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German Artillery 

German Artillery of World War Two
by Ian V. Hogg

German Artillery of World War IIBook Description
This authoritative volume is the complete story of German artillery during World War II. Illustrated with over 400 photographs and illustrations, this is a superb visual guide to the equipment of Hitler's armed forces.

The book is divided into sections: infantry, mountain, and field artillery; heavy field artillery and heavy artillery; railway artillery, including the legendary 'Dora'; antitank and antiaircraft guns; coastal artillery; and recoilless artillery. Each section is fully illustrated and technical details and data are presented on each individual type and model. The author provides such key information as service history, caliber, length, rifling, elevation, weight, range, and ammunition used. Ian Hogg includes the full range of artillery from the V3 and 'Dora' to those workhorses of the German military, the 8.8cm and 7.5cm Feldkanone.

About the Author
Ian V. Hogg is a respected authority on all aspects of weaponry and is the author of numerous books including British and American Artillery of World War Two (1853674788), German Secret Weapons of the Second World War (1853673250), German Handguns (1853674613), and The Greenhill Military Small Arms Data Book (1853673609).

Comments from readers

bulletLawrence M. Bloodgood says: This is the Best Book on German Artillery of World War II that I have read so far. It covers all artillery from small guns to the biggest Railway and coastal Guns. The technical Data is great and the pictures are very good. It also covers those that were designed but never used in World War II. This is the book for the person that wants to know all about German Artillery in World War II.
bulletThis book gives historical as well as technical knowledges about German artillery pieces of WWII. And there are lots of photos of them to help reader's understandings. The only regret is there is no chapters for German mortars and rockets of contemparary era. This book, however, should be the best reference to understand German artillery of WWII beyond amateur levels.
bulletThe history of the development, weapon specifications, ammunition and use of all forms or artillery used by the German armed forces in World War II. Catagories covered include: Field, Infantry, Mountain, Medium, Heavy, Superheavy, Railway, Anti-Tank, Costal, and Recoiless artillery. Illustrated with 250 photos and 150 drawings. Text is by one of today's outstanding writers of military history and technology, Ian Hogg.

Paperback: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.83 x 9.71 x 7.29
Publisher: Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal; 2002 edition (March 1, 2002)

Check for book at German Artillery of World War II (Greenhill Military Paperback)

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