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Walther P38 Pistol

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German Walther P38 pistol The German Walther P-38 Automatic Pistol was used by the German army in World War II.  By the end of WWII, over 1 million of these hand guns had been manufactured, made also by Mauser-Werke and Spree-Werke, among others.

The Carl Walther company began development of a new military pistol in mid-1930s to replace the WW1 Luger design. In 1938, the Werhmacht adopted Walther MP model experimental pistol, called the "Pistole 38."

Features of the Walther P-38 Handgun

The P-38 features a recoil-operated, locked breech design with vertically tilting blocking bar that connects the moving barrel and the slide. It was the first full-power military handgun to feature a double-action trigger.

Other features includes a short, top-open slide, a manual safety mounted on the left side of the slide, and loaded chamber indicator at the rear side of the slide. The frame and slide are steel, with blued or polished finish. The grip plates are plastic. The magazine loads from the bottom of the hand grip.

For further web-surfing, note that this handgun is sometimes referred to on pages as a Walter P.38, as P38 Pistolen, and as a Walther Model P-38, check all variations when surfing.

Walther P38 9mm Pistol
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The Walther Handgun Story:
A Collector's and Shooter's Guide

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P 38 Automatic Pistol: The First Fifty Years

Book Description
Illustrated with more than 200 photos and charts that show every aspect of the P-38 and its many variations. Based on the author's 15 years of research and communications with key manufacturers and dealers. A great book for serious collectors, owners, users, and admirers of the P-38 and related firearms.     

Comprehensive account of the development and use of the famous P.38 pistol, which:

bulletExplains in detail the success of the P 38 in World War II and its worldwide acceptance afterwards.
bulletTraces the P38's technological break-throughs, from their beginning to the present, featuring the double-action and breech-locking mechanisms.
bulletCovers rare models, including the "Gray Ghosts" of the early post-WWII period. Also includes production figures, highlights identifying proofmarks, and insights on how to be a smart P38 collector.
bulletIncludes insights on how to be a smart P 38 collector.

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Stoeger Publishing Company; ISBN: 0883171708; (April 1993)
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Table of Contents:

About the author
Photo Credits
1 - The P 38 Pistol : Important - Yet Underrated
2 - The heeres Pistole (HP)
3 - Characteristics of the P 38
4 - The Early P 38s: 1939-1940
5 - World War II: P 38 Production by Walther
6 - WWII P 38s by Mauser-Werke & Spreewerke
7 - WWII P-38s by Other Manufactureres
8 - In the Wake of World War II
9 - The Gray Ghosts : Early Postwar P 38's
10- Walther in the Postware Era: 1945-1956
11- Postwar P 38/P 1 Improvements and Service
12- Civilian and Commercial P38s
13- Walther's P4: A Transitional Pistol
14- The P38 and its Competitors: 1975-1980
15- The Compact, Snub-Nose P 38K
16- Recent Models from Walther
17- The Smart P 38 Collector
18- The P 38 Legacy: Past and Present

Know Your Walther P.38 Pistols by Edward Hoffschmidt
Paperback: 84 pages
Publisher: Blacksmith Publishing Corporation
ISBN: 0941540014
List price $14.95

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