Dick Peabody as LittlejohnAt six-foot, six inches tall, Littlejohn is the gentle giant of Company K. Kind-hearted and friendly, Littlejohn finds some good in everyone he meets. Though he seems a hayseed, he’s perceptive about people and is hard to con. Don’t ask if Littlejohn is a nickname or his last name. Even Dick Peabody didn’t know. Altman never told anyone.

Name: real name unknown
Rank: PFC
Home Town: somewhere in Nebraska [Main Event]

  • Kid brother [Short Day of Private Putnam]
  • Mother and father living [High Named Today]
  • An uncle he used to fish with [The Cassock]

Serial Number: ??

Blood type: either A or 0 [The Wounded Don't Cry]

Military Record:

  • Landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day [The Linesman]
  • Hit Omaha Beach with Billy Nelson [Second In Command]
  • Was not a member of Saunders' squad on D-Day
  • Transferred into the squad some time after the events of "Any Second Now"
  • Once temporarily transferred as disciplinary measure [Glow Against The Sky]


  • A farmer
  • Has a family farm [The Brothers]
  • Right-handed
  • Throws grenades with either right or left hand [Cry For Help]
  • Had a girlfriend back home that no longer writes to him [Losers Cry Deal]
  • Birthday is the 21st of some month [Birthday Cake]


Best friends with his "buddy" Billy Nelson
Often argues with Kirby. First season especially, they were openly antagonistic.

Religion: he's a practicing protestant, unknown denomination. [note: Littlejohn always removes helmet on entering a church]

Vices: alcohol and gambling (no cigarettes, no skirt-chasing)

Data from episodes:

  • Working with his father, he used dynamite on farm back home to blow up stumps. [Bridge at Chalons]
  • Has witnessed aftermath of a cyclone. [One More for the Road]
  • Can milk a cow [One More for the Road, Rear Echelon Commandos]
  • Once visited Nashville [The Long Walk]

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