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See these pages for information about German Weapons of World War II:

WWII German tanks
WWII German Rifles
Luger Pistol - WWII German Handguns
Walther P38 Pistol - WWII German Handguns
German Machine Pistols (MP44, MP40, MP38)
WWII German Machine Guns - MG34 and MG40
Panzerfaust German Anti-Tank Weapon
WWII German Artillery

American WWII Weapons - US Army
WWII Weapons - British
German WWII Weapons
WWII US Army Uniform Insignia
WWII Military Ranks
WWII Regimental Order
Actors in WWII
Glossary of Military Terms and WWII Slang

About the development of German WWII Weapons: According to historian Terry Gander in his book Germany's Infantry Weapons (see bottom of page for book details):

Following World War I, the Treaty of Versailles set strict limits on the amount and types of weapons that Termany could have and the size of her Army. These limits had the effect of increasing the quality or the Army, as all officers could be hand-picked, and what little development budget was available could be concentrated on the types of weapons that were allowed under the Treaty.

The [German] Army had taken a long hard look at the lessons learned between 1914 and 1918 and had decided that the principle weapon of the battlefield would become the machine gun. Considerable progress had been made by the outbreak of war in 1939, but the financial constraints of the early post-war years had slowed development in all areas. Consequently, although Germany had some fine weapon designs, many captured and obsolete designs remained in service...

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