (Episode 15 of Season 2)
Produced by Gene Levitt


"The Ambush" brings Saunders, Hanley, and the squad into a peaceful village torn apart by hate. The pleasures of a liberation celebration are cut short by the murder of a doctor whom the town thinks was a Nazi collaborator. The squad later learns he was a U.S. intelligence agent. Saunders must enlist her unwilling help to find a German tank even though she blames them for not protecting her father



With orders not to interfere in local affairs, the squad must ignore a young woman's pleas for help and are unable to intervene to prevent her father 's murder. Marisa Pavan, as Marie Marchand, is superb as the daughter consumed by bitterness. She speaks only French, yet conveys the depth of her anger and hatred for the Americans who failed her. Pavan began her film career the John Ford World War I film What Price Glory?

Pierre Jalbert features prominently in this episode as the only bridge between the Saunders and the girl. His moments with her are touching as he bears the burden of putting into words the importance of her helping those who would not help her. The lingering closeup of Caje whispering in her hear and pleading with her is beautifully photographed.

Sutton Roley nicely merges Altman 's street scene from "The Volunteer" with new footage, including a delightful segment of a buxom woman leading Kirby a merry chase. Unlike "The Volunteer," Saunders and Hanley separate themselves from the festivities, remaining aloof while the squad chases babes and frolics in the fountain. He has some stunning long shots through the village at the end of the episode. Roley's action sequences are riveting, with the Americans and Germans fighting nearly on top of each other. No background music punctuates the big battle, so the audience hears the footsteps through the brush and wait anxiously as a German quietly moves towards Saunders.

Saunders' tactics are questionable. After bringing his squad to almost on top of the tank, only then he calls for a barrage, forcing his men to run like mad. If he had called in the barrage from a distance, he would not have lost any men and could have avoided dodging American shells. The last run, though, is spectacularly filmed, with shells explode in the river and the dock blasted into splinters just as the squad rushes past it.


Tom Lowell about Combat!: "This was one TV show where there were so few women. I mean, it was really like the army or a giant male fraternity. Even the script supervisor was a male. So. when a woman would visit the set or was a guest star on the show, it was a major event. We just followed her around like bees, wherever she would go."


  • One of the dead Germans lying face down in the water lifts his head to take a breath, then returns to playing dead.
  • The first shot of the artillery piece shows a man in civilian clothes following behind the German soldiers. The civilian is also in a shot of the soldiers setting up the camouflage.


    Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley

    Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders

    Guest star
    Marisa Pavan as Marie Marchand

    Jack Hogan as Kirby
    Pierre Jalbert as Caje
    Tom Lowell as Billy Nelson
    Dick Peabody as Littlejohn
    Conlan Carter as Doc

    Charles Macaulay as Capt. Baumer

    Michael Pataki as G.I. Radio Man
    William Speckmann as 1st German Soldier
    Kort Falkenberg as Hans
    Guy de Vestel as Uncle Henri
    Maurice St. Clair as Andre
    Steven Landers as German #1
    Edgar Ritscher as German #2
    Billy Beck as French Priest
    Francis Ravel as Man
    Gabrielle Rossillon as French Girl
    Mignonne Gret as Girl

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